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7 Rules Of Safe Steroid Use That You Have To Know



7 Rules Of Safe Steroid Use That You Have To Know

         Anabolic steroids are drugs that used rationally can bring great results in muscle growth. The problem is that most of the bodybuilders find hard to use them within recommended boundaries. Also, goes beyond them, facing serious side effects. By far safe steroid use is directly related to dose and duration they are consummated.

             As long as you manage to keep the dosage low and use them for short time you can consider yourself as being safe steroid use. The big problem is that steroids by their great anabolic effect on the body may cause a kind of addiction, as individuals want to look even bigger and better.

            That’s why most of those who claim “this would be my single steroid cycle” usually get into the trap of anabolics and continue with the second, third and so one cycle. There are really few steroid users with a strong feeling of control of what they do, able to stop roids usage when suspicions occur.

           Anabolic steroids are drugs, and as in case of any medication you have ever taken. There always are some associated risks. When ingesting a simple aspirin you are warned of potential risks that may occur if you don’t follow the right path of usage or misused it.

          The same is available for steroids, and there are some limitations that have to be taken into consideration for the safe way to take steroids.

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No Steroids Use Under 23 Years Old:

1. No Steroids Use Under 23 Years Old:

             Steroids use among young people is not rare. The last statistics show 20 in every 1000 college men and about 2 in every 1000 college women reported steroid use in their lifetime. At first glance it not seems a big number, but take the bad effects anabolics have on the young body this is a worrying percentage.

          Precocious use of steroids is proved to have the bad influence on the liver, reproductive, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and psychological systems. All of them can be affected permanently until your reach the maturity.

              If you don’t succeed in building muscle before this age then look for issues in your diet or exercise program. In general, young people manage to pack on muscle mass faster and easier than others. Due to their high level of testosterone and high muscle responsiveness to loads.  Reevaluate what you eat, in what quantities, what workout program do you follow and how much it is appropriate to your purpose. Once these problems addressed, the results will be soon visible.

Take Steroids After Reaching Your Natural Peak:

2. Take Steroids After Reaching Your Natural Peak:

               If you are older than 23 years and have at least 3 years of experience in the gym and not happy with your results then you may resort to steroids use.  Please remember that anabolics are a great addition to your workout and diet. But you still need the last ones do not only gain muscle mass but more importantly, to be able to preserve the gains you made.

                Work out to peak your natural limits and then consider taking steroids for greater gains. Doing so, you allow your body to work at his highest level and also the effects promoted by steroids will be considerable.

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Do A Health Check-Up Including Blood Test:

3. Do a Health Check-Up Including Blood Test:

            For most of the side effects, steroids use is not the cause, but the element which worsens them. Individuals prone to liver disease, baldness, hypertension or psychological disorders are more likely to suffer an aggravation of these symptoms.

          An absolutely healthy man or women have fewer chances to develop one of these side effects. They occur, they disappear once the steroid use is ceased. That’s why is imperative to do a full medical consultation before getting involved in steroid use.

             Try to find an open minded doctor and discuss in detail how a safe steroid use scheme would look like. Having your blood level checked before and after steroid use is a must, as it allows you to have a clear picture of your cholesterol level (it is known that steroids lowers the good cholesterol and  increases the bad one, so be careful with it.)

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Look for Quality, Not Just Quantity:

Look for Quality, Not Just Quantity:

              To gain weight when cycling is not hard, the big challenge is to preserve the big part of it. This is the detail most of steroid user miss and concentrated all efforts on cycle itself. Some of the steroids do cause water retention in a higher degree. So the gains you made are more likely to be fat than muscle tissue.

              Choose the one with lower water retention feature, and make sure your diet support your exercise program. A proper PCT is gone help to keep the muscle gained. But even so, be ready to lose about 15% of the gains.

Use Short Steroid Cycle:


           In terms of muscle gains, along steroid cycle would benefit much more than a short one. But for safeness point of view, you would be much well by running a 3-5 weeks steroid cycle. Steroids put a big stress on your organs, so the shorter it is the better for you.

            On the other hand, the best gains come when receptors are fresh. So why not to make use of this advantage? A short steroids cycle would not help you to gain big amounts of muscle mass, but the one you achieve would be of high quality and not go off once you stop taking them. This means you make few, but irreproachable gains.

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Follow Minimal Dosage Use:

             The lower is the dosage, the fewer side effects experienced. No gyno, acne, baldness would be seen when following a minimal dose of roids. Read our post “What steroids did bodybuilders use back in the day” to find out how do they manage to build massive body without signs of acne or effects. In short, it is more training and a great diet and reasonable amounts of steroids.

Use High-Quality Gear:

            Learn to make difference between a fake a genuine product. You need high-quality roids to make good gain and stay safe. Plan a budget for your steroid cycle and remember that a good product cannot cost little money.

             Take into consideration the drugs you need for PCT and if you don’t afford them, is better to delay for a better time. Instead of cheap, dubious quality steroid that is most probably to cause more health problems than the benefit you, is better to focus on training and diet.


            You can be safe while using steroids if you act having in mind these guidelines. Every time you decide to break the rules are aware of the risks you take which in some case can be catastrophic. Go slower, but do steady steps toward the body you want. If you are about to begin a steroid cycle then reading our post.   When steroids begin to be dangerous for your health is a must.  Feel free to tell us your opinion on the comments box below.


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  1. Mel

    December 15, 2015 at 4:45 am

    Is Enanthate OK for women to take. I understand that they should take about 1/2 of what a man should take and twice as long. Is that correct?

    The reason i am (70 years old) taking Testosterone is to make me feel and look 10 years younger. In the four years I have been taking Enanthate 1 cc. every 5 days and wish to double it. I feel like and look like a person 5 years older. Want to get to 10 years feeling and looking 10 years younger.

    Same for my girlfriend.


    My girlfriend

  2. F Kyle

    December 15, 2015 at 7:13 pm

    Of course not, women best muscle tab is Anavar ( oxandrolone ) tablets. Look here :
    Mel. for you , you maybe can try rHGH ( human growth hormone ) , contact us for more info in private.

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