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Suicides As A Result Of Steroids Use




           Steroids are blamed for many reasons, but one that is largely vehiculated the last time is to be directly responsible for suicides cases in both young and adult people. This is a quite grave accusation with too few evidence of it. There is a wrong generalization of AAS use on individuals and the way they could lead to such tragic final is not shown correspondently.

            The means of this article is to give a new perspective on this subject based not only on what statistics show but also what the most relevant researches have revealed.

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The use of steroids by Adolescents

          AAS are drugs, and as in any other cases, there is the limitation of age that has been followed. Steroids are strictly prohibited for people younger than 21 years old and with less that one year experience of working out in the gym. This restriction is not in vain, and if followed there will be no unhappy cases with steroids on young people.

            Why not taking steroids while adolescent? Quite simply answer, this period of time adolescent brains are in transitions toward the adult stage and it is covered by endogenous hormones and neurochemicals with long-term organizational and functional effects.

              Any intervention in the good functionality of these hormones can harm this process, causing long negative effects. Here we mean any kind of drug, legal, illegal, prescribed or anything else. It’s tremendous important do not disturb the good functionality of the brain at this stage of life, otherwise, there would be serious repercussions.

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Steroid Impact

           Steroids are synthetic hormones equivalent of testosterone. They are hormones, hence have the ability to impact central nervous system development in the wrong way. Is encouraging that most teens are smart enough and avoid steroids.

            As part of a 2012 NIDA-funded study, teens were asked if they used steroids in their lifetime. Only 1.2% of 8th graders, 1.3% of 10th graders, and 1.8% of 12th graders ever tried steroids. Estimates for 2004 showed that 3.4% of 12th graders have used AAS in their life. As data shows, the number of adolescents who ever tried steroids has slightly decreased over the years, and this is really good. What we can not neglect that the percentage of those who still use steroids is serious and need more attention to it.

            Another aspect that has to be illustrated si adolescents perceived the harmfulness steroids have on their health. As the chart below shows, it’s noticeable that the number of those who understand how risky drugs are for their health has slightly increased over the years but now experience a decreased tendency.

Teenagers perceived harmfulness of steroid use

         Adolescence is a complicated time with a strong feeling of misunderstanding and behavior problems. Whether they are triggered by the family atmosphere or the feeling of being an adult entering new groups, there is already room for frustrations and signs of depression.

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ASS Efects

          Adding ASS to this just worsen the situation and in some cases can have tragic finals. Here the parental attention comes into play. Every mom and dad should monitor their kids and notice every change in mood, actions, communication, and other aspects.

          All these are alarm signs that something is going wrong and your teens need help. In all cases of suicides, victims showed signs of depression, aggression, and retirement. The final tragic never comes without signs. It just about not observing them.

            Most of the teens are not satisfied with their appearance. Boys and girls want to be more attractive and resort to steroids usage as the solution. As adults, we know these frustrations are exaggerated and deserve no time to lose on them. But it is not so for adolescents. They become nervous, uncertain and shy. Steroids may give them the appearance they want, but with a big price pay on their health. It’s parents mission to take a closer look at their kids and give them the best insights about how to do it naturally or even to overcome their aspect with more patience.


              Well, don’t take as I throw all the responsibility on parents, but in most part, it is so. Authorities did it job when declared illegal. So its parent's duty to make sure their kids are not consuming illegal drugs. Broadly, suicides in teens is not a direct effect of steroid usage.

               In those who already showed depression, aggression signs, taking some AAS can lead to such a fatal end.  More important is to make sure teens acknowledge the harmfulness steroids have on their health. Also, give them a strong psychological background about their individuality.


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