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Planning and Making a Good Steroid Cycle



Planning and Making a Good Steroid Cycle

            Do you know what steroid should I use? Or how much of the steroid should I use? For how long should use the steroid? In most cases, people forget the most critical question that they need to be asking themselves, which is, what steroid taking plan should I use? Or better yet, how do I plan for the steroid intake?

Has Anyone Made Recommendations Yet?

             No! There hasn’t been any solid recommendation that has been made yet regarding the intake of the steroids in the body. To be more precise, I do need to stress out the fact that there has not been made any recommendation that these drugs (steroids) should be taken. However, to give you the final report, we are going to discuss the use and the planning of the usage of the drugs holistically from those who have made the certitude to try out themselves.

First Things First:

         Well, without getting into more in-depth details and only looking at the underlying superficial features, the question that you ought to be asking is, what are your goals? More to that, you need to be considering whether the goals that you have made for yourself are reasonable or they are worth re-evaluation.

           More often than not, you will hear people asking a question regarding how to build more muscle ton as well how to reduce the fat content on their body using the mildest and safest drug in the market, but they never care to know what plan they are to use and how to go about it. Well, in my regards, the best way to handle the intake is coming up with the right goals. And by right, I mean setting up goals that are in line with one another, goals that do not contradict one another.

Why use Anabolic Steroids?

           Before we can settle in-depth about the plans and all that, I would like you to, first of all, ask yourself, why use the anabolic steroids.

          For a fact, we know that these steroids can lead to an increase in the muscle mass in the body. More to that, anabolic steroids are just loved because they increase the physical strength of a person; furthermore, they lead to the improvement of the athletic performance. Therefore, the generic effect of anabolic usage in the body is excellent.

          However, we should not use only the functional derivatives of the drugs to discount their demerits. Of course, there are so many side effects associated with the usage of the anabolic steroids. However, only prolonged usage could be a detriment. Therefore, we need a plan.

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What is The Right Cycle Plan For Beginners?

          I believe that by now, you have and have understood your plans in a better way. Therefore, you know correctly what drug to use and what dose to administer to your body. What’s next of course is knowing your pattern of usage for the drug, what we are merely calling the cycle drug plan.

        When considering the cycle, one crucial factor that we have to key in is the goals of the user. Different people have different goals. What are your goals or simply what are you trying to achieve with your steroid intake?

        If you have to retain what you are getting from the steroid, at the end of the cycle, losses must be avoided. What do we mean by loses? If the body is not responsive to the hormonal testosterone production, which generally happens when the natural hormonal axis which involves the hypothalamus, pituitary, and the tests that are not producing the hormone.

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           Parenthetically, the longer the cycle, the higher the chances of you recovering from the problems that would have been caused by the drugs in the body. Note this, when calculating the long period of the cycle, you should take into accounts the half-life of the drugs, furthermore, the time required for the levels to inject the drug to fall below the inhibitory levels.

Logical Sequencing:

       If you have been in the gym, you will hear bodybuilders talking about “being on the cycle” this is precisely what logical sequencing is all about. Depending on your level of experience using the steroids, the cycle would vary accordingly and can last anywhere between 6 to 16 weeks. This is to be followed by an equivalent time off.

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       Off-Cycle period means the time when the bodybuilders have to cease the entire steroid intake. Therefore, depending on the steroid that you are taking, you should be able to answer questions regarding the cycle ideal for you, the lasting period for the cycle and the dosage intake for the cycle.

           More to that, you should know the proper or the right steroid stack for you… Now it is at this point where most of the beginners completely lose it.  Therefore, it is recommendable that you order a steroid cycle to help you achieve your goals with minimal to no side effects.

Steroid Cycle Types and Their Importance

Steroid Cycle Types and Their Importance

          There are several steroid cycles’ types which you can choose. By and large, muscle building could fall under in either one of the following categories.

The Bulking Cycle:

The Bulking Cycle

          The bulking cycle means to add mass to your body, and basically, they are a common feature for first-time users who are looking to start their steroid cycle.

          They are shorter and cheaper compared to their other counterpart. However, even if they are useful, it is better to note that some of the weight you might add is due to water retention.

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The Cutting Cycles:

The Cutting Cycles

            If you want to keep leaner muscles, then the cutting cycles are the best for you. They usually make use of the agents called the weight loss steroids. What makes them unique is the fact that they can preserve lean muscle tissue and in addition to that, they can promote lipolysis and increase the strength significantly. More to that, they encourage and enhance metabolic activity in the body.

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Final Verdict: 

           Consider the two steroid cycles that are best at your disposal. Each will have its advantages and disadvantages. However, it is also good to point out that most of the steroids cycles would have the ability to cut fat from accumulating in the body. Depending on your goals again, chose the period you believe best for you.


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