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U.S. Police Officers Caught on Steroids




U.S. police officers must maintain law and order within their jurisdictions. The greatest threat that faces them is the task of fighting crime and keeping calm in every situation. Being very ordinary with the regular citizens, carrying out their duty requires more than just skills and professionalism. High performance and expectations are required of them.

The Crisis Creating Necessity

It’s no doubt, therefore, that most of them have been forced to use steroids to boost their performance. No factual findings have been found yet. Some believe that police officers are creating a dire picture for citizens. Others think it’s an illegal act as they encourage the use of steroids in the larger population.

Entirely several U.S. police officers on steroids. Though many view it negatively, there is no bad thing about it. The government has never banned the use of steroids. It hasn’t legalized its use too. Questioning the morality of these officers is therefore baseless.

The only place where the use of steroids is banned is in sporting events and nowhere else. The truth is that a significant percentage of these officers use steroids.

The few that have been caught and the condemnation they have faced make others fear coming out clean in public. Some famous names that have come out in these allegations are officers Danny Cage and Stephen Reece. Their case was quite tense in that there was more to the point than the mere use of the substances.

For one to be fully accountable, they must have evidence that they distributed the substance illegally and to people who should not have them. Officers on steroids only get a suspension that may last for less than a week.

Police officers in the U.S who are using steroids have more energetic and fit than their counterparts. It helps them perform more effectively than those who don’t use them. There have been several debates concerning the use of steroids among officers.

Public View on Officers Caught on Steroids

The public believes they should act as role models to others in society and discourage their use. However, steroid use has no harmful effects unless misused. Additionally, they help the officers carry out their assignments better.

The law enforcement bodies argue that even the police, like the sports personalities, they should be made to undergo thorough testing. It would prove that the U.S. police force is not competent enough.

More Trigger Factors

It also may be a way of showing the public that the department has things to hide and that it does not have trust in its officers. Cases of catching police officers on steroids are more likely to increase rather than increase.

After all, no officers perform poorly in their work using steroids. So long as the debate remains open, more U.S. police officers will continue to use and have steroids.

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