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To What Extend Does Genetics Influence Muscle Gains



To What Extend Does Genetics Influence Muscle Gains

For most of the people who find hard to pack on muscle mass genetics are made the scapegoat. You have heard probably many arguments which counts genetic profile as the main reason for successfully building muscle mass. The truth is that genetics really influence the way you are adding muscle mass but it is not totally responsible for it. Having the right genetics significantly increase the speed of gaining muscle mass, but even less favored athletics can manage to improve body shape if there is the main element called strong determination.

Muscle building doesn’t come down just to have the right genes. But it’s imperative to know which elements are defining for muscle growth and how you can influence them in order to get the most from your workouts. The body type you have, the structure of muscle, joints, and bones, and also your metabolism and nervous system are all determining to what degree your genes are helping you with gaining muscle mass.

The Body Type:

Know The Body Type

People use to classify the body types into ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. Ectomorph is skinny guys who struggle for any pound they have gained. Endomorphs are fatter and prone to gain fat. Contrary to these ones, mesomorph is gifted with muscularity, having no problem to gain fat or muscle mass.

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There is some truth in this classification, but to rely only on this is not fair. Obviously, mesomorphs are the most favored and they have the biggest chances to becomes a mister Olimpia someday. On the other hand, ectomorphs or also called hard gainers will never look massive and will be able to compete for some title in the bodybuilding industry. But this doesn’t mean that they can not improve the shape and really surprise the family and other people by the way their body looks.

Muscle Fiber Ratio:

What is The Role of Slow Twitch Fibers  And Why We Need Them?

Muscles are composed of fast-twitch and slow-twitch fibers. I know it may sound too complicated, but if you want to build muscle mass that you-you have to know how the ratio of these fibers types affects your muscle growth. Hypertrophy is the process of building muscle mass.

Both types of fibers have this ability, however, fast-twitch fibers have a greater capacity for growth. Because of genetics who influence the distribution of fast-twitch fibers in the body, it may happen that the upper body part has more such fibers than the lower part. The result is massive shoulders, while legs muscle is still small in size.

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Metabolic Rate:

Metabolic Rate

Genetics largely influence your metabolism rate which is responsible for the amount of fat in your body. Being gifted with a fast metabolism means that your body burn all the calories you've eaten and they are not packed on your body as fats. The paradox is that the more you exercise the higher is the metabolism rate.

The idea is that one pound of fat needs 2 calories per day to sustain itself, while one pound of muscle use eight calories. Good news goes further because even after ending up your workout, the muscles continue to eat calories and do it even when you are not training at all.

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Bone Structure and Joints Size:

Bone Structure and Joints SizeBeing endowed with a lean bone structure will not definitely help you to bulk massive amounts of muscle mass. You can become one of those big guys when your skeletal volume is not able to hold such an amount of muscle. The body works by its own defined rules, and you can manage to receive it only by the use of chemicals. The downside here is that you will lose most of the made gains and up with a damaged health.

There are two main ways genetics influence you:

-How far and fast you can go with your muscle gains;

-What training methods work best for you.

Having bad genetics slow down your muscle gains and definitely not help you to win the game with iron. You will not become a champion, but you can transform your body to such a degree that your friends and relatives will be surprised.

Strong determination and will to succeed are the ones who lead you to a new level. It is always this way: something that you give so hard comes pretty easy to others. And here I mean mesomorphs, who despite aleatory diet and training managers to build big amounts of muscle mass.

Not Every Workout Routine Works For You:

If genes are not your strong point than your workouts have to be individually designed and fit your needs perfectly. If you want to develop your full potential then you have to follow the routine that gives results for you. Put the accent on progressive increase of weights you work with as it is the key to muscle growth. Diet and recovery have not to be neglected as they may overturn all you attempt in building muscle mass.

Genetics play a huge role in building muscle mass, but it is not the case to let it deter you from gaining benefits of lifting weights. If you are not blessing with the right genes it doesn’t mean that you will never manage to pack on muscle mass. You can do it. You just need to follow a proper diet and workout routine and stay realistic about your maximal gains.

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