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What Are The Real Dangers Of Taking Trenbolone Steroid?




            Taking Trenbolone can make you feel incredible, the change in your body and the look on people’s faces as they begin to notice. What could feel better than this? But for some people, they take Trenbolone and see the glory, but it also makes some them feel bad. There have been reports of people feeling aggressive, anxious, battling to sleep and even causing issues in relationships.

           The decision on what to do can be tricky, especially if you are seeing the results that you were wanting to. But can this all really be due to one substance? Can a simple shot really make you feel so bad, and alter who you are?

             Times have changed and opinions differ across the globe, especially if we jump back to the 1990’s. In the USA, it was unheard for any person to dose up on more than 50mg per day of Trenbolone and the general feeling was that it was far too much and just unsafe.

         The recommendations for the time for 50mg per week, not per day. But cross over to the seas of Europe, and the opinion held differed somewhat. It was widely and generally accepted that such a daily dose was perfectly fine among the hardcore.

The Strength of Trenbolone:

So What is Safe then?

           Comparatively, any normal Anabolic Steroid measures at a strength of three times less potent than Trenbolone. One can liken this to one 50mg shot of Trenbolone being the equivalent to three 50mg shots of an Anabolic Steroid. If one fast forwards a little, you will see that in 2015 the common dosage for Trenbolone is 75mg to 100mg per day! Quite a difference considering 50mg a week was the recommendation in 1998.

            In perspective, one realizes how high today’s common dose of Trenbolone can be. Hence the possible reported side effects – because in fact, we are consuming more than is actually needed.

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So What is Safe Then?

The Strength of Trenbolone:

          For the average person, 50mg per day should be safe. If you are smaller or a woman, then even 30mg of Trenbolone a day is enough.

For me?

         It really depends on the person and how they react to Trenbolone overall. Having read the above information, perhaps starting at 50mg a day is a good beginning. From there one can measure any reactions, positive or negative, and alter the dosage accordingly. For some people, they feel no side effects. Others cannot tolerate Trenbolone at all.

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Finding a Balance:

Finding a Balance

           If you feel generally fine on Trenbolone but are just suffering a few side effects, then there are ways and means around it. If you are battling with insomnia, then take a sleeping tablet. If you are acting out and behaving wildly, the contain yourself. For anxiety, consider an herbal supplement to help calm you. There definitely are alternative remedies to consider that can help balance out the negative feelings you are getting from being on Trenbolone.

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        The decision, however, is personal and must be taken with caution. It is advised to wait at least a week before altering your dosage of Trenbolone, just so that you can ensure you are feeling the correct effects of the supplement. And if you are not feeling great but are enjoying the results, then there is always the trip to the chemist to find whichever remedy you feel will fix the equation.

Whichever decision you make, consult your doctor. You do not want to be messing around with drugs and supplement confusion, even if you think you know what you are doing. Keep reading more useful articles about Trenbolone! and click on the link if you want to buy Trenbolone.

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