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Folium PX Detox Cleansing



Folium PX?

In very simple words, Folium pX is a nutritional supplement. It claims to minimize the effects of radiations on the body with the help of natural herbal ingredients. Underlined is a review of Folium pX.

What is Folium PX?

Folium PX

It is a nutritional supplement with a focus towards anyone who is living near the potential radioactive sources. It is completely natural liquid created by the herbal scientists.

The formula constitutes herbs, pants, and flowers having powerful Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs).

The supplement has been found to claim to make use of the natural, herbal and plant-based extracts that cleanse the radiation from the body.

Moreover, the supplement also claims to cleanse the toxins from the body as well as cleaning of the heavy metals. Folium pX has been made by an American nutritional supplement manufacturer that is based in California.


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How Does the Folium PX Work?

This particular steroid works by offering a protection against the free radicals. It constitutes the ingredients such as grape seed extracts along with the OPC rich pine.

Manufacturers of the FolimpX claim to make use of this herbal extract that is produced by the herbal scientists. Furthermore, they claim that it has been created to reduce the effects of the radiation in a natural manner.

Ingredients of Folium PX:

Ingredients of Folium PX:

There are a couple of ingredients in Folium pX i.e. OPC rich pine and grape seed extract. Both of these are the potent antioxidants known around. Moreover, it contains a variety of other plant-based and natural herbs ingredients.

Side Effects of Folium PX:

side effect

As mentioned above that the ingredients of Folium pX include being the grape seed extract and OPC rich pine bark. No doubt both of these are known to be healthy in multiple ways.

Also, they are the ones with the higher level of antioxidant capabilities proving to be beneficial for the health and hence combat the free radicals in the body.

Being natural ingredients the supplement does not cause any side effects on the users. They are indeed safe to be used equally both by men as well as women.

Is it True that Folium PX Reduces the Heavy Metal Toxins and Radiations?

Is it True that Folium PX Reduces the Heavy Metal Toxins and Radiations?

The question usually strikes the mind that is it really acceptable that a bunch of herbs and plants reduces the dangerous levels of radiations and heavy metal toxins in a body or not?

Looking at the evidence claiming the same about Folium pX, the report of Dr. James Privitera states the following:

“Nearly all of the patients experienced a dramatic reduction of excessive heavy metals ̶ including uranium, mercury, barium, silver, and cadmium ̶ well below the reference maximums. In fact, many experienced a drop of over 40% in the levels of excessive heavy metals.”

A number of other reviewers have shared the similar comments about the Folium pX. It has been known to successfully alleviate the symptoms of heavy metals and radiations.

How One can Buy the Folium PX?

It can be easily accessed at Amazon. All one needs to do is to invest in it for 90 capsules that usually cover up the dosage for a month.

How Is Folium PX Used?

It has been recommended to take three capsules of 450mg thrice a day for 30 days following alternative periods. Its benefits can be maximized by using it on and off for a year.

Benefits of Folium PX:


There are several benefits of using Folium pX and some of these are as follows:

Better Feeling:

If a person is having a hectic lifestyle and at the same time he or she is not eating appropriate diet then weighs one down considerably. With the use of Folium pX, you can boost your energy level, improve the immunity system and feel lighter by making it a part of daily nutrition.

Emotional and Physical Stress:

Emotional and Physical stress:

When you are detoxifying your body physically as well as emotionally, then you automatically feel good leaving behind all the negativity and let all the good things happen to you. You may think how is it a confidence to you?

Well, to be particular detoxifying facilitates the users to be confident about their own personalities. It actually facilitates and educates you to believe in yourself. When your body is detoxified the intuition becomes stronger in every manner.

Moreover, detoxification also helps in lessening the stress, facilitates the users to feel relax, renewed zest for life, and enhanced productivity at workplace.

Anti-aging Benefits:

Anti-aging Benefits

No doubt there are toxins bombardment everywhere and combats the aging factors. You can easily fight back as well as reduce the effects of free radicals in the body following an appropriate diet.

