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Top 15 Most Trusted Steroid Manufacturers (Concentrex is #1) 2021




               There are as many scammers as there are legitimate manufacturers and suppliers in the booming steroid market. That should sink deep if you’re a regular steroid user or beginner. Steroids have long been demonized and blamed for various health complications people who are thought to use the steroids experience. On the contrary, there are safe and beneficial steroids out there but you need to do your homework well. Everything concerning steroids starts at the lab, and anyone can own a lab by the way, whether it is a legal one or not. Find bellow the top of most Trusted Steroid Manufacturers on the market.

Most Trusted Steroid Manufacturers

            That puts manufacturers at the core of the steroid business. People have been duped before into buying counterfeit steroid products that are of little or no help to them. But if you’re very unlucky, you will not only find a product that does not only help you but that that harms your body. We have prepared for you a list of steroid manufacturers, which through our in-depth analysis have proven to be quite legit and reliable. There are more trusted manufacturers than those listed here, but you should seriously consider buying from our list because they have a clean record of integrity and transparency.


             Concentrex is an advanced and established anabolic steroid lab with many years of experience in the game. The manufacturer is number one on our list because of a variety of factors. First, virtually all the company’s products are legal and medically approved globally. Secondly, Concentrex produces safe products that are free from harmful artificial additives. Lastly, the brand has been consistent in the production of trusted steroids, thus building itself a reputation that is unrivaled by any other manufacturer. Concentrex is known for anabolic steroids such as Deca, Sustatrex, Tren, among others.

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Big D Pharma

             Another respected steroid manufacturer, Big D Pharma manufactures high-quality anabolic steroids with natural ingredients. If you’re looking for anabolic steroids for cutting cycle and bulking, then this company should be your first option.

Big D Pharma

          Most importantly, they have been in business for years so they know how to go about their thing and make have maximum benefits to the user. Apart from manufacturing and distributing anabolic steroids, Big D Pharma has also assembled a team of professionals and experts tasked with educating users about their products.


           Norma probably has the best prices for anabolic steroids you can find online. Best known for the production of Deca Durabolin, Norma has a section on its website dedicated to educating users about steroids. Although its biggest market is found in Canada, the quality and purity of the company’s products have attracted users all over the world. most importantly, their consistency in ensuring customer satisfaction makes Norma one of the most trusted anabolic steroid manufacturers in the market.

Bulldog Labs

             This relatively new steroid manufacturer is slowly building itself a name, thanks to its high-quality products such as TREN-ACEBull100. Users who have experience with the manufacturer-cum distributor have also cited a shorter delivery time. Bulldog’s return policy is also worth mentioning since all of its products can be replaced within a few days after delivery.

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

             Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is another brand that has won the public’s trust, thanks to its wide variety of quality asteroids. The company manufacturers among other anabolic steroids:

  • Oxandroxyl
  • Turanaxyl
  • Testoxyl Propionate 100
  • Boldaxyl 300
  • Dianoxyl 10
  • Proviroxyl
  • Anavar

           Kalpa produces its steroids in both injectable and oral forms. Most importantly, the company pays attention to the research and development of the product to ensure it is healthy and beneficial to the user.

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British Dragon Pharma

         British Dragon is a renowned pharmaceutical company based in Europe. However, its products have arrived in other parts of the world, including the US, just recently. The company manufactures anabolic steroids such as Sustanon 350, Trenbolone 100, Pwropionat 100, among others. British Dragon puts a lot of effort into the research and balancing aspect of their products and that explains why it is quickly penetrating the highly competitive steroid market. The company’s steroid injectables are known to be painless due to the special oil it’s made with.

