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3 Safe Methods to Pack and Send Medications by Post




Methods to Pack and send Medications by Post

       The information below is only for a guideline as of how we repack. I do not fix ourselves to this single way of repacking, instead, there are many more repacking methods differencing on where you live and the products you ordered online. We assess the best shipping method depending on where you live.

     Repacking methods for wholesale and retail also differs greatly as it will directly be repacked at the manufacturing factory under your request, but it cannot be discussed in the details here in this article.

      Medications are licensed drugs that are aimed to get rid of ailments, alleviate pain and improve the physical, social and mental wellbeing. The can be broadly categorized into:

Prescription drugs: 

         They are licensed medicines that need a prescription by a physician or pharmacist before they can be acquired. There are mostly drugs that are dose –specific as well as those which are meant for chronic and terminal illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac complications, and renal failure among others.

 Over-the-shelf drugs

          They are also known as over the counter drugs these are licensed medicines that can be acquired without a written order. This comprises specific drugs like aspirin, antiseptics, cold relievers and antipyretics. Over the counter medications are mainly tailored to deal with mild symptoms such as headaches and common cold. However, if symptoms persist, it is advisable to see a doctor as the symptoms could indicate the onset of chronic disease.

 Drug equipment

         Drug equipment or paraphernalia refers to any kit, material, the product mainly aimed or tailored for use in producing, transforming, hiding, making, compounding, dealing with, concocting, injecting, consumption, and inhaling. Generally, drug equipment is aimed at introducing drugs into the human body. Pipes, needles, papers, wooden materials as well as ceramics are some popular examples of drug paraphernalia.

The Duty of the Mailer

      The mailer is completely accountable for each and every drug that he brings along for posting. The mailer should conform to the rules and directives set in place by the mailing corporation. Besides, he/she should make sure that he/she observes other state protocols such as the consumer safety law and the poisons statutes. Apart from that, he/she should comply with all local principles and guidelines controlling the dissemination of medications. He/she should also be conscious of all the features of a particular medication that he /she is posting.       

      The mailer should be knowledgeable on the drug’s combustion, noxious and chemical properties that may end up hindering its posting. He/she should also go ahead to specify if the medication is delicate and whether it requires special handling. Most medications are actually delicate as they are packed in glass bottles as in the case of most syrups.

The procedure for Mailing Medicinal Products:

       Unlike other items, there are strict directives to be followed during the mailing of directed, non-directed and chartered drugs. They are restricted materials and are only allowed to be posted if the stipulated conditions are met. If a drug is taken under a prescription, only a physician or pharmacist who hands out the particular medications may post the drug to the concerned patient. For drugs that do not need a prescription, their mailing must be in accordance with all the state, native and national rules and guidelines. The directives that may be applied in this case include the Poison Prevention and Packaging Statute created in 1970 and the Consumer Products Safety regulations.

What if you decide to return Prescription Drugs?

         Just as you may decide to send back any unsatisfactory items, medications can also be returned. Any mailer can make use of the Goods Return Service to send back any drug. If the mailer feels that he/she was mailed the wrong prescription, quantity or dosage or the drug doesn’t seem to have any effect, then it is only right that they return the drug. In order to mail the drug back, the drug can be referred to the physician or pharmacist, the producer or the store that deals with the drugs. Some manufacturers are courteous enough and may leave instructions on how to mail back the drug if it happens that you are dissatisfied with it. In mailing back the drug, it is advisable to use either Priority Mail or First Class Mail. It is also important that the manufacturer and other medicine-related stores keep up-to-date accounts of their drug production, sale, and distribution in submission to the Food and Drug Act.

How to package the drugs?

             How one package during the mailing process is of extreme importance. The drugs should be steadily secured in boxes or parcels. This will ensure that they are not destroyed or compromised during transit. The packaging of whichever mail item must be mailed and taped up in accordance with the stipulated rules and regulations. The labeling of the package should include the prescription code. It should also reveal the identification and location of the manufacturer, pharmacy or doctor who is disseminating the medications. However, the mailpiece should not include the brand, name or type of drug being mailed. Any drug that entails a controlled substance or prescription drugs should be packed in plain wrapping, parcel or packaging.

