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5 Facts That will Change Your Mind For Good About Steroids




            Steroids use was always seen as being dangerous for your health. A range of myths and rumors surround steroids consumption causing people to see it as something very bad without knowing too much about them. In this article, we want to dismiss the most common believes about steroids and ask you to revise your opinion based on new fact brought to your attention. Don’t run to conclusions and take a second look at what steroids represent and how they can benefit your body.

            Measure twice and cut once. We want you to make a well-informed decision, being aware of all the cons and pros of steroids usage. Don’t rely on what others say about anabolics and take it as truth. Do your research, analyze the facts, listen to professional opinions. in other words, don’t be ignorant and do an in-depth investigation to have a clear image of anabolics.

And let’s begin with some of the most popular misbeliefs related to steroids use:

1. Oral Steroids Are Tough For My Liver

Liver Damage While On Oral Steroids

         Frankly speaking, alcohol is by far much more dangerous for the liver than oral steroids. Despite this, over two 2 billion people worldwide consume alcoholic drinks, resulting in 2, 5 million alcohol-related deaths annually!

          Compare to such devastating effects, steroids are just a drop in the ocean. Steroids might harm liver functionality only when misused and taken for the too long time. Consumption of large dosages of oral steroids for more than 6-8 weeks might be indeed injuries for liver and all individuals are warned about this.

           But too many of them are willing to follow the right dosage and be happy with slow but steady results. The good news is that the liver has the great capacity to regenerate. Even some minimal damage on the liver was done by taking steroids, liver fast repair and in short time its good functionality will be back.

2. Steroids Will Cause My Hair To Fall Out

2. Steroids Will Cause My Hair To Fall Out

         Being already prone to baldness and adding steroids might indeed worsen the situation. This can be prevented by avoiding steroids carrying out such side effect and replace them with others. Usefully before planning a steroid cycle individuals are advised to familiarize with possible side effects. And keep off anabolics that would worsen their health problems.

            So we do with any other drug before taking it, whether this is an aspirin or an antibiotic. Why people skip to research anabolics for side effects and they complain about what they got?!

        So, if you are prone to hair loss steroids like winstrol, Dianabol, Anadrol, Masteron, Proviron, Primobolan will speed up the process. Weight up your options and choose what’s more important for your hair or gear.

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3. Steroids Cause Penis To Shrink


          First of all, testicles do shrink, and not the penis. It’s called testicular atrophy. Secondly, even this happens it’s temporary after a cycle is finished they return to normal size. Thirdly, unless you plan out to have a child while being on steroids, which is less likely, less sperm production is not going to affect you so much.

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4. Naturally Produced Testosterone is Enough To Get Big

Focus on Big Muscle

            True, if you are very well gifted by nature individual who packs on muscle mass with easiness. You just follow a rich diet, take some supplements and hit the gym 3  times a week and pounds continue adding on your body. Good for you. But not all of us are so lucky. Despite big efforts in the gym and outside it, the muscle mass is still low. This is the moments when you decide to go on the “dark side” and finally build the look you wanted so much.

          Also, many bodybuilders reach their natural maximum and gaining further muscle mass is not possible. With the aid of steroids, mixed with heavy training and clean diet people manage to push the limits and get beyond natural boundaries.

5. Immediate Results Are Seen With Steroids

           True, but what comes quickly, disappear fast. The big challenge with steroids use is not gaining weight while taking them, but being able to keep much of mass after the cycle ends up. And this is not easy at all. Usually, losing up to 15% of your gains during the off period it’s considered normal. Unfortunately, this percentage is much higher in the case of many people.

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              Steroids should be seen as an aid to gain muscle and not as a replacer for hard training and proper diet. Do so and most of your gains will disappear once the cycle is finished and you remain only with side effects. Design a post cycle training routine and a diet sustainable for your new body configuration to be able to keep on the muscle mass.

            And remember, slow but steady gains have to be your goal while being on steroids. As long as you take steroids being totally informed about the pros and cons. The side effects that may occur you are on the right way. Keep in mind the above-mentioned things as they are meant to show that not what it said is true and having doubts, researching and finding answers is the proper way to approach any situation. Steroids are not an exception.

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