Faizer Pharma

           Faizer boasts of extensive high-quality Swiss services regarding their steroids. We have since established that indeed the company has some of the purest, high-quality steroids you can find in the market. This is due to the specialized knowledge possessed by its team of experts, which also has many years of experience in steroid manufacturing. The company’s best-known product is Testosterone Enanthate 250. Most steroid users prefer buying from Faizer because they’re not only quality-conscious but they also design their products based on select therapeutic groups. Such kinds of priorities ensure their clients only get products that match their fitness needs.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals

     One of the leading manufacturers of Anapolon, Balkan Pharmaceuticals also produces Oxandrolon, Danabol, and Primobol. The company typically delivers orders within 12 days. Additionally, the products are legit and pose no danger to the user’s health. Balkan has also been positively reviewed regarding son-site communication and overall customer service. Products ordered arrive in perfect condition so you don’t have to worry about interferences while the product is in transit. Most importantly, Balkan sells its products in both retail and wholesale to various markets inside and outside Moldova.

Optimal Lab

              This manufacturer is renowned for the manufacture of steroids such as TREN A, Sustanon 300, and Test P 100. Although the company’s activities have reduced significantly, it remains to be one of the most trusted and respected steroid manufacturers to ever hit the market. One thing that stands out about Optimal is its dedication to customer satisfaction. You will rarely find a negative review for the company among the people who have had a taste of its steroid products.

Asia Pharma

              Asia Pharma is a giant steroid manufacturer in the Asian continents, best known for drugs such as Cypiobolic, Durabolic, Aquabolic, Decabolic, Turanabolic, among others. The lab's products are unique in that they yield impressive results even when taken in small doses. In addition to producing safe products, Asia Pharma’s steroids are great for cutting cycles. What you may not know is that this lab is recognized by the World Health Organization, thanks to its adherence to research-based manufacturing methods.


               Axio is a top manufacturer of anabolic steroids such as Decaplex 300, Testaplex C 200, Trenaplex E 200, among others. Ethics and aesthetics are the company’s two principal pillars that guide its operations. Additionally, Axio conducts thorough research on their products to ensure safety. Most importantly, most steroids, manufactured by the company are budget-friendly and come in the highest quality.


         Pentadex 300 is the company’s top-rated product. Sciroxx also produces other anabolic steroids such as Nandrodex, Oxanodex, Halodex, Oxydex, among others. This company has received many positive reviews due to the accurate dosing, purity, and legitimacy of its steroid products. Most importantly, steroids associated with the company have been found to give desired results within just five days of use.

USP Pharma

            USP is one of the biggest Pharmaceutical companies in the US. The company manufacturers popular anabolic steroids such as Testosterone Propionate 100, Anavar 10, Boldenone Undecylenate., and many more. With over 200 years of experience in drug manufacture, USP has some of the best standards in the world. Most importantly, the company uses rigorous research and technology in its manufacturing activities. As such, it has built trust with other public, making it the ideal place to find high-quality, legal steroids.

Lixus Labs

          Ever heard of Lixus Tren Enanth? Well, Lixus is the pharmaceutical is the company behind this highly potent anabolic steroid. Other steroids by Lixus Labs include:

  • 1 Lixus Cyp
  • 2 Lixus Tren Tri Blend
  • 3 Lixus Primo
  • 4 Lixus Ace
  • 5 Lixus OXYS
  • 6 Lixus Test
  • 7 Lixus Test 400

             Although Lixus does not usually sell directly from their website, we can confirm that the products sold by their affiliates are legit’. Furthermore, Lixus is an established brand with a clean record concerning the safety and quality of its steroid products.


             Last but not least on our list is the veteran chemical company, Bayer Schering. The company has amassed more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing a range of drugs, including anabolic steroids. Known for steroid drugs such as Testoviron Depot, Primobolan S, and Primobolan Depot. According to various reviews, Schering has never delivered a bad batch to any of its customers. That speaks volumes about the quality of the products and the company’s integrity over the years. Most importantly, the company educates its users about the products they want to purchase and tells them how to identify fake drugs.


              The steroid business is quite risky, from manufacturing to consumption. A lot could go wrong in any of the stages and the consumer bears the biggest brunt of it. As such, one must do a thorough background check to determine whether the product they’re about to take is legit or not. The easiest way to get accurate information about a certain steroid is through the manufacturer. As long as you’re dealing with an established brand like Concentrex one of Most Trusted Steroid Manufacturers, you have nothing to worry about concerning the legality and quality of the product.

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