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Proviron During Steroid Cycles and PCT




Proviron in Steroid Cycles:

           Proviron is a weak anabolic steroid. The uses of Proviron during cycles seems to limit, as new and more efficient drugs and steroids are invente. It does not aid in muscle growth, despite the fact that it triggers the androgen receptor.

            Use it as part of a stack to inhibit the growth of estrogen levels and also use frequently for this before the creation of anti-aromatases and SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators). Though now because of SERMs it rarely use for that purpose as they are more effective.

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Proviron and LH:

Proviron and LH

         While it is surprising that Proviron does not aid in amassing muscle, the fact that it does not aid in recovering LH levels is typical of it being an anabolic.

        Anabolics naturally deprive the body of testosterone, thus would be useless in any kind of recovery of LH levels. The debate here is whether or not it works as an inhibitor (like other anabolics) or whether it has no effect at all.

           Studies to try and determine its effects, but the nature of LH itself makes studying how different anabolic steroids affect it very difficult. Moderate changes in LH readings can occur from minute to minute, so when completing a study, it is almost impossible to know if the Proviron had any effect on the particular level.

          This has caused misreporting and confusion in data across the years, and so any relationship between Proviron and LH should be analyzed carefully so the user understands exactly what effects the steroid could potentially have or not have on their body systems.

Proviron Studies:

Proviron Studies

        A study done 40 years ago in Sweden, using 50 mg of Proviron a day, discovers inhibitory effects that were statistically irrelevant due to the range of LH remaining normal. Since then, many studies have been done that claimed they were unable to uncover any effects.

           The problem with these studies is not the results, but the way they are reported. There is a huge syntactical difference in saying “no statistical significance” and “there was no difference”. Often, the latter is reported causing misleading information to those using the studies.

             Proviron is known to have negative effects during Post Cycle Therapy, as it is inhibitory to HTPA, and should not be used. The whole point of Post Cycle Therapy is to rebuild your levels of testosterone. Inhibiting them for long periods of time can have a serious negative impact on more than just your sex drive.

Proviron’s Effective Uses:

Proviron’s Effective Uses

         Despite all the negatives and ineffective uses of Proviron. It does have in benefits in relationship to having good androgen levels, a pro-sexual effect. Also, you can use to increase hardness or vascularity of the muscles.

         An androgen deficiency can cause symptoms such as hair loss, fat gain the abdomen, loss of sexual desire, reduced muscle mass and weaker erection and ejaculations. It is important to make sure these levels maintain in order to avoid more serious health risks.

The Use of Proviron Between Steroids Cycles:

         Use Proviron in between cycles to enhance sexual performance with little to no adverse effects. The normal dose is around 50 mg, but it cannot hurt to do 100 or 150 mg if not overused. As a whole, Proviron does not provide much that other steroids do not provide more effectively. When considering your stacks, choose combinations that will give you the best results you desire. As it would appear, Proviron is more effective in the bedroom than in a steroid cycle.

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