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Nootropics: The Best Performance Boosting Supplements You’ve Never Heard Of



Nootropics as Brain Enhancers:

Have you heard about the nootropics? Yes, these are truly considered as brain-hacking supplements that improve your sense of focus and mental alertness. These have also been tried and tested to improve performance.

Nootropics as Brain Enhancers:

Nootropics as Brain Enhancers:

People have already been turning their attention to brain enhancer supplements. You will just be completely intrigued by their capability of improving the mental performance. Now, if you are one of those who has a career using the brain power, it is worth considering in mind getting a supplement that is legit.

Apart from the cognitive boosting capacity that nootropics could offer, these could also increase the physical performance of an individual. Even if you are smart, you need to understand that it is not enough in getting jacked or strong. Some may have joked around about getting jacked.

However, it is good to understand that it is super important. If you have more muscles, it means to say that you will have a better quality of life and less risk of certain illnesses or diseases as you get old.

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Performance Brought by Nootropics:

Performance Brought by Nootropics:

You will need to keep in mind that there are some nootropics that could increase your adaptation and performance. You may increase them that will definitely help you concentrate on your training.

With so many nootropics to purchase on the market, each has its specific mechanism. But, there are various effects brought by nootropics. It will somehow require an understanding and background in neurophysiology to understand the technical aspects of each nootropic.

Safety of Nootropics:

Nootropics are highly emphasized by experts to be really safe. There are a lot of safe nootropic supplements that can be purchased legally. They could also be used even without considering a prescription. It is also possible for you to take a lot of nootropics for years even without a break.

Understanding More About Alpha-glycerophosphocholine:

Alpha-GPC or Alpha-glycerophosphocholine is classified as a cholinergic compound. This is basically incorporated into the brain tissues. This is also introduced for having some interesting benefits in the brain.

The good thing about this compound is that it brings out its direct effect on performance.In addition to the ability of Nootropics to increase one’s power, it also helps improve the performance of an individual.

This could also enhance the production of the growth hormones. With one gram of Alpha-GPC, it may already be enough to increase the GH levels sixty and one-hundred twenty minutes after it is consumed.

Caffeine Also Considered a Nootropic:

You may somehow be shocked upon reading caffeine as a nootropic. This I, in fact, tone of the widely-used and well-studied nootropics. This brings out certain robust effects. This is amazing in a sense that it enhances mental acuity.

Your attention will also turn out to become a lot better as compared to the newest nootropics introduced like Ginkgo biloba, Modafinil, Aniracetam and a whole lot more. In regard to the black coffee, it is well-documented to be the legal enhancing supplement for a workout or activity.

This is effective in increasing the sustained power output. This means to say that you will increase the ability to hammer out sets in three to five repetition range. If you want to engage in endurance exercise and you do not want to engage in weight lifting, caffeine will always be your best friend.

So far, there are lots of studies showing that caffeine supplementation resulted in an increased aerobic capacity.


Phosphatidylserine is basically utilized for the purpose of improving attention and reducing exercise-induced cortisol.

These have both been documented for their certain effects. In addition to the neurological effects and stress response that it could bring, it is believed that the latter could increase the exercise capacity of an individual.

No Changes in the Biochemical Measures:

The interesting thing to know is that there is no such thing as real changes in the biochemical measures. It only means to say that it is because of a better and faster mental focus. If you will take phosphatidylserine, it will help improve your performance. It will enhance the focus of an athlete on the task.


Nootropics are commonly and usually advertised as brain supplements. But, some tend to overlook the benefits they could bring on an individual’s physical performance. In this regard, Alpha-GPC is known to increase the power output of an individual. It could also bring its effects on the growth hormone.

In addition to that, caffeine is highlighted to be the most effective and single nootropic to buy on the market. This will really improve physical performance and mental performance as compared to all other expensive compounds.

Prior to Phosphatidylserine, it is shown to improve the length and quality of the training session. This will also ultimately increase your sense of focus.

Buy Nootropics Now!

What else are you waiting for? Buy Nootropics now for your own good and your own benefit. You will ultimately realize just how essential this boosting supplement is. Grab yours now!

Building muscle is what i like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me on my G+ or Fb page.

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Folium PX Detox Cleansing




Folium PX?

