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Primobolan Steroid Types for Bodybuilders


Primobolan Steroid Types

Primobolan is the pharmaceutical name for a steroid of the anabolic type called Metenolone. We also spell this anabolic steroid as Methenolone. But, enough about spelling, let’s break down what Primobolan is and for what it is used for. Let’s first talk about in what forms you can find Methenolone aka Primobolan steroid.

You can find this important anabolic steroid only in two forms - oil form and oral form. However, there’s also inject-able Primobolan, also known in the bodybuilding world as Methenolone Enanthate. The oral form of Primobolan is known in the world of bodybuilders as Methenolone Acetate.

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A Popular Anabolic Steroid

A Popular Anabolic SteroidPrimobolan is one of the most popular and well-known anabolic steroids in the whole world. But, why did Primobolan became so popular among bodybuilders? What’s the catch?

Well, Primobolan steroid type is so popular among bodybuilders because of its mild nature as an androgenic compound as well as an anabolic steroid.

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Why Do People Compare Primobolan Steroid To Anavar?

Why Do People Compare Primobolan to Anavar?

Did you know that many people, i.e. bodybuilders and other gym enthusiasts compare this anabolic steroid to another anabolic steroid we call Anavar? That’s right. The truth is that Anavar and Primobolan have some things in common, but they are different in one important thing.

What is that thing? Well, that thing is anabolic strength rating. Primobolan’s anabolic strength rating is much worse than Anavar’s anabolic strength rating. Let’s be more precise and say that Primobolan is actually an extremely weak anabolic steroid.

Did you know that Primobolan’s anabolic strength rating is only 88? And do you know what Testosterone’s anabolic strength rating is? Testosterone’s anabolic strength rating is much greater that Primo’s anabolic strength rating. Its ASR is 100!

And that’s not the end to the story because there is also something called androgenic strength rating. The androgenic strength rating of Primobolan steroid is only 57 whereas Testosterone’s answer is 100!

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Primobolan Steroid Desirability

Knowing Primobolan’s weak androgenic strength rating and anabolic strength rating probably made you ask yourself is Primobolan a desirable anabolic steroid. Well, its androgenic strength is actually favorable but it is its anabolic strength that makes Primobolan steroid undesirable. That’s why many people choose Anavar over Primobolan.

The bodybuilding community has not forgotten Primo completely, though to some extent. Bodybuilders still use it, but only in their cutting cycles. And they don’t use Primobolan to add new muscle mass but they use it to preserve their muscle mass.

Primobolan Steroid And It's Chemical Characteristics

Primo is a derivative of DHT aka Dihydrotestosterone. This fact lands Primo in the group of Dihydrotestosterone’s analogous and derivatives. Primo is basically another version of Dihydrotestosterone. However, some components and properties vary among the two.

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There’s a methyl group in Dihydrotestosterone in Primobolan steroid, though in smaller quantities, that has an important function. That methyl group allows Primo to resist breakdown by liver’s metabolism. Primo has a double covalent bond between the first and the second carbon atom in Dihydrotestosterone. The half-life of Primo is 10 days.

Properties Of Primobolan Steroid

Being a Dihydrotestosterone derivative, Primo has many same properties as Testosterone. For example,  you cannot aromatic Primo into Estrogen, just like its parent hormone, Testosterone. If you aren’t looking forward to aromatizing, then you should definitely take Primo.

Knowing that Primo can’t get aromatized into Estrogen means that you won’t experience bloating, water retention, man boobs aka gynecomastia, fat gain, and high blood pressure. Because of its non-aromatizing properties, Primobolan steroid is heavily used by bodybuilders and other people alike in their cutting cycles and cycles before bodybuilding contests.

However, athletes and bodybuilders don’t use Primobolan for their muscle bulking cycles because of the steroids unfavorable anabolic strength rating. We don't even use Primo  in lean mass cycles. However, there are some athletes and bodybuilders who use Primo in their bulking cycles. These bodybulders and athletes use Primo along with other stronger anabolic steroids for maximum gains.

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Side Effects:

Side Effects

There are no significant side effects to using Primobolan steroid in cutting and bulking cycles as it doesn’t aromatize into Estrogen.

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