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SARMs For PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)?




There has been a lot of speculation going around in the past. Is it reasonable to use Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) in your Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)? However, anabolic steroid is much more popular than SERMs among bodybuilders. Is it that they are believed to be more effective? The number of people using PCT is much lesser than those who opt to use SARMs on their Post Cycle Therapies.

The main reason is that using Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators is not advisable. If you use SARMs for your PCT, then it is the high you reconsidered.

SARMs At A Glance

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are a class of androgen receptor ligands that are tissue selective or specific to certain tissues. They have the potential to treat muscle wasting and osteoporosis, as well as male breast cancer.

The term SARMs was coined in 2003 by scientists at Ligand Pharmaceuticals. This new drug class aims to avoid the side effects caused by testosterone while maintaining its anabolic effects. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are a new class of drugs recently developed to avoid the side effects caused by testosterone while retaining its anabolic effects.

The most commonly studied androgen receptor agonist is known as ostarine. Ostarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator that binds to the AR in a tissue-specific manner, thus acting similarly to endogenous hormones such as testosterone without significant unwanted effects on the female reproductive system.

It is effective as a muscle-building agent but has also been found to have anabolic effects on bone, fat, and muscle mass. Because of these benefits, ostarine is often prescribed for osteoporosis, obesity, and muscle wasting.

The first SARMs (1-ethyl-7-(3-methyl butyl) pyrazolo [3,4-d]-pyrimidine) was developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals in 2003. Ostarine was the first SARM to be marketed, with its main effects being increased skeletal muscle mass and strength and reduced fat mass.

Other SARMs have also been developed and are used in the bodybuilding and sports performance fields.SARMs have been tested by some of the world's most prestigious athletic organizations, including the United States Anti-Doping Agency, the US Biathlon Association, and the International Olympic Committee.

A study on Ostarine conducted by USADA found an average serum concentration of less than 0.1ng/mL when taken under recommended conditions.

Why SARMs for PCT?

Various science sectors have conducted research as to what the effect of SARMs and PCTs is on the body. Do they both help in a mass gain? Which one is more effective? Do you need to use PCT while using SARMs? Some of the anabolic steroids used by many include the likes of Masteron, Oxandrolone, and Primobolan.

Using such steroids, one gets much more suppression than when one uses SARMs. However, no conclusive research has been established to support this statement. This will not be the first place such a conclusion has been made.

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Most scientific research conducted by well-known firms tends to beat around the bush. The most famous statement from these researches is that 'no element (x) has significantly been traced.' In other cases, it is said that the change I (x) was not significant.

Inconclusive Research:

Contrary to what the majority think, such statements do not mean what they seem to suggest. There is a whole other meaning attached to them. They imply no effect was found on the exact amount used for the tests. Usually, a small number of subjects are used for such studies.

In addition to this, the variations experienced are usually random. Therefore, nothing conclusive can be established. However, a certain amount of threshold is generally experienced. To state that 'no effect' was visible is incorrect.

This explains why many scientific researchers claim that anabolic steroids do not affect mass gain as a worn cement of performance. The keyword here is "no." The accurate conclusion should be that there was some change though it has no statistical significance.

Is SARMs Non-Inhibitory?

Well, the answer to this question is not conclusive at the moment. But the various types of research are nothing to go by. As shown above, how the conclusions are worded is somehow questionable. Whether or not they are non-inhibitory, they are equivalent to taking anabolic steroids during PCT.

Their effect is the same, but the doses will separate them. If carefully used, SARMs tend to affect the PCT positively. However, if arrogantly used, they tend to set back one's recovery.

Are SARMs Legal?

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has not banned SARMs because they are not on their prohibited substances list, but they are concerned that some athletes could be using them to gain an unfair advantage.

The FDA is also investigating whether or not SARMs should be considered dietary supplements and controlled since no research shows a risk of long-term health problems. The peptide is a small protein that is the building block of many hormones in the body. People often test for specific peptides to get an idea of the body's natural hormone levels.

The most common tests for levels of these peptides include:-Cortisol - Cortisone-Urinary Free Testosterone - UFPT-Thyroid Stimulating Hormone - TSHAlmost every drug type available on the market is either regulated by the FDA or else classified as a dietary supplement.

There are a few exceptions, such as benzodiazepines and stimulant drugs, which must be controlled by prescription.SARMs do not have any research behind them, and we don't know their long-term effects.

The peptide also has not been approved or regulated as a drug, so it falls under the category of 'drug'. Studies show that there is a possibility for a drug to be created from epinucleotide. Preparation of the drug is relatively easy as it is a peptide. The peptide can quickly be bonded to any method and affects the brain in different ways, seen with other drugs.

Possible side effects of the drug have not been studied yet, but studies show that it could have adverse effects such as addiction or brain damage. In addition, studies show an increase in the risk of developing a substance use disorder with long-term use.

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Users of SARMs for their PCT have explained that it tends to go a long way in helping with joint pains. However, this is not always the case. Yes, with SARMs, you will not necessarily need PCT. But, irregular use tends to have some adverse effects on the body.

There have been cases of eyesight turning yellow permanently for some. In other cases, the recovery period is extended, making the whole process unbearable. At the end of the day, why not be safe rather than sorry? Anabolic steroids are the safest bet, although they, too, have their flipside!


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