In very simple words, Folium pX is a nutritional supplement. It claims to minimize the effects of radiations on the body with the help of natural herbal ingredients. Underlined is a review of Folium pX.

What is Folium PX?

Folium PX

It is a nutritional supplement with a focus towards anyone who is living near the potential radioactive sources. It is completely natural liquid created by the herbal scientists.

The formula constitutes herbs, pants, and flowers having powerful Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs).

The supplement has been found to claim to make use of the natural, herbal and plant-based extracts that cleanse the radiation from the body.

Moreover, the supplement also claims to cleanse the toxins from the body as well as cleaning of the heavy metals. Folium pX has been made by an American nutritional supplement manufacturer that is based in California.


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How Does the Folium PX Work?

This particular steroid works by offering a protection against the free radicals. It constitutes the ingredients such as grape seed extracts along with the OPC rich pine.

Manufacturers of the FolimpX claim to make use of this herbal extract that is produced by the herbal scientists. Furthermore, they claim that it has been created to reduce the effects of the radiation in a natural manner.

Ingredients of Folium PX:

Ingredients of Folium PX:

There are a couple of ingredients in Folium pX i.e. OPC rich pine and grape seed extract. Both of these are the potent antioxidants known around. Moreover, it contains a variety of other plant-based and natural herbs ingredients.

Side Effects of Folium PX:

side effect

As mentioned above that the ingredients of Folium pX include being the grape seed extract and OPC rich pine bark. No doubt both of these are known to be healthy in multiple ways.

Also, they are the ones with the higher level of antioxidant capabilities proving to be beneficial for the health and hence combat the free radicals in the body.

Being natural ingredients the supplement does not cause any side effects on the users. They are indeed safe to be used equally both by men as well as women.

Is it True that Folium PX Reduces the Heavy Metal Toxins and Radiations?

Is it True that Folium PX Reduces the Heavy Metal Toxins and Radiations?

The question usually strikes the mind that is it really acceptable that a bunch of herbs and plants reduces the dangerous levels of radiations and heavy metal toxins in a body or not?

Looking at the evidence claiming the same about Folium pX, the report of Dr. James Privitera states the following:

“Nearly all of the patients experienced a dramatic reduction of excessive heavy metals ̶ including uranium, mercury, barium, silver, and cadmium ̶ well below the reference maximums. In fact, many experienced a drop of over 40% in the levels of excessive heavy metals.”

A number of other reviewers have shared the similar comments about the Folium pX. It has been known to successfully alleviate the symptoms of heavy metals and radiations.

How One can Buy the Folium PX?

It can be easily accessed at Amazon. All one needs to do is to invest in it for 90 capsules that usually cover up the dosage for a month.

How Is Folium PX Used?

It has been recommended to take three capsules of 450mg thrice a day for 30 days following alternative periods. Its benefits can be maximized by using it on and off for a year.

Benefits of Folium PX:


There are several benefits of using Folium pX and some of these are as follows:

Better Feeling:

If a person is having a hectic lifestyle and at the same time he or she is not eating appropriate diet then weighs one down considerably. With the use of Folium pX, you can boost your energy level, improve the immunity system and feel lighter by making it a part of daily nutrition.

Emotional and Physical Stress:

Emotional and Physical stress:

When you are detoxifying your body physically as well as emotionally, then you automatically feel good leaving behind all the negativity and let all the good things happen to you. You may think how is it a confidence to you?

Well, to be particular detoxifying facilitates the users to be confident about their own personalities. It actually facilitates and educates you to believe in yourself. When your body is detoxified the intuition becomes stronger in every manner.

Moreover, detoxification also helps in lessening the stress, facilitates the users to feel relax, renewed zest for life, and enhanced productivity at workplace.

Anti-aging Benefits:

Anti-aging Benefits

No doubt there are toxins bombardment everywhere and combats the aging factors. You can easily fight back as well as reduce the effects of free radicals in the body following an appropriate diet.

Adding Folium pX to your day to day diet, you offer help to your body to get rid of the excessive heavy and toxic material.

Stronger Immunity System:

Stronger Immunity System:

When a body is properly cleansed, it facilitates in improving and building a stronger immune system. Your body will be in a better position to absorb the nutrients like Vitamin C that actually enhance the immune systems of the body.

