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Steroids and Effect of False Advertising Fake Muscles




First Time Gym Experience

After trying several sports and failing at each miserably I discovered weight lifting and it turned out I was pretty good, a natural some might say. The first time that you visit a gym you are terrified that you make a fool of yourself or make some stupid mistake and the whole gym will know about the dumb guy over there.

There are bodies glistening in sweat with muscles so big you are sure that you could never hope to look like that but maybe with some hard work you could end up looking good.

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How Far Will You Go To Look That Good?

Abs Muscle are Different than other Group of Muscle

Weightlifters and in particular bodybuilders are some of the most dedicated and hardest training individuals you will meet. They pump iron day in and day out and eat a phenomenal amount of calories, 5000 to 6000 each day to build the muscle mass as well as pushing themselves harder than most other people will push themselves.

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Sometimes a bodybuilder wants to look good quicker and better than the other guys. After taking supplements and eating right you can’t get your muscles any bigger. So what are you going to do?

Look To The Muscle Magazines For Help

Look to the Muscle Magazines for Help

Like many bodybuilders, you look to the muscle and fitness magazines for help and to find out what do they say. Most of the fitness magazines offer articles which state that if you take all of these certain supplements and do this you will end up looking like this, trouble is you don’t end up looking like that.

Many bodybuilders will admit to taking the odd anabolic steroid to get the right results. However, in the magazines, they are advertising supplements that are supposed to do the same as a steroid, but they don’t.

These bodybuilders fill the magazines with photos of their taut and cut bodies and promote all natural supplements like creatine, amino acids, weight gaining powder.

Popular supplements include:

All of these are designed to give you the same results as using steroids but are safer for you. These supplements are based on nitrogenous organic acid which has the effect of energy level, boosting it, which should in return increase your stamina and provide you with the necessary power and endurance to increase work-out regime.

In this sequence, the math should be simple: more energy means more exercising, more reps and this means an increase in muscle mass. Androsterone is a synthetic steroid, not a strong one, but still, the steroid which can be sort of boomerang when it comes to effects and side effects.

Now I have only ever been involved at the non-professional level for over 7 years and I have used every product known to bodybuilders and I still don’t look the ones who are endorsing these safer supplements. I look good but nowhere near competition level good. We all know someone who has spent most of his money buying all of these supplements to no effect.

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Why did he buy them all? The magazines said it would work. And when you are looking for a valid source of information, you trust that all those doctors and scientist that are quoted in those articles actually do hold that medical title, and know what they are talking about.

I mean, if you can’t trust scientists, then who are you going to trust?! However, even after being the hardest worker at his local gym you still couldn’t get the body the magazines told him he would get.

False Advertising:steroids-magazine-actor

This could all be labeled false advertising or at the least misleading advertising as these bodybuilders didn’t get their physique from just taking supplements and working hard. Too many other people have tried doing just that and not many had the same results. Ok, you look good but not that good.

These supplements they are advertising do little in gaining the muscle mass and the cut of their body as advertised. It makes you wonder how do these professionals actually get their fantastic sculpted bodies. What do they do differently?

Professionals are also working 6 to 7 hours each day at the gym and none of us have the time to do that, you also need to include rest days in the program. The problem is what are they going to turn to that will make them look like the guys in the muscle mags? Vitamins? I don’t think so, something like that can also be very dangerous and even fatal.

You have probably heard about dangerous health problem called hypervitaminosis, which is the toxic level of certain vitamin in our body-level that our body and organs can’t handle anymore. In this dangerous situation, our organs will stop working, there might be a problem with blood clotting, and even fatal outcome.

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