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How to Buy Steroids Safely Online With Bitcoins?



How to Buy Steroids Safely online with Bitcoins?

What is Bitcoin? Who Uses it and What?

      Before I continue with this article I cannot stress enough that bitcoins are an extremely volatile cryptocurrency. This means although you can make a profit from using it you're just as likely to make a loss, and that there are other forms of anonymous transfers, such as the Western Union (WU) which does not pose the risk of you losing your money due to it being a fiat currency (where people merely believe that it has value, so therefore it has) . But, buying Steroids with bitcoins is just like gambling, there is always a chance to end up on top and you can, as a result, get more of what you want for less money to you.


         If you live in a country in which that using substances such as testosterone without a medical reason (such as the UK, where it has been illegal for just shy of 50 years), it can be a massive risk to use a traceable form of currency, such as your debit/credit card. The best way to safely buy hormones online is to go through a currency which is virtually untraceable to you.

       One of the ways this can be done is through the upcoming cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the largest online, independent from a government currency which, if luck is on your side, can provide a nice little extra income (but again I would just like to stress that this is not a guarantee--see the graphs below to see what I mean about it not being a guarantee).

Why is There a Craze About Bitcoin?

        Bitcoins popularity has blown up in recent years due to some lucky people being able to make a tidy fortune from it. It offers a new way to transfer money anonymously, as well as a salvation for some people, such as the people of Venezuela who's countries current, y is going through hyperinflation.

How Do I Get Bitcoins?

How to I get Bitcoins?

      One way to do it is through an online trader. One which found is a website called and This is used to make getting bitcoins a little bit easier for you with a credit card or bank. They also recommend reading up on how bitcoins work, after all, lit is an investment you are making.

       After finding out the ins and outs of bitcoin and you feel comfortable to make a purchase. Find a website which is able to accept bitcoin. The one which I found is Once you have found the product you want and believe that they are a genuine source (the easiest way for you to do this is by looking up on Google the company, the drug, and the dosage and from that decide whether or not you trust them) and then purchasing them through the website. One of the notices I have seen is that if you are buying through two different pharmaceutical companies there may be a time difference between the arrival of the drugs.

Advantages of Using Bitcoins:

       One of the advantages of using bitcoins instead of some other form of untraceable currency is that in comparison to the other cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is the one that is most widely used, and so is more likely to be accepted across platforms. Furthermore, although I have stated that it is an extremely volatile currency it is still a little bit more stable than the other forms, due to more people using it.

      Another benefit of buying Steroids with bitcoins instead of using Western Union is that unlike WU where you have to wait for the seller to receive the money, it is instant and digital. This means that there is less time waiting for the stuff that you want.

Bitcoin Growing in Popularity:

Bitcoin Growing in Popularity

        Another company which I have found (and was quite high up when I was doing research with Google) is one called which state that they also accept the cryptocurrency. This demonstrates to me that the usage of bitcoins is becoming more widely accepted amongst the pharmaceutical companies. Also, that if one does invest into the cryptocurrency they are likely to be able to use it for whatever they need.

How to Buy With Bitcoins?

How to Buy with Bitcoins?

          The actual process of buying testosterone through the use of bitcoins isn't that different. Buying with any other form of currency. When you go to checkout there will be an option to pay with bitcoins. Due to the transaction being instant the seller will have the money quickly. Therefore, you will have your product quicker in comparison to other methods such as Western Union.

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     The actual hurdle between getting bitcoins, and then getting your steroids. Also, the massive fluctuations which bitcoin goes through.  This increase in people accepting bitcoins as a form of payment makes me think that it isn't the actual buying. Also, the sellers are the risk element in the whole process. It is instead the obtaining of the currency through a third party. As well as making sure that you do not buy at the wrong time and lose money. Due to the power of the bitcoin going down.

       One of the easiest ways to ensure that you do not pay a large amount of money for bitcoins on a fraudulent website is to follow the crowd. Websites which people have already used and are trusted are going to be the ones where you do not have to worry about scams. The way to make sure you don't invest at a bad time is to do a bit of research. Look at the recent graphs

  • if there is a constant fall it's probably best to leave it for a while due to you losing money. This was a graph which has been taken off Google at the time of writing. This demonstrates how volatile the currency is.
  • With it fluctuating from around €5500 at the beginning of July to over €7000 by the end of the month. However, this again took a turn and by early August you would end up at roughly around €5500. Which if you invested around the 26th July would mean you're nearly €2000 out of pocket. Even if you take today's (10 August 2018) fluctuations you'd lose nearly €500 between 4 and 10.

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        Overall bitcoin is a safe way to pay for steroids. As it is very difficult for it to be traced back to you. However, the actual setting up of an account is the most difficult. An arduous process, with an understanding of how these process work. Once you have an understanding of how it all works and you know a dealer who is trustworthy and accepts bitcoin. Then you are able to safely buy testosterone with bitcoins.


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