Improved Sexual Strength:

Improved Sexual Strength:

Mercury in the body deteriorates the magnesium. It causes premature ejaculation. Mercury is one of the heavy materials casing depletion of the magnesium, lowered levels of testosterone, and poor sexual health.

When heavy toxins and heavy metals are removed from the body, it enables the body to perform better sexually.

Click Here to Find out More & Price of Folium pX

Features of the Folium pX:

Following are the salient features of Folium pX:

  • It is the best anti-oxidant supplement equally usable and useful for both the men and the women. It offers them full body detoxification, cleansing of the body as well as strong and healthy immune system.
  • It is 100% safe to be used. As it is natural herb supplements hence there are no side effects. It combats the excessive toxicity of the heavy metals like mercury lead, uranium etc.
  • It works as an agent that fights back to remove the excessive heavy metals, free radicals, and poisoning caused by the radiations. Also, it facilitates in removing radionuclides present in the body.
  • It is one of the strong supplements that have been made up by the grape seed extracts, pine barks, and flowers to facilitate the body in reducing the free radicals in it.

Product Description of Folium pX:

The antioxidant constitutes all the supplements that are natural. It supports in making the immune system of the body healthy and strong. The supplements have been derived from the grape seed extract, pine tree barks, and extracts of a number of other natural ingredients.

It is no doubt one of the best supplements to fight against the free radicals, radiation poisoning, and metals toxicity. It leaves the body in a detoxed and cleansed manner. The formula of the supplement is a combination of herbs, plant extracts, and flowers that are naturally strong antioxidants.

Reputation of Folium PX:

Reputation of Folium pX

Unfortunately, so far there does not appear any reviews of the company producing this supplement as well as the supplement itself. It makes it little difficult for the customers to decide if they should make use of the Folium PX or not.

The manufacturers of the supplements amuse the users with the refund and return policy which is good indeed. However, they do not allow their users to try it and then return it. It is because of return it only when it is not opened.

The second issue is the claim that this product facilitates one in getting rid of the heavy metals and toxins from the body while the list of ingredients proves or show no indication of this capability. To be more specific, people who suffer from toxins and heavy metals do not actually treat them with supplements.

They are aware of the fact that such materials moving around in the body can even be fatal. Therefore, people suffering from this condition usually speak to their physicians face to face and on an immediate basis and get the tests done in no time.

Alternatives and Competitors of Folium PX:

The fact cannot be denied that there is a long list of supplements on the market these days that are known for their high levels of antioxidants and the ability to combat the free radicals that one comes across every other day.

Nutritional supplements claiming to remove toxins from the body is not a common practice. This is because it is a serious medical condition and people cannot wait to get it treated in this manner.

Refund Policy:

Refund Policy

The websites selling the supplement clearly state that you can return the supplement in case you do not feel satisfied with it within 30 days of purchase. However, in this case, the bottle should have its original packaging, sealed and unused.

Also, the order number must be provided to them as well. When you want to return the product then you are supposed to contact the customer services of the site selling it via phone. Ask them for the instruction to return the supplement and get refunded.

You as a user will be amused with a full refund deducting the restocking fee i.e. $10 and shipping fee i.e. $5.


Folium pX is a herbal based natural supplement that has been designed to combat the free radicals and heavy metals in the body. It detoxifies the body and leaves it properly cleansed.

All the ingredients of the supplement are healthy in multiple ways however, there has not been any proof where customers showing this actually happening.

It is because having heavy metals and free radicals in the body means to have a serious ailment which needs to be talked to the physician on an immediate basis.

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Max Gains Offer: Natural Steroid Alternatives For Improving Size, Strength




Max Gain Offer

Are you willing to enjoy a stronger, leaner, and bigger? Are you thinking about having steroids to get results in a speedy manner? Before you actually begin with it, you need to learn about possible alternatives that enable you to enjoy the gain without causing any risk and side effects that are usually there when one uses steroids.

To be more specific, I am writing about the Max Gains. It is a series of an alternative to the natural steroids. It consists of three powerful supplements that are all geared up to provide you with the required edge.

So what is this Max Gains Bulking all about? Is it actually effective as compared to the natural deal? In this piece of writing, we will be talking about almost everything related the Max Gains alternatives to the natural options.

What is Max Gains Steroids?


These steroids are comparatively new products offering to be an alternative to the anabolic steroid alternative. These have been presented to the market after a lot of research into this product line which is delivering legal steroids. These are used to be equally used by men as well women.

