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Bodybuilding Fashion and Funny Suits for Bodybuilders




Bodybuilders in suits 🙂

      If you have stayed with bodybuilders, you will confirm that those people can be extremely funny. It is the bodybuilders’ lifestyle to make funny statements and crack jokes as they do their thing. Maybe that is their way of distracting their thoughts from the intense workout and exercises. However, some bodybuilders have taken their humor to a whole new level with the kind of outfits they wear. I mean, how can you stop yourself from laughing after seeing some mammoth of a person with bulging muscles at every inch wearing a baby suit?

Bodybuilding Fashion

             The first thing that comes to your mind is a giant baby birthed by an elephant human. A bodybuilder is one person that sometimes just wears anything that comes their way, as long as it fits and makes them feel comfortable. What makes it even funnier is that often the bodybuilder doesn’t seem to be bothered with what they are wearing. You may laugh at it all you want, and probably kill yourself with stitches, but it won’t move them an inch from the dumbbell he is bending over. Sometimes I think that they secretly enjoy seeing people giggle about their outfits. But that is just how bodybuilders are. If you think you could pull them aside and tell them their outfit looks ridiculous, you are in for a huge surprise, because they will shrug it off and make the situation worse. So you are warned not to try to correct them about that funny attire.

                Sometimes a bodybuilder wants to send a gentle message with what they wear. When they don a baby suit, they’re only trying to tell you that they mean no harm, that they’re as gentle and harmless as a baby. Bodybuilders will wear t-shirts with all kinds of prints, and with different messages, most of the motivational and up-lifting. But many of them are meant to do some harm to your ribs because you will laugh so hard once you read and understand them. We did find some funny bodybuilder suits out there that will make your day.

Male Thong Erotic Lingerie

         This particular bodybuilding outfit will take your mind off bodybuilding the moment you see it, and that’s not the funny part. The funny part is realizing that it is not meant for what you thought at first – adult movie shooting, but for a bodybuilding exercise. You would laugh your insides out but that doesn’t make this bodysuit any less trendy and exotic. The outfit may not look funny to bodybuilders who are used to all kinds of weird bodysuits at the gym. But it would crack the ribs of any gym phobic out there.

Male Thong >> HERE <<


Shoulder Strap Crop Tops

              The strap is fashionable and attractive, yes, but it is not the first thing you think when you see it. It is probably one of the funniest chest harness bodysuits you can come across. The crop top should remind you of the time when you tried one of your baby brother’s or baby sister’s vest and it looked almost like this.

Shoulder Strap Crop Tops >> HERE <<

       Although this outfit has some scientific benefits to the bodybuilder when training, people who are not bodybuilders will not take any of it. All they see is a grown man trying to force some baby vest. Save for the strap’s wide neckline and underwear supplementing it, everybody else would assume that.

Your Mom Vs their Mum Fitness Baby Bodysuit

             This diaper bodysuit is the funniest thing you will see a bodybuilder in. As if seeing them looking like some grown baby is not enough, there is a very funny, almost insulting, print on the bodysuit. The print consists of two women flexing side by side. One is well built and the other one looks malnourished, for lack of a better word. The thin one is your mum, and the fitness guru beside her is the bodybuilder’s mum. I think this is one of the few instances where people with plus-size moms win. But don’t feel offended by that print, because you have not compared the bodybuilder’s mum with yours in real life. We are sincerely sorry to those whose mums are not around.

Super Poofy Pants

              Another bodybuilder outfit that will send you rolling on the floor with laughter. The buggy pants are not only overly oversized, but they also look funny and ridiculous especially when worn by a female bodybuilder. Unlike most bodybuilder suits which expose virtually every muscle on their body, this particular one doesn’t reveal any. Or maybe the owner is a bodybuilding newbie with little or nothing to show off. Whatever the reason for wearing, those pants can make anyone waste a few minutes of their time in the gym laughing at them.

Funny Print of Dad Female Bodysuit

            Female bodybuilders have not been left behind when it comes to spicing their fitness with funny prints. From a distance, one may think it is a thin man working out. Every other feature is feminine except for the front region from the neck to the groin area. On a closer look, you realize that it is just a print of someone's dad on a female bodybuilder suit. The color of the suit which resembles the bodybuilder's skin misleads you further. The print consists of a hairy chest, unmistakable male nipples, and undies strapped over the bodybuilder’s shoulder.

           The realization that you’ve been fooled by a mere print is enough to leave you in stitches. Surprisingly, the owner of the suit would be seen going about their normal business as if it is no big deal. A hairy dad’s chest is not the only funny print you will spot on bodybuilders’ outfits. Some even don suits with scary animal prints which when combined with their huge muscle could make someone pee themselves if you happen to bump into them unexpectedly.

I’d Flex But I Like This Shirt

              Although worn when not exercising, this print is funny from the word to go. First, the person wearing it doesn’t look like a bodybuilder, so they’re probably hiding behind the print. Secondly, you will find a bodybuilder flexing while wearing the outfit. In contrast, some bodybuilders will wear a similar shirt without print and go on to flex.



