The Truth About Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids have been used by doctors to correct different defects and conditions medically. The drugs have however been abused by individuals who want to gain unfair mileage over their colleagues especially in the sports industry. Most athletes and bodybuilders who have used these drugs in mega dosages end up causing their bodies more harm than good.

Anabolic SteroidsAlthough critics have condemned the drugs widely, it's imperative to note that those who have suffered from the side effects of anabolic steroids either abused the functionality of the drug or used mega dosages against their doctors' prescriptions. It's unfortunate to reckon that some of the users of these drugs who have been affected greatly ignored their doctors' warning to steer clear of the drug or adopt the right dose.

There is no scientific evidence to show that the practice of taking mega dosages of the steroids (stacking) causes significant side effects. It's however hard to refute claims that there have been noticeable life-threatening side effects on some steroid users.

Following the doctor's instructions and prescriptions before taking any drug whether addictive or not is very important especially for beginners. The availability of websites that sell this drugs online without offering any doctor consultation services has worsened that situation making it easy to order for steroids via the internet. Using steroids without prescription from health care professionals is the abusive usage of anabolic steroids.

Usually, the drug is supposed to be administered orally. Taking an intravenous dosage that gets to the blood directly is therefore very dangerous and can cause serious side effects. Many of the actions that result from the intake of the steroids can be reversible much as other complicated ones can't. Some of the common health problems that most users experience are acne, trembling, bad breath, and susceptibility to getting muscle and ligament injuries and high blood pressure resulting from the constrictions of blood vessels.

There are other side effects that are more gender specific. Men who take mega dosages of steroids experience changed sexual behaviors. Although the drug contains components of the male testosterone hormone, the drug is said to cause impotence. It can also cause reduced sperm count, baldness, shrinking of testicles, enlargement of prostate glands and breasts and eventual infertility. Females who consume mega dosages of the drug are on the other hand at risk of altering their menstrual cycle, developing an enlarged clitoris and growing hair on their face among other body parts.

These man-made synthetic substances are actually made to treat certain medical conditions. But since the steroids are legal to get without a doctor's prescription there is a widespread black market supply of the drug. In fact, it is legal to be in possession of steroids for your personal use, but possession for trafficking it is illegal. The kind of anabolic steroids that you might get through these illegal may be counterfeit or impure hence dangerous to your health as compared to those prescribed by doctors.

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