Benefits of Max Gains Steroids:

Some of the main benefits of using these steroids include the following:

  • Increase in the mass of the lean muscles
  • Enhanced muscular strength
  • Shredding of muscles in a speedy manner. This means to get rid of the unwanted fats
  • Improved stamina and energy for better workout sessions
  • These have been proven as a safe alternative to anabolic steroids
  • Quick results with no side effects
  • Improved uptake of the required nutrients
  • You lift harder, longer, and heavier
  • Massive gains with no injections or needles
  • Pharmaceutical graded formula

It needs to be stated here that Max Gains have always kept their products simple yet effective. There are several steroid companies that usually sell different products; most of which have the same ingredients but with a different name.

These stack of steroids sell a number of products that constitute the right amount of ingredients facilitating the fitness goals of the people and enhance the muscular mass positively.

Constituents of the Max Gain Offers:

These legal steroids have the following:

  • Max Gain Building Stack which facilitates in packing the muscles in a speedy manner
  • Max Gain Cutting Stack that burns the fats to get leaner and vascular
  • Max Gains Support Stack that offers enhanced joint support along with enhanced nutrient absorption

 So What is Max Gain Offer Stack?

This stack is a pack of powerful supplements that have been combined to facilitate you to add the mass and get attractive muscular strength and gain. What is different about this stack as compared to others is the fact that it comes with fat burning compounds.

It is offered with the compound that will facilitate you in getting rid of the all the excessive body fats that are responsible for hiding your muscles. With this stack, you have all the opportunity to enjoy a shredded appearance that will lead you to an outstanding look in every possible manner.

Are There any Discounts Available for These Max Gains Offers?

In the very simple way, the answer is YES. You can also enjoy handsome discounts when you invest in these Max Gains Bulking Stack particularly if you will compare the prices with the illegal steroids accessible in the market.



It offers the effects of the Anadrol. This means that this part of the stack will facilitate you in enhancing your muscular mass and their strength.

It constitutes the Tribulus Terrestris. It is the ingredient that has steroidal saponins. It facilitates in raising the testosterone production as well as level in the body.

We all are well aware of the fact that one of the most significant steps in muscle building is to enhance the level of testosterone in your body. The basic purpose of higher levels of these in your body is to build the lean muscles and add to their strength in a speedy manner.

Back in 80’s the steroidal saponins and Tribulus Terrestris have been used in the weightlifting sport. This was considered to be offering an advantage to the people using it as compared to the professional in the sport not using them.

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This simulates the effects of the compound activity that enhances the strength level, building the lean muscles, and facilitating in getting rid of the excessive body fats. Usually when one wants to add to muscular bulk, one gains extra body fats because of the excessive carbohydrates intake.

When it is about traditional bodybuilding, this simply means that bulking period is followed by the cutting period. This is the time period where we see most of the people giving up as it difficult to cut as compared to bulking up.

When you have Clenbulen in the building stack, you will not have to be concerned about the excessive body fats. You will not focus on blowing yourself up but shredded appearance. It also facilitates in getting rid of the excessive fats by enhancing the fat burning process in the body.

Also, it is done by creating thermogenesis which simply means a higher body temperature. Clenbuen is basically a fat burner and does not add to the muscle building as in case of Clenbuterol. However, Anadroxin and Venable will compensate it.

A side effect of the Clenbuterol is that it will no doubt enhance your muscular mass but also it will add to the increased size of your heart. Therefore, it is suggested to you to avoid using it and use Clenbulen.

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The Last member of the Max Gain Offer Stack is Venabol. It mimics the king of steroids i.e. Dianabol. It facilitates its users to have massive gains in muscular size, strength, mass, and endurance. The credit goes to an exclusive blend of L-Arginine, Citrulline, L-Arginine AKG, and other ingredients.

All these constituents will offer a better blood pumping and be expanding the vessels. It facilitates in pushing more oxygen, blood, and other nutrients to the muscles. When you will be having more amino acids for your muscles, you will find it easier to grow extra muscle mass and recover the muscles in an easier manner.

Click Here to Find out More & Price of Venabol

Can Max Gain Offer Actually Makes you Bigger?