Oversized Suits

           I sometimes think bodybuilders should just stick to their workout outfits, which is mostly undies. Reason? These giants look extremely funny in suits, most of them. Have you ever attended a red carpet event where bodybuilders are in attendance? That is where you will spot a bodybuilder wearing a suit that is bigger than them despite them being big already? I mean how can one have all that meaty hand swallowed completely by their coat? You wonder whether it is because their tailor is awful or they are just being typical bodybuilders.

Latest Bodybuilding Fashion to Try Out This Season

            Bodybuilding is a phenomenon, therefore it comes with inventions and variations unseen with any other spot. Just to remind you, bodybuilding as a profession does not have a strict dress code. That means bodybuilders are free to don any outfit of their choice, including making custom bodysuits for workout sessions and while competing. Believe it or not, there is a connection between a bodybuilder’s outfit and their performance. The simple explanation is that you need to be comfortable and free to flex.

              Some outfits help to highlight the muscles in the right places while others make the muscles bulge out more. Most importantly, bodybuilders love looking flashy, trendy, and fashionable. They will go to any length to look attractive, whether during training and working out or during active competition. Every IFBB competition, for example, comes with a new fashion. It wouldn’t be cool to wear an outdated outfit to every competition, that’s not to say that you should discard your signature dress code altogether. There is always room for modification to spice it up.

          But before we look at some killer fashionable bodybuilder outfits, lets us first see the things you should consider in a bodybuilder’s fashion.

Make it Fit

           There are a lot of things happening around the bodybuilder in the gym, including loose equipment and hooks. You wouldn’t want to cause an accident because your loose outfit got hooked somewhere. Always ensure what you wear is fitting, but not too tight, neither should the outfit be too buggy to conceal what you’ve been working for.

Have a Personal Tailor

            Instead of walking from shop to shop looking for a trendy outfit that fits well, find yourself a tailor to do all your bodybuilding outfits. All you will be doing is gathering ideas based on the latest trends and have them design a custom outfit for you.

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Keep it Simple and Neutral

             As a bodybuilder, you don’t need flashy and shouting colors to make a statement, that muscle mass is enough to announce your arrival. Find yourself outfits with neutral colors, more so desaturated colors. Navy blue and gray would normally be the best choice to help your body make the statement for you.

           Male bodybuilder fashion is not all about looking classy, your comfort is also equally important. These bodybuilder fashion outfits will do wonders in complementing a well-built body.

Stoota Men’s Jogger Pants

           Stoota jogging pants are the perfect choice to wear while doing light exercises. You don’t have to add anything on top, going shirtless is just fine. The fabric is stretchy and allows you the freedom to move your legs any way you want. Most importantly, it is camouflage in case you’re worried about it getting too messy as you work out. Most importantly, the pants are the latest casual multipurpose men’s wear to don for training or when walking around town.

Stoota Men Jogger Pants >> HERE <<



Sleeveless Bodybuilding Hoodie

           If you’re experiencing that burning desire flaunt your muscular sexy arms, this is your kind of outfit. This sleeveless hoodie is very fashionable to don while exercising outdoors or when you and your buddies are taking a leisure walk. It comes with a headphone cable in case you want your favorite music to cheer you up as you work out. The tank is slim fit and stretchy, so it will still highlight the features underneath it.




Men’s Breathable Running Shorts

          These shorts are your best bet if you are looking for an outfit suitable for running, swimming, or general bodybuilding. It doesn’t fade nor shrink. Additionally, this classy short is very comfortable to wear and is machine washable.






Extended Scoop Gym Shirt

         This regular workout out stringer is one of the latest bodybuilding fashion you should look out for. It has an extended hem and stretchable characteristics which make it comfortable to wear even when doing vigorous exercise. Most importantly, it is made of soft linen with a special moisture temperature system to enable you to cool off easily.


Scoop GYM Shirt >> HERE <<

Final Thoughts

             Whether fashionable or not, bodybuilders have a peculiar way of bringing the best out of their outfits, except full-body suits, of course. Of all the sports we have today, we can bravely confirm that bodybuilders have the best taste in fashion. What is even more mesmerizing about bodybuilding outfits is the fact that they blend so well with the owner’s muscular body. The bodybuilder’s body is sometimes considered to be part of their fashion. However, bodybuilding outfits and fashion are not without complications, which includes misinterpretation by people with little knowledge of bodybuilding.

              A bodybuilder could use a little guide here and there to dress the body they have worked so hard for. Most importantly, get your designer or dresser to do the hard job for you. It may come with some extra cost but it is no match for the attention you get when you dress a good body well. If you have already arrived at the top in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, give your fans something new to talk about every day. Surprise them with an outfit regularly. It could be fashionable, funny, or inspiring. Besides, no one has the guts to question a top-class bodybuilder’s dressing, except your mum, of course.

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