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Pangea III and Steroid Market in Europe




The legality of using steroids in Europe is mainly determined by how much substance you are using. This has made it possible for the steroid market in Europe to have a big consumer base for these drugs. This market is booming and has no chance of ending soon, and so the Pangea III operation cannot fade out.

Legality of Steroids in Europe

The Pangea III is an operation that keeps being carried out frequently online, but most drug sellers in Europe are not caught because they have found a way to evade such online operations. In any case, this operation is always carried out on those supplying counterfeit drugs and those who are selling illegal medicine online.

It is possible to use steroids in Europe, and not be jailed for it. The much that can be done to you is to have the drugs taken away from you and then you are freed. But in cases where you are found to be carrying a bulk of it, you may have to explain yourself. The law here allows you to have the drug for your own use, but not to be sold to others.

Online Steroids Market in Europe

It has become even easier to get your dosage through the mail without having to worry about it getting lost or being intercepted by authorities. This is one of the main reasons for the rise in steroid use in Europe.

Europe allows this because according to their law anabolic steroids are classified under the C class, a class, which means they are fit for consumption, but you are not allowed to supply to others. It is only in cases where you are caught with a significant amount of these drugs that you can be prosecuted.

Online Delivery

What this means is that Pangea III operation has not been able to touch most of the drug suppliers and users in Europe. For those trying to penetrate the market in this are what you need to do is ensure you have a small percentage of the drugs. Transport that recommended quantity by the authorities. What’s more, since you can send it through the mail, you do not have to go online.

This is one of the main reasons why Pangea III operation may not be working quite effectively in Europe since most of these operations are carried out in online drug stores. There are also companies, which sell steroids in Europe and can guarantee you a discrete delivery.

For those who still want to buy steroid online, it is also possible and they too can offer confidentiality for your purchases as well as deliveries. It is also possible for you to get steroids in Europe at cheaper prices than anywhere in the world.


Most of the manufacturers can be found here, you can expect to get the best quality of steroids for your use. Drug use in Europe is legal as most people will tell you; you only have to ensure you do not carry more than is required of you and also be careful before you start selling your steroids online since the Pangea III operation may not allow you to continue with the business.

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