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Maximum Steroid Trafficking Sentences To Double





Creating a better future for the generations to come is a difficult task. The heritage left to them is bound to be colorful and diverse, but what’s more important than the architecture, culture and perhaps knowledge preserved is the intention and will to keep improving ourselves and our world. Laws are created for a reason and as such they must be obeyed. Sometimes, it gets tricky-law is being broken because of a quick buck, key word being “quick”.

So, in accordance with the intent to obey the law and better the world for our children, the criminals should and are being punished. That’s obviously a good thing, but the question is asked: are they being punished severely enough? There are several answers to this question.

The drop that filled the cup

Apparently, those who feel that criminals are not being punished to the full extent of their crimes are the majority. In 2001 a young man named Ryan Haight died at the age of 18 of drug overdose after obtaining Vicodin over the Internet. His unfortunate death can be considered the last straw in the battle of illegal steroid trafficking-The Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008 is the name of a bill which was unanimously passed in order to place strict control on online pharmacies.

The law itself has numerous benefits in terms of clarifying laws in regards to the so called “rogue” internet pharmacies; also it criminalizes certain conduct when it comes to advertizing and makes pursuing online pharmacies beyond state borders much easier for attorneys.

Serious business

However, one of the most significant ramifications of the law are its broader implications on the cases of steroid trafficking generally speaking. The biggest result of the law is the increase from 5 to 10 years (but up to 15 if serious bodily injury or death is caused by the use of drugs) for the selling of anabolic steroids maximum sentence. Also, the maximum sentence is also increased from 10 to 20 years (and up to 30 years if serious bodily injury or death is caused by the use of drugs) for all those who have prior drug related convictions. These increases are also applied to new internet crimes, steroid importation and exportation and possession of steroids with the intent to sell.

A terrible price

Although the bill was passed in 2008, and laws usually take time to really get into the minds of the people, it’s safe to say that the war against illegal steroid trafficking is growing to new proportions. However, although the bill was passed and it definitely represents an improvement and a step forward, several more questions can be asked: Did Ryan Haight really have to die in order to give politicians and legislators the incentive to sharpen the blade of justice?

 Was the suffering that his family went through really necessary in order for things to start changing? One might even go farther and ask what other terrible death(s) needs to happen in order for other important laws and bills to be passed? Who else needs to die so that the politicians understand that there is no time for waiting, and no time for idling? It is clear that changes must happen now, so that the children of tomorrow may pluck the apples from the apple tree of justice that we plant today.

There is no doubt that the harsh law passed for the increase of maximum sentences for illegal steroid traffickers is a good thing, but the fact remains that it should have been passed much, much sooner.


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