Adding Folium pX to your day to day diet, you offer help to your body to get rid of the excessive heavy and toxic material.

Stronger Immunity System:

Stronger Immunity System:

When a body is properly cleansed, it facilitates in improving and building a stronger immune system. Your body will be in a better position to absorb the nutrients like Vitamin C that actually enhance the immune systems of the body.

Improved Sexual Strength:

Improved Sexual Strength:

Mercury in the body deteriorates the magnesium. It causes premature ejaculation. Mercury is one of the heavy materials casing depletion of the magnesium, lowered levels of testosterone, and poor sexual health.

When heavy toxins and heavy metals are removed from the body, it enables the body to perform better sexually.

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Features of the Folium pX:

Following are the salient features of Folium pX:

  • It is the best anti-oxidant supplement equally usable and useful for both the men and the women. It offers them full body detoxification, cleansing of the body as well as strong and healthy immune system.
  • It is 100% safe to be used. As it is natural herb supplements hence there are no side effects. It combats the excessive toxicity of the heavy metals like mercury lead, uranium etc.
  • It works as an agent that fights back to remove the excessive heavy metals, free radicals, and poisoning caused by the radiations. Also, it facilitates in removing radionuclides present in the body.
  • It is one of the strong supplements that have been made up by the grape seed extracts, pine barks, and flowers to facilitate the body in reducing the free radicals in it.

Product Description of Folium pX:

The antioxidant constitutes all the supplements that are natural. It supports in making the immune system of the body healthy and strong. The supplements have been derived from the grape seed extract, pine tree barks, and extracts of a number of other natural ingredients.

It is no doubt one of the best supplements to fight against the free radicals, radiation poisoning, and metals toxicity. It leaves the body in a detoxed and cleansed manner. The formula of the supplement is a combination of herbs, plant extracts, and flowers that are naturally strong antioxidants.

Reputation of Folium PX:

Reputation of Folium pX

Unfortunately, so far there does not appear any reviews of the company producing this supplement as well as the supplement itself. It makes it little difficult for the customers to decide if they should make use of the Folium PX or not.

The manufacturers of the supplements amuse the users with the refund and return policy which is good indeed. However, they do not allow their users to try it and then return it. It is because of return it only when it is not opened.

The second issue is the claim that this product facilitates one in getting rid of the heavy metals and toxins from the body while the list of ingredients proves or show no indication of this capability. To be more specific, people who suffer from toxins and heavy metals do not actually treat them with supplements.

They are aware of the fact that such materials moving around in the body can even be fatal. Therefore, people suffering from this condition usually speak to their physicians face to face and on an immediate basis and get the tests done in no time.

Alternatives and Competitors of Folium PX:

The fact cannot be denied that there is a long list of supplements on the market these days that are known for their high levels of antioxidants and the ability to combat the free radicals that one comes across every other day.

Nutritional supplements claiming to remove toxins from the body is not a common practice. This is because it is a serious medical condition and people cannot wait to get it treated in this manner.

Refund Policy:

Refund Policy

The websites selling the supplement clearly state that you can return the supplement in case you do not feel satisfied with it within 30 days of purchase. However, in this case, the bottle should have its original packaging, sealed and unused.

Also, the order number must be provided to them as well. When you want to return the product then you are supposed to contact the customer services of the site selling it via phone. Ask them for the instruction to return the supplement and get refunded.

You as a user will be amused with a full refund deducting the restocking fee i.e. $10 and shipping fee i.e. $5.


Folium pX is a herbal based natural supplement that has been designed to combat the free radicals and heavy metals in the body. It detoxifies the body and leaves it properly cleansed.

All the ingredients of the supplement are healthy in multiple ways however, there has not been any proof where customers showing this actually happening.

It is because having heavy metals and free radicals in the body means to have a serious ailment which needs to be talked to the physician on an immediate basis.

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