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Steroid Products Banned by FDA And Where to Find Substitutes





             Most drugs with adverse side effects banned by regulatory organizations for the same reason. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a regulatory body that ensures the safety of the foods and drugs we consume. Most of the drugs that have been brought to the FDA's attention are anabolic steroids that do more harm than good to the user. Apart from health consequences, steroids banned have also ruined the careers of athletes such as bodybuilders. The drugs come in many forms, including dietary supplements used to enhance performance and recovery after training.

           The FDA recalls drugs it considers harmful to users. Additionally, the companies involved, after doing their investigations recall the drugs, thus helping protect the public from harmful products.

          Nevertheless, some unscrupulous manufacturers and suppliers sell these counterfeits, thus prompting the FDA to issue are warning on steroids banned. The regulatory body has also put many such products under their radar and violators face the consequences. In this article, we’re going to look at some steroid products that have been banned by the FDA and their possible substitutes.

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Tri-Methyl Xtreme

              This steroid product has long been used by bodybuilders to achieve certain fitness goals. However, what many of them don't know is that this drug is on the FDA's red list. That means its manufacture, distribution, and use violate the law. The chemical is found in dietary supplements and passes out as an anabolic steroid. Although this is true, its adverse effects on the user's body distance it from the anabolic steroids we know. Surprisingly, this chemical is potent even when it is taken in small quantities. And that is probably why is difficult to detect other chemicals found in supplements.

             The good news is that there are other steroid drugs like Tri-Methyl Xtreme that are completely legal. These drugs achieve the same fitness goals but with less severe side effects. To avoid rubbing shoulders with the FDA, visit our shop for potent anabolic steroids that are friendly to your body.

THG – A Hazardous Steroid Designer

              This is probably the most popular steroid drug that was controversially banned by the drug agency. Before its ban in 2003, THG was used as a supplement. However, after laboratory tests, the FDA established that the supplement contained a previously prohibited drug. Consequently, manufacturers and suppliers were ordered to withdraw the drug from the market immediately. Expectedly, the drug remained in the market and continues to be used illegally to date.

             Why exactly was the drug banned? Well, it turned out THG had grave health risks. For instance, it was found to affect reproduction in males by causing the shrinking of the testicles. The result of it is reduced sperm count and finally, impotency. Additionally, THG was found to cause feelings of aggression in users. Such feelings do not only lead to violence but also cause depression in the long term. Some users were found to develop liver problems among other health hazards. It is for this reason that the drug agency continues to prohibit the use of the drug and those found going against this directive are either fined or jailed.

MedFit Sarmacuticals

          Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies globally. However, there are as many fake SARMs products as there are genuine ones. The owner of MedFit SARMs was recently convicted and fined $350,000 for distributing harmful products. Some of the chemicals that were found to be unfit for human consumption include Ligandrol, Testolone, Ostarine, among others.

             The FDA’s argument concerning the MedFit issue is that the drugs are new and lack approval for healthy fitness use. It added that drugs outside its oversight are considered new and may pose a risk to users. However, some companies produce the testosterone booster that does not pose serious health risks. To be on the safe side, ensure to buy SARMs products from trusted outlets to avoid consuming illegal drugs unknowingly. You can check out SARMs products from our shop and be assured of a safe product with great testosterone-boosting capabilities.

Accelerated Genetics

            This US-based company that sells sports supplements was made to defend its products in a West Virginian district court. The owner was put on the spot for distributing unsafe steroid drugs to the public. Additionally, the company was accused of by-passing the FDA’s safety requirements for the kind of drugs they supply. Accelerated Genetics, like MedFit admitted to producing supplements that contained outlawed substances such as Ligandrol and Ostarine. The products were also found to contain other banned drugs, something that pitted them against the law further.

              The drugs mentioned not only cause life-threatening conditions such as liver cancer but also cause death. Additionally, the chemicals have been found to increase heart thumbing significantly thus exposing one to heart failure.

Possible Substitutes to Banned Steroids

             As mentioned, these performance-enhancing drugs that banned have substitutes in the market. Although the substitutes do not cause adverse body reactions, some banned in some sports. However, bodybuilders have a little bit of freedom concerning the kind of body enhancers they can use. Some sports are more strict concerning performance enhancement drugs hence the need to steer clear of them if they’ll affect your career. Here are some high potent drugs that are legal and can be used instead of the banned ones.


              It is mostly used to enhance testosterone production levels. The drug consists of natural ingredients that do not have severe health risks. However, you may experience a drop in your sex drive when used for too long. Some people have also reported hair loss but the effects rarely go beyond these. The secret to getting positive results from using TestoPrime is to use it in moderation. Also, avoid using the drug for too long to avoid a negative reaction from your body.



            This steroid does not only help you to have lean muscle but it is also legal and completely safe. D-Bal usually use to achieve the same results as Dianabol. The latter is classified as an illegal steroid.


            If you’re looking to burn fat, this is the drug you should look for. Clenbutrol has received many positive reviews for its efficacy in weight loss without losing muscle. It also helps you to sculpt so you don’t have to worry about hanging skin after your weight-loss journey


            This drug is best for cutting, thus serves as the perfect alternative to banned strength-enhancing steroids.


            Unlike banned substances, this drug improves blood circulation and vascularity in general.  Most importantly, Winsol does not cause adverse side effects. So, every time you’re thinking about using a performance-enhancer, with your cardiovascular health in mind, consider getting yourself Winsol.


               The drug is good for general fitness. However, it is best for improving strength, thus allowing you to have a power-packed training session. Most importantly, the steroid allows bodybuilders to lose excess fat while retaining their muscle mass.


             Anabolic steroids continue to be a controversial topic because of their versatility. Although these drugs help the body attain and even surpass its limit, they also come with nasty side effects. Some are more hazardous than others and that is the category the FDA is trying to keep out of the market. However, it is important to note that some of the steroids that are considered to be legal are not without side effects. All one has to do is to use them appropriately and avoid those drugs their body reacts too violently.

              Also, take your time to go through the FDA list of banned substances to avoid getting into trouble with the law. The other option would be to consult your coach and doctor before you start using a particular steroid product. It is likely that they know which drugs are good for you and which ones will harm you. Meanwhile, check out potent anabolic steroids in our shop. Our products are completely safe and are legal.

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