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Increased Effect From Combining GHRP-6 With A GHRH




What Is GHRH?

               HGRH is a hormone that exists in many different forms, all differing by the number of amino acids. The Amino acids range from 37-44. Despite the fact that most other neurohormones affect the entire brain, GHRH is only found in the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls and regulates temperature, metabolism, reproduction, and emotions such as aggression.


               It also controls hormone release to the endocrine system. Increases in GH will have positive effects such as increased energy, restored muscle mass, equalizing blood pressure, eliminating body fats, improving skin elasticity and texture, and more effective exercising.

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            With these results, all of which are attractive benefits to steroid users and bodybuilders, it is easy to see why they would want to amplify their results using a GHRP-6 paired with a GHRH.

Mod GRF I-29

Mod GRF I-29

           A common GHRH that is combined with GHRP-6 is Mod GRF I-29. While there are others, it is compatible with the GHRP-6 in many ways. It has been known to increase muscle gains and fat loss. It is preferred because it has a short duration of action. Thus allowing a rhythmic, or pulsing, a dosage which is preferred to the longer dosage GHRH. Also, it shares similar characteristics with GHRP-6 in terms of issues in efficacy. The results of GHRP-6 can be amplified through its use.

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What is GHRP-6?


         GHRP-6 is an injectable peptide hormone. Its main use is increasing growth hormone production as well as IGF-1 levels that can lead to fat loss and muscle gain. It has the added effect of increased appetite which can be positive or negative depending on the user, and also shows the ability to speed up the healing process of injuries and reducing inflammation.

             It is cheaper than many injectable GHs and many people prefer GHRP-6 to inject GH because it simply stimulates their own growth hormones as opposed to putting them straight into the body. High blood glucose levels and low thyroid levels can decrease the effectiveness of GHRP-6, though moderately high thyroid levels can improve efficacy. To avoid high blood sugar when taking GHRP-6, one should use it at least 30 to 60 minutes before meals.

How to Get the Best Results from GHRP-6

How to Get the Best Results from GHRP-6

         There are many different options when taking GHRP-6. It can be taken as an injection through the bloodstream, right under the skin or right into the muscles. For best results, it should be taken three times a day an hour before or after meals. Dosage can range from 50 mcg to 300 mcg.

           The higher dosage is recommended for those looking to boost their GH, while the lower levels should be used for people looking to get relief from inflammation from tendonitis or other inflammatory issues. Unused vials should be kept refrigerated, though being shipped unrefrigerated is normal and should not cause alarm.

             Open vials should not be kept over a month as the efficacy of the steroid may decrease over time. Though no major decreases have been found in studies. These steroids do not belong as part of cycles, thus there is no “wait time” between starting one vial and beginning your next regimen.

Effects of Combining GHRP-6 With a GHRH

            There is no doubt that GHRP is effective by itself, but the addition of a GHRH like Mod GRF I-29, you see three times the results. If you are just wanting regular results. You only need to use a third of the amount you normally would, thus making it more cost effective. Either way, you will get results. It really just depends on what kind of regimen fits best with the results you are looking for.

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