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Anabolic Diet – Learn How to Lose Weight Fast




Losing weight is difficult because you must sacrifice most of your favorite foods. However, diet shortcuts can also be dangerous. But there is one diet program that can help you lose weight fast. Importantly, you can still eat some of your favorite dishes. Sometimes we put too many restrictions on what we eat to lose weight that we end up starving ourselves. Nothing is as painful as not being able to enjoy your favorite meal to achieve a specific body goal and still fail. The good news is that you can now lose weight without sacrificing your favorite dishes entirely. 

This diet program is called the " Anabolic Diet." It is a low–carb diet that gives you a schedule on what kinds of carbohydrates to eat when to eat, and what not to eat. While the program has proved effective in most cases, sometimes it backfires if you don't follow it properly. Additionally, the diet needs a lot of dedication and discipline to achieve the desired results. You can potentially erase all your gains if you discontinue the program halfway or have long breaks.

From the Expert

This diet method was created by Doctor Mauro Di Pasquale, a health expert that firmly believes that diet is not about taking drugs for weight reduction to lose weight. Doctor Pasquale created this diet program to lose fat, retain muscle mass, and convert excess fats into energy. You can achieve all of these by only sticking to a specific diet plan that alternates between low and high carb.

Because of Mister Pasquale's''' dedication and patience with his work, he could perfect the process. This diet program begins with an initial stage of having to constitute a deficient carb intake. It also converts your body into a fat-burning machine. No joy overcomes the realization that you will achieve set objectives earlier than expected. The anabolic diet especially comes in handy for sportspeople who want to get back to the field as soon as possible. For instance, after childbirth, many female athletes find it hard to shed the extra weight they gained fast enough and continue with their careers. The diet plan ensures your body burns as much fat as possible in a short time, thus enabling them to resume their favorite spot. Furthermore, people who have been bedridden due to a medical condition or accident and need to lose those extra pounds will find this diet plan useful.

Lose Weight Fast Meal Plan

Like I said earlier, Anabolic diet meals will allow you to eat only 30-35 grams of carbohydrates. You should take this daily for the first week-plus workout routines or exercises. You do not have to alter your workout schedule because of the anabolic diet. It has been proven to work with virtually every type of routine, whether high or low intensity. However, you must reduce or eliminate the intake of supplements that could jeopardize the program's effectiveness.

Then your carbohydrate intake will be increased during your second week. The second week could be a bit tough, but you will get used to it within a few days. You will also need strength-building exercises to convert your excess fats to muscles. Use your favorite gym equipment, such as cardio machines, to achieve this. Significantly, your trainer's advice will go a long way in ensuring you achieve this delicate balance.

Alternating Low and High Carb

Additionally, you can see that you have a low carb intake for the first week. You can then alternate with a high carb intake in your second week. Such balance ensures you have enough energy to perform routine exercises and stick to your diet of weight loss.

Importantly, you will not miss some of your favorite foods and still lose weight to grow those muscles. Recommended nutrients are broken down during your quest to achieve your goal of losing weight.

  • 55 to 60% of Fats are required during the week.
  • 30 to 35% of Protein
  • Thirty grams of carbohydrates for the first week and gradually increase it up to 60% carb intake in your second week.
  • Anabolic Diet  Meals allows you to eat every 3 hours or 5 to 7 meals daily to increase your metabolism and eliminate hunger spasms.

Anabolic diet meals are the safest way to lose weight, and with the help of an excellent Anabolic diet workout program, you will be able to lose weight fast and grow those muscles and have a lavish and healthy lifestyle. However, suppose you want to know more about the benefits and setbacks of an Anabolic Diet. In that case, you can consult your fitness experts or physician for more detailed information about such a diet program.

Anabolic Diet Phases

Anabolic phases aim to keep the plan on track during weekdays and weekends. In the first phase, you're supposed to take low-carb foods that should not exceed 30 grams daily. If you do this for five days, you can burn up to 65% of the fat. That is a considerable amount compared to the 5-10% carbohydrates you will burn during that period. So, what happens after the five days? Your body will almost run out of carbs, and you need to replenish them.

The second phase takes place during the weekend and takes more carbs to replace the deficit. You will take up to 70% calories from carbohydrates and as low as 20% from fats and proteins. That should help you to replenish the depleted carbs in the body in reparation for the next phase.


The Internet is also one of the best places to visit if you want to gain more knowledge about the Anabolic Diet. With Anabolic Diet, you can now enjoy losing weight, growing muscles, and still eat some of your favorite carbohydrates, increasing your energy and having a healthy life. However, you must not rush to follow everything on the Internet without verifying its authenticity. Always make an extra effort to ask someone knowledgeable about such a diet to be safe. We wish you well in your weight loss journey. Don't forget to check out our blog for more informational articles on dieting, supplementation, and steroids.

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