Just like you do it with the other steroids and supplements, you should be well committed to the usage of Max Gains Bulking Stack. You need to ensure that you work extra hard in the gym.

You need to ensure that you have enough muscular building diet along with plenty of proteins intake. However, do not leave out the healthy fats and carbohydrates considering them bad for you. Your focus should be on getting an extra 500 to 800 calories on daily basis and get the training at least four times in a week.

When you are motivated, consistent, and committed; this Max Gain Offer stack will facilitate you in getting stronger and bigger muscles. In addition to this, you will find improved and enhanced fitness level and add to the workout endurance.

How is Max Gain Offer Stack Taken?

You need to ensure that you are taking a couple of each supplement that is there in the stack on daily basis almost 45 minutes before the workout session. These should be taken with a big glass of water. When there are off days, you may take all the capsules with the breakfast.

The cycle of these steroids should at least last for a couple of months or eight weeks. However,r 1o to 12 weeks will provide you with better results. Do not take any cycle that constitutes longer than 12 weeks,

Take a break of almost a couple of weeks once a cycle is completed. In case you have done the course of 12 weeks, you need to one week off. In this way give an opportunity to your ligaments and tendons to recover in an appropriate manner.

What is about the Post Cycle Treatment?

As you are not manipulating the functioning of your body, therefore you do not need any post cycle treatment. However, if you are looking forward to having an afterburner then you may talk about the enhanced testosterone levels that facilitate gain maintenance.

In this regards, you can always make use of Nutra PCT.

Pros and Cons of the Max Gains Offer:

Let us have a brief look at the pros and cons of this stack.


  • There are no harmful side effects
  • No need for injection and needles
  • They offer good and healthy results
  • These are available on International level


  • They are not as strong as the steroids
  • It can be difficult for one to take 6 capsules on the daily basis


So the question is are natural steroids an alternative to the Max Gains Offer; are as effective as the real steroids? Well, this is not the case. They do not serve as hormonal level as steroids work. However, they are used safely along with hard work in the gym and muscle building diet.

You will not find any side effects related to this stack such as acne, shrinkage of testicular, aggressiveness or oily skin etc. Moreover, these are legal to be used and cheaper as compared to the other steroids.

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The Survival Tab: Review (Does It Work)




The Survival Tab

The idea of survival food was developed when the first astronaut landed on the moon. The expedition took far longer time which created the problem of feeding the astronauts. For this purpose, the scientists introduced the concept of dehydrated food. This means the food contains very little to no water content. Moreover, it was also kept in mind that the food does not lose any nutritional content. Plus, the food must also have a longer shelf life. This solved the problem of storing the food items and feeding the people during their expedition to space.

Survival tab provides tablets. These tablets contain all the nutrition including the minerals and the vitamins. These tablets have the ability to absorb into the body as quick as possible and provides instant energy. It is a replacement for food and whoever consumes it they will get the energy of that of a full meal. This will help them to function and perform tasks normally.

The company claims that these tablets have the ability to be digested completely in a very tiny time frame. The tablets tend to be digested in less than five minutes. Moreover, it is great for people that are trying to gain some extra protein. The tablets contain 97 percent of proteins. Therefore, it is a great source to repair any damaged tissues in your body.

How to Consume These Tablets?


These tablets are required to be stored in a cool and a dry place in order to avoid the exposure of the tablets with the humidity. You can intake these tablets after hour’s interval for about twelve hours a day.

You can increase the dosage, however, it will not provide you any benefit. You take the pill with a sip of water to swallow it. Each pack is comprised of the 24 tablets. It also comes in a jar. Each jar consists of 180 tablets.


When to Use It?

When to Use It

Considering the fact that the concept of dehydrated food was introduced for space expeditions. Then what is the use of it for the general population? We can use these pills to get our daily supplements. They can be consumed in replacement of our daily diet with maximum absorption.

You can take them with you to on your next camping trip or for fishing. You can also take it for your next hiking trip.This is great for people who do not want to carry a lot of stuff with them. It takes minimum space and provides you with a great amount of energy.

Testing of The Survival kit:

The taste of the pill is astonishingly pleasant. It is not like the taste of an actual pill. Moreover, it does not leave your taste buds with a weird after-taste. They are available in different flavors. You will determine great difference after the intake of the pill as compared to the times you don’t.


