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Testing For Real or Counterfeit Steroids  - RoidTest Review, Gear Testing kits

         Have you been taking steroids – but haven’t noticed the Real or Counterfeit Steroids? Well, the makers of RoidTest claim that 1/3rd of all steroids contain no active ingredients or compounds different from those on the label (that data comes from a 2014 report from Public Health Wales). In other words, there are a lot of people selling mislabeled, underdosed steroid supplements.

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        RoidTest promises to help someone like you fight back: it’s an at-home test kit you can use to determine if your steroids actually contain what they claim to contain. So how to test steroids are real?

         You use the test, then learn within minutes whether or not you’re using real, effective steroids as advertised on the packaging. Let’s take a closer look at how RoidTest works.

How Does RoidTest Work?

           RoidTest claims to work on all different types of anabolic steroids, including pills, injectable solutions, and raw powders. The tests also promise to be fast, inexpensive, and accurate.

         You may think you’ve purchased a good, high-quality anabolic steroid with accurate labeling. However, as mentioned above, one-third of all steroids contain mislabeled ingredients or no active ingredients. The makers of RoidTest claim that counterfeits are more sophisticated than ever – so you need to find a way to fight back.

Test Real or Counterfeit Steroids

             For a long time, counterfeiters have had the upper hand: the average consumer has never had a cheap, easy, and effective way to test their own steroids. Unless you have a chemical lab at your home, you may be falling victim to counterfeit steroids.

           With that in mind, RoidTest is an at-home steroid test kit. It works as a colorimetric test, which means it identifies specific steroids by their reaction color.

           The reaction colors are listed on the product packaging to help you determine exactly what you’re putting into your body. Beige and green, for example, are linked to Oxandrolone. Brown colors are linked to testosterone enanthate, and red and maroon colors are liked to methandrostenolone.

          Performing the test is straightforward: you just insert 3 to 6 drops of liquid or powder into the RoidTest test kit, then check the reaction and compare it against the included color spectrum. You’ll have your answer in moments, as the solution in the test kit will change colors.

         RoidTest will tell you if your active steroid ingredient isn’t there – or if it has been replaced by something else.

         The makers of RoidTest mention that steroid counterfeiters often swap out cheaper alternatives on conventional steroids. Instead of using methenolone enanthate, for example, which costs $15,000 per kg, they’ll swap it out with testosterone enanthate, which costs $800 per kg.

        You can order different steroid test kits based on what you’re trying to test. Steroid Test kits are available for oils, powders, and pills. There are also refill kits available.

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RoidTest Products

RoidTest Products

        RoidTest separates its products into four different categories, including oil and pill testing kits, advanced field kits and refills, and ultraviolet lights. Here’s a brief overview of each:

Individual Steroid Testing Kits (For Oils)

           These steroids test kits are two-step tests that are similar to the presumptive field test kits used by law enforcement officials to identify illegal drugs. You place a few drops of oil or liquid (or a small scraping of powder) into each of the two testing vials. The testing vial determines if the listed steroid is present.

Individual Steroid Test Kits (For Pills)

These individual pill testing kits test for steroid compounds commonly found in pills. You crack open the pill and pour a small bit of powder into the testing kit. You can also use these tests to check oils for the listed compounds.

Advanced Field Kits and Refills

RoidTest sells one advanced field test kit for $80. That kit comes with a steroid reaction color chart and enhanced testing equipment, including 4 substance test ampules, a UV light, 4 sample applicators, and other stuff you can use to effectively test steroids in the field. The other products in this category are refills for the Advanced Field Kit:

  • Advanced Field Kit: $79.99
  • A Refill (2 Tests): $24.99
  • B Refill (2 Tests): $24.99
  • C Refill (2 Tests): $24.99
  • D Refill (2 Tests): $24.99

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Ultraviolet Lights

         RoidTest sells one single ultraviolet light. That light emits at the 365nm wavelength required for steps in the group I test.

        Wholesale services are also available in the United States and the UK, although they’re planning to expand wholesale services to the Netherlands/EU and Australia in the near future.

        So in the end, I would say it's always good or even necessary to know what kind of product you are injecting into your body. Do not feel sorry for this small money - just test your gear before usage.


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