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Steroids Usage Stacking Pyramiding




What are Steroids?

The steroid is actually an organic compound that contains chemical particles. Another thing you should know about them is that there are two types of steroids: functional and structural.

Functional steroids:

sex steroids (they support reproduction)

corticosteroids (they regulate metabolism)

anabolic steroids (they create body mass)


From a chemical point of view, there are so many different types of steroids. There are steroids with a simple structure and steroids with much more complicated structure.

Why Using Steroids?


The most commonly used steroids are anabolic steroids that help you create body mass and gain strength. Steroid usage in many sports is forbidden and that’s why there is doping control. But, besides many side effects that steroids can produce, there must be something in them that makes many athletes use them.

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As I said, steroids help you to gain body mass and your physical look. Steroids produce the effect that helps our body to keep protein. Protein is necessary if you want your muscles and bones to see growing.

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How to Use Them?


Just like every other medical treatment, steroids can be used intravenously and there is also oral usage. Every doctor will give you your own dose, from 1 to 5mg of the prescribed steroid. This is a normal dose and you should follow the instructions which your doctor gave you.

Many people use hundreds of milligrams per day in hope that they will get better results if they take more steroids. More than 5mg per day is considered as abuse. When people take a bigger quantity, they also think that they will get better results if they combine steroids with some other medicines.

This is false, actually. Steroids users take steroids in cycles. One cycle lasts for a 6-12 week and after each cycle, there must be a break. If you don’t make a break you risk developing a tolerance of steroids.

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How Long They Stay in My Body?

You have to know that steroids stay in your organism long after you stop using them. Because this is important to go to a doctor when he, as a professional, will prescribe you the best therapy.  That pause between cycles is very important and you should let your doctor determine how long it should be.

This brake is used to give your organism time to get free from steroids. Oral used steroids can stay in your blood flow for weeks, but intravenously used steroids can stay there for months. That is why is also very important to take care of what type of steroids you will use.

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The most familiar steroid to all athletes is Dianabol. It is the first steroid ever made and he was very popular as the oldest and the most reliable one. This steroid is also called Dianabol, Refrovit, Anabol, D-bol, and Metan. Bodybuilders simply love this steroid because he is great for getting the body mass they need.

They use the large quantity of this steroid depending on another steroid usage (stacking). Stacking is a popular way to increase one steroid effect by combining it with another steroid. Different people have different tactics, so some athletes use stacking and some don’t depend on their wishes and the effect they want to produce in the end.

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 Can I Use Steroids With Other Medicines?


Many steroid users combine them with different stimulants, antidepressants, painkilling medicines or any other hormones so they can neutralize side effects. But, paradoxically, this strategy increases chances of side effects appear.

Side Effects:


As every other medicine or medicine supplement, steroids also have side effects. Some of them are:


high blood pressure

high level of cholesterol

heart ‘’’bumping’’

heart attack

brain stoke

Anaphylactic shock.

Steroids also can cause a change in your hormones.  They change testosterone into estrogen.

Steroids and physical performances. Steroids can make your body to look better. They can help you increase body mass, strength, endurance, but they can’t improve your athletic skills. Actually, anything synthetic will not help you improve your athletic skills. If you want to improve that, steroids are not for you.

The only way to improve these skills is to go and workout. Many people also think that steroids can help you to get better quickly after the injury occurs. But this is not medically proved. Only effect that steroids will produce for sure is physical appearance.

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