Essential Vitamins and Minerals

The survival kit is comprised of the minerals and vitamins. These are the ones which the body does not produce. Therefore, the intake of these minerals and vitamins is very crucial. They are involved in carrying out different metabolic process. Without them, your body will fail to carry out those activities effectively.

High-Quality Product

The product is very effective with tons of advantages. None of the product that is used for the manufacturing of the product is low quality.


They have taken care of the fact that some people are allergic to certain products. Therefore, they have avoided the use of gluten.


The use of genetically modified products is very common in today’s world. However, the company has assured that the ingredients used for making this product are all-natural. They are not synthetic.

Small Package

The best thing about this product is that they come in a small size. The packets are designed in order to make it portable and extremely easy to carry around. You can add it to your first aid bag as well when going for a hike.

Easy Storage

As the packaging is very small, you store the tablets very easily.


They are available in four flavors. The flavoring is very important to give it an essence of food. It is available in chocolate, vanilla, malt, and strawberry flavor.

Shelf Life

Due to a negligible amount of water, the shelf life of the product has increased. In order for the product to rot, it should contain a certain amount of water.

NutritionWhen to Use It

This small pill is loaded with an enormous amount of nutrition including proteins. It also contains essential vitamin and minerals as well. This product provides similar kind of energy exactly how you feel after having a proper meal.


The ingredients in the survival tab are not at all simple. Some of the ingredients are those that you might not even have heard about. However, the only thing you must know about them is that they are essential and they are safe to be consumed.
The ingredients are different from the ones you find in the junk food items.

Non-Fat Dry Milk

It is basically the milk which has lost its moisture and it is available in powdered form. It does not contain any amount of fat. The other form includes buttermilk.


Sucrose is another name for sugar. It is very important as it enhances whatever flavor the tablet contains. It is added in order to make sure that your sugar level is balanced. It is the same sugar that you use in your day to day life.

Vegetable Oil

The main source of this oil plants. They might also use sunflower oil as well. It is used in the kitchen for daily cooking. Moreover, it has great industrial use as well as it is able to provide great health benefits to the people who use it.

Vitamin A

It is not a hidden fact that Vitamin A has a tremendous amount of advantages on the body. It helps to provide you better eyesight. Therefore it is amazing that a small tablet can carry all that.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is basically vitamin B. It is one of the essential vitamins as well.

Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin E

They are present in animals as well as in plants. People are asked to take them as multivitamins as they are essential for certain metabolic processes in the body.

Other than that the survival tab also contains Calcium phosphate, Ascorbic acid, Ferrous Fumarate, Zinc pantothenate, riboflavin, and potassium iodide.

You might not be familiar with these words, however, all of these ingredients are very important in your daily diet. These ingredients are present in your food with you knowing.


  • They are available in different flavors. Hence, you can carry the one that you like the most.
  • They can tolerate extreme temperatures. They can tolerate very high as well as very low temperature without deterioration of the quality of the product.
  • You can get instant energy similar to the one you get after the consumption of the meal.
  • The survival tab can be used for 25 years in an airtight jar. If it is exposed to the air then it will definitely reduce its shelf life
  • They have all the nutrition that you might possibly need to survive. It also contains some of the very important vitamins and minerals.
  • It helps to maintain your mental and physical health.
  • They come in a very small packaging, therefore, they are very easy to carry along.
  • They are available in flavors so that you can choose the one you really like.
  • They will also help you remain hydrated. It does not trigger thirst.
  • They easily are consumed by children without any kind of difficulty.


  • They were found to be slightly chalky in taste.
  • They are slightly greasy in texture.

In a nutshell, the survival tab is a very great product for people who tend to go for traveling to far off areas. In places where food access is either low or difficult. It is far cheaper than the frozen item that you can find in the stores.

Hence, you are not wasting your money on ridiculously expansive food items. They are edible for a long time and they can be used for about 25 years which is great for survival instincts. They are very light to carry and they do not consume a lot of your space.

Hence, it helps you to travel as light as possible and provide more space for other important items. Therefore, it is great if you do not have anything to eat and you are hungry.

It cannot be consumed for a really long time. However, they can only be consumed for a limited amount of time. This is because your body will start losing calories and you will feel weak due to the lack of a proper meal. Hence, keep in mind that you cannot rely on this product completely. They offer huge benefits and weigh nothing at all.

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