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The Secrets Toward A Ripped Look





          To get Ripped Look is about reducing the fat level significantly and getting a more defined look. In a bodybuilder life, he needs to go through this stage occurs often and its length is set individually. However, because of the negative effects, a low diet routine may have on your body. It is indicated to follow a 12 weeks ripping period and then come back to your previous training and diet rut. In order to maximize your results when following a ripping regimen and caught jealous sights on your side, we give you five of the most effective tips for melting away fat. Prepare yourself for hard times, since nobody says it will be easy. There is no way around it.

           Just like putting on muscle mass require hard work and close eyes on your diet. The same way getting shredded needs your attention for details and a lot of work in the gym done in a specific manner. The difference is when bulking you are allowed to eat everything in big quantities, while when shredding you have to carefully manipulate your eating habits.

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Change your Diet for Ripped Look

          The rough truth is that getting lean is about 70% of dieting, 20 % of exercising and other ten percentages are psychology resistance to all temptations ( and surely they will too much around you) and the strong determination. Whether you like it or not, what you eat is detrimental for melting away fat deposits. Hence revising foods from your menu is imperative.

              Daily calorie intake when shredding should be around 1500-2000 calories dispersed throughout the day. A five meals per day routine is perfect, but make sure don’t exceed the 400 calorie restriction for each food intake. Focus on carbohydrates as they are great fat burners ( any fruits and vegetables, all whole grain or unprocessed foods, fish and other seafood, and nuts, and seeds, etc).

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               Totally avoid fined carbohydrates like sugar or corn syrup as they are empty calories that just slows down the fat burning process. The same is available for fast foods or soda drinks: stay away from them. The biggest challenge when working to get lean is to preserve the muscle mass you have.  Most of the bodybuilders, especially novice once, blindly believe that is still possible to lose fat and keep the weight you had.  

Weight Control

             Don’t be naive, along with fat loss you reduce your overall weight and is totally normal to be so. But, with some manipulation, you can minimize this loss and keep your muscle at a high level. How? Just make sure protein-rich foods are still present in your diet.  There are two reasons for this: when restoring, the muscle will use the protein you gave them instead of muscle tissue and secondly, it was proved that protein needs more energy and time to be metabolized.

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            It should be clear, protein ( at least one gram for each body weight) and carbohydrates are necessary to help you lose fat with minimal reduces in muscle tissue mass.  Foods rich in carbohydrates better satisfy the appetite and keep your hunger away for a long time ahead. Try to include them in your diet consistently and you will have better chances to get ripped faster.

Focus on Strength Training Plus Cardio Component

           If your goal is not only to lose fat but also to preserve the muscle mass you already have then strength training mixed with some cardio exercises is really what you need. Weightlifting is great strength exercises and you can find the wide range of them on this Wikipedia pageAs we said, training doesn’t play a huge role when it comes to burning fat, but it’s still essential.

          Make your training shorter by cutting off the number of sets and reps, but keep the intensity high. Such a movement allow recovering faster while the whole benefit of training is still very high. There is too less need for isolation exercises, so you can exclude them at all while on ripping regime. Bench presses, squats, deadlifts, rows, calf raises are quite enough for getting into work the most part of your muscle and drive good results.

Cardio Rules for Ripped Look

            A 25-30 minutes round of cardio exercises has to be performed right after the strength training. Or you may consider to do them in separate days, making them 45 minutes or one-hour length. Whatever you choose, remember that your body is on a calorie deficit. So put as much stress on it as it is able to handle letting it enough fuel for fast recovery.

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           If for someone getting rid of fat is easy, others may find it pretty difficult. It all depends on individual genetics, and for the most disadvantaged there is a technique that brings great results:  HIIT technique (High-Intensity Interval Training). It is about alternating high and low-intensity movements, like sprinting for 30 seconds and then sprinting for sixty seconds.

How Much Ripped You Can Be:

          To get lean is good, but what is the body fat level to get ripped? How to know when is time to stop and switch to a normal diet and training routine? Very important questions which every athlete keep in mind and try to find an answer for them.

         There is a various opinion on this subject. Most of the professional bodybuilders concluded that anything under 7% of the fat body means you're ripped. Based on your body type- mesomorph, ectomorph or endomorph- reaching such an indicator can be more or less challenging. Usually, the higher is the initial body fat percentage more than 35% the harder it is to melt away fat deposits.

Steroids for Getting a Ripped Look

Steroids for Getting Ripped

          Not few are the people who resort to steroid usage to ease the burden and get noticeable results faster. Like in case of exercising, getting ripped is more about diet, hence anabolics have less influence of it. Their contribution is minor when it comes to burning fat. But they can greatly help you to maintain the muscle mass you already have.

             Not all AAS are suitable for this purpose, DHT drugs being the recommended ones. Due to their low water retention feature, you manage to keep pure muscle tissue while experiencing no estrogenic effects. Winstrol, Primobolan, Anavar are just top three cutting steroids largely used by athletes to get shredded. In our previous post  “DHT steroids for getting ripped”  is clearly explained how these body performance enhancers drugs should be taken to get maximum results and remain healthy.

            If you are about to get ripped, diet and exercising are the main two key elements to keep in mind during all track. Starts out ready by writing down in the journal a detailed schedule of your ripping stage. This will help you to keep a tight control over what you eat and how much you exercise and not let the things go in the wrong way.


            At some point in this post, I said that there will be many temptations while getting shredded. The most difficult to overcome is diet ones. The last trick is to allow yourself to cheat your body once or twice a week by feeding it with something that usually misses your menu. This is a great way to avoid plateaus and keep your body in the perpetual challenge.

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