         An exception to this rule is the promotional package. A promotional sample parcel that contains over the shelf drugs, as well as non-controllable drugs, may have a concise explanation about the contents of the sample. In addition, it should also bear the words “Sample Enclosed” on the outer portion of the parcel.

         Many online sellers and fake online pharmacies are trying hard to hide the anabolic steroids and other drugs with the help of fake snacks packing or peach oils vials or massage oil with fake labels. But these days, customs in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK have in their equipment latest devices and scanner to spot the drugs inside a parcel or envelope. Once a year Interpol and DEA make a one week action: Operation Pangea is an international week of action tackling the online sale of counterfeit and illicit medicines and highlighting the dangers of buying medicines

What are Mail-back Programs

          On the ninth of October 2014, the United States Department of Justice particularly the Drug Enforcement Administration came up with directives where it stipulated on the procedure of assembly and getting rid of the controlled substance. This directive approved the use of Drug Enforcement Administration ratified mail-back collectors who are actually mailers to operate the mail-back service. It is through this service that people who have received drugs via mail that they are dissatisfied with or are not working for them can find relief. Through the program, the people with unused, unwanted or extra drugs can hand them over to recognized mail –back collectors who will dispose of them safely.

Drug enforcement authority officials

        Drug enforcement authority applicants hoping to be integrated as mail-back collectors must first be recognized by the drug enforcement authority before dealing with a mail-back program. He/she must be able to get rid of the unused, unwanted or extra drugs as soon as possible drug enforcement authority officials must also be recognized by USPS officer in charge. Mail back programs are available throughout the United States.

Packaging provided by Drug Enforcement Authority officials

        Drug enforcement authority officers working on the mail-back service should always avail pre-prepared parcels. The parcels used in the mail back service must meet some certain specific conditions. The outer portion of the package should not entail labels, marks, inscriptions that may suggest that the package contains some prescription drugs or controlled materials. In addition, the package should serve to secure the parcel from destruction. It should be water resistant, tape proof and should not be easy to tamper with. The package should be referred to a recognized mail back collector who has been officially registered. The mailer should use either Priority mail return service or First class return service which should be pre-paid in order to deliver the parcel efficiently to the mail- back program officials. He/she can also make use of business reply mail service. The mailer should also provide the relevant details concerning how to send back the parcel. He/she should also include the process to be followed and those to be referred.

How to acquire authorization to conduct a mail-back program

        To receive authorization to act as one of the drug enforcement authority, a process must be followed. The mail-back program applicants must be able to come up with a process of producing labels specifically barcodes related to packaging. The barcode will then serve specifically as the identification of that specific package and may also entail some specific information concerning the package. When passed through a barcode reader, it is very easy to obtain information from a parcel whose label is a barcode. In addition, those hoping to join the mail-back program must also seek approval about their barcode attributes, This is done by acquiring a penned down approval from the National Customer Support Centre (NCSC).

Requirements to work as a mail-back official

          For any person to obtain approval to work as a mail – back official, there are specific conditions that must be met. The applicant must be willing to provide his/her name, address and drug informant authority certificate of registration. He/she must also provide the location in which he/she happens to reside. He /she must also provide a $50,000 bond as a confirmation he/she is financially stable and that he/she can be able to deal with residual mail-back parcels in the post office in case such incidences occur. The letter of credit must indicate the name of the agent and the postal service that they have partnered with. They should also readily provide approval document for the labels they intend to use from the National Consumer Support Centre. They should also provide sample pieces of labels that they intend to use in the mail- back program in the business.

      Generally, medications are substances that should be handled with the utmost care. Hence, when mailing drugs, you should be careful to stick to all the rules and guidelines for your mailing of drugs to be a success.

Methods to Pack and send Medications by Post        The information below is only for a guideline as of how we repack. I do not fix ourselves to this single way of repacking, instead, there are many more repacking methods differencing on where you live and the products you ordered online. We assess the best shipping method depending on where you live.      Repacking methods for wholesale and retail also differs greatly as it will directly be repacked at the manufacturing factory under your request, but it cannot be discussed in the details here in this article.…

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