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18 Week Chin Up & Dip Program For An Impressive Upper Body




        Have you ever engage in chin-ups and in dips? These are basically two of the overlooked bodyweight exercises for an Impressive Upper Body. Prior to an 18-week chin up and dip program, it actually features a specific training every day. This training designed for the movements mentioned.

Summary of The Workout:


This is the complete summary of the workout:

  • Main Goal ─ Building Muscles
  • Type of Workout ─ Single Group of Muscles
  • Training Level ─ Beginner
  • Duration of the Program ─ Eighteen Weeks
  • Days every Week ─ Four
  • Time for Each Workout ─ Seventy-Five to Ninety Minutes
  • Equipment Needed ─ Female and Male
  • Supplements Recommended ─ Fish Oil, Creatine, and Whey Protein

Description of The Workout:

         What if somebody told you that 2 moves could change the way that the upper body feels and looks? What if you have been told that the 2 moves have already been around ever since the start of the training?

         Would you believe that these will bring out some excellent results? These may all sound like a basic fitness sales pitch. But, the important thing is that chin-ups and dips are an essential factor in building an excellent upper body.

Focusing on Chins and Dips:

Focusing on Chins and Dips

          In the present time, almost everybody would not find the time and devote their effort to become what they want to be. There are a lot of males who want to have a ripped and full upper body. The issue is that most of them would like to go shortcuts. That way, they will be able to completely achieve their goal.

          There are certain issues that you will need to address that include progressive overload, excess volume, and poor workout design. These are somehow believed to be the 3 biggest issues of concern.

         The meathead routine of decline bench, incline bench, flat bench, dumbbell fly, and horizontal machine press and cable crossover following a huge amount of volume will never be the answer to a good upper body.

A Lot of Forced Reps and Drop Sets Are a Recipe For a Total Disaster:

          You will need to understand the fact that if you will add a lot of forced reps and drop sets, they will just be a recipe for a total disaster. There are a lot of people who usually carry out this routine on a weekly basis. They have nothing but only an un-sculpted and wide chest.

          Chins and dips considered to be the ultimate moves for an upper body. Dips and chins could really be an essential ingredient of training. They are normally included in the training session. But, what if you will separate a day to just dips and a day to just chins? There are some who would tell you that they have developed a fuller and thicker upper body.

Hitting Chins Including Dips Along w/ Heavy Weight but is Offset w/ High Volume Forces you to Grow:

          If you will be hitting chins including dips following a heavyweight with high volume will force you to grow. An even wider back and a thicker chest including a larger arm will be entirely brought by a programming change. Prior to the frequency of carrying them out, it must be on a separate day. These must as well be combined with the training protocols including a progressive overload.

Noticing Chins Including Dips that Become Stronger:

Noticing Chins Including Dips that Become Impressive Upper Body

         You will later on notice that your chins and dips indeed became stronger. The other pulling and pressing moves will also get stronger as well. In all these, results will require some effort and time.

          If you will follow a protocol for chins and dips, you will become more muscular and stronger in the impressive upper body. This is especially at the end of the eighteen weeks.

Overview of the Chin Up and Dip Program:

        An Impressive Upper Body, you will need to perform chins up and dip program on a separate day every week for about eighteen weeks. You will also need to perform some chins and some dips.

  • Perform chins including dips.
  • Focus on your legs.
  • Somehow be an off-day for you or relaxation time.
  • Push-ups.
  • Pull-ups.
  • Come off or some sprints.
  • This will also be an off-day.

Training Scheme:

        The training scheme will include the following:

  • First 3 Weeks. This will include you in using a basic five by five pieces of the training scheme for the dips and chins.
  • Second 3 Weeks. You will need to make use of some more volume. You will need to use a basic five by ten scheme. Also, you will need to increase your weight for every set. You will need to perform the moves being a superset. However, there will be a longer resting period as compared to the typical superset.
  • The third Scheme will require you to performing the chins including the dips.

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         You need to really be simple as this is an essential key to your life. Chins and dips will somehow be considered as the basic movements. You only need to record the repetitions and the weights and then move forward.

        Eat based on your goal, whether you like it gaining some muscle mass or losing some fats. If you will train harder than before, you will develop an excellent upper body.


Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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