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NHL and Steroids Consumption




The use of steroid in NHL has been in the spotlight for a long time especially during the 1990’s. At this period, the league saw a lot of player performing the best with many teams outshining others in their performances at amazing paces. This was attributed to the fact that the steroid consumption has a number of great benefits to the NHL players.

Steroids Consumption and Testosterone Boosting

The steroid is known to facilitate the performance of the NHL players. It helps them in increasing their endurance while in the game or when training. The only thing the steroids do is to increase the amount of testosterone in the body. And the players will have a better run in the field.

With the use of the steroids. The NHL players will not be fatigued as quickly as those who do not use it.  Steroids are a buffer for the production of lactic acid during a physical activity and this means that the players will be able to perform better and increase their capacity when it comes to endurance. Steroids consumption also facilitate the synthesis of the proteins in the body thus improving the muscle mass.

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Role of  testosterone in players

The players will be in a position to build new muscle. Faster rate leading to increased muscle power and strength as needed in the NHL. The muscle strength will also increase the ability of the nerves to be stimulated and this plays a big role when it comes to determining the speed during playing and training.

The players using steroids will have a better chance to generate more power to carry out different activities in the field thanks to the improved muscle built and the strength provided. The increase in steroid consumption in NHL has also been attributed to the fact that the players have a faster recovery period.

After a hard work out. The steroids reduce the amount of muscle waste that occurs during the training session or during the game. Since hockey is an aggressive game, many players like using steroids as it gives them the aggressive feeling that will help them in tackling their opponents.

steroids consumption

The steroids can be given in different ways and this has seen the use in various sectors.   They are available in many forms and can be easily purchased from various sources. The only problem when it comes to NHL and steroids consumption. Is that the players who use it have an unfair advantage over the others who do not.


These organizations believe that it is not fair that some people who are not able to get into the game because of their natural talent opt to use the steroids to enhance themselves and their performance and thereby getting an unfair advantage over the others.

The other problem in NHL and steroid consumption. Is the fact that these products have  side effects that may occur in their use for a long time. Some of these problems include heart diseases, brittle tendons, and many others. For this reason, the use of steroids in NHL and other major leagues have been controversial over the years.

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