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10 Best Suspension Training Kits: Your Easy Buying Guide




            For the effective performance of any part of the body, there is a need for adequate training. The brain, muscles, bones, and more can only function optimally when trained and regularly exercise. There are many types of training you can consider when you want to build your muscles and maintain perfect fitness. Weightlifting, suspension training, and balance training are among the commonest forms of training in the gym nowadays. A combination of each of these training is secret to the desired result for anyone. In this post, we are going look into 10 Best Suspension Training Kits and provided an easy buying guide for everyone. But, before that, it is necessary that you learn about the meaning of suspension training, why you need, and what you stand to gain when you regularly carry out the training exercise.

What is suspension training?

            Suspension training is a strength training approach involving the use of robes and system of webbing commonly known as “Suspension Trainer” so users can work against their body weight. Training is one of the scientifically proven age-long exercises that help to improve the overall body weight, boost heart rate, and stability. Suspension training was invented by a Navy Seal in the United States of America to ensure his troops are in top shape and fitness.

            The core trainers usually employ a suspension training system to get their desired fitness results. Those that regularly take advantage of suspension training scarcely experience heart failure or other heart-related diseases. So, if you are looking forward to building your muscles, enhancing your stability, and improving your total body strength, go for a suspension training class.

            The most interesting thing you should know about suspension training is that it can be carried out in your home. You can carry out suspension training in your parlor in the form of press up when you will suspend your entire body weight with both arms. It is one of the ways to improve fitness and overall body strength.

Four major advantages of suspension training

            You may want to know the reason to embark on suspension training instead of weight lifting. You are not to worry as this post introduces you to the benefits associated with suspension training. The form of training has become popular for several reasons. It is a training that touches every part of the body, boosts heart-beat, builds strength, and more with the use of your body weight. If you are still wondering more about the benefits of this strength training approach, here are our selected four major advantages or suspension training you should know:

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Suspension training requires little space and not much equipment

        Unlike other forms of trainings like weightlifting that require you to buy a dumbbell and other weightlifting materials, suspension training almost does not requires special equipment. In that regard, you do not much space to carry out suspension training as your bedroom can be enough to get the result you desire. With only two adjustment straps, you can be sure of a comprehensive workout, targeting the muscles of your body with a simple change in body position and angle. The TRX suspension training system is portable and does not occupy much space yet, enough to work out your entire body.

Suspension training helps to build core strength

          The main benefit of suspension training is that it helps to build muscle strength and stability with leverage on your bodyweight and gravity. In that regard, you will be sure of overall better performance as you embark on this kind of training.

Suspension training enhances flexibility and mobility

           Suspension training targets the core muscles, thereby enabling greater mobility in all areas of the body. The mobile nature of the exercise routine has made it easy for trainers to enjoy improved flexibility and mobility in their bodies. The suspension training equipment is created to enable users to enjoy unique stretching routines and target a specific part of the body at a time for better results.

Suspension training enhances muscular endurance

         Strength training is one of the most practiced forms of training in the world today. Suspension training is a form of strength training known to help in building muscular endurance. More so, suspension training encourages sustainable fitness and gets rid of muscular fatigue. Therefore, by taking part in suspension training, you can become stronger and experienced improvements in your performance.

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Some things to consider before going for suspension training

         Before you go to embark on suspension training, there are some things to put into consideration. Consider what you want to gain out of your workout before selecting the suspension training kit. Do you want to build your muscles, enhance your balance, boost your heart-beat rate, or want to train the overall body muscles for strength? Your answer to this will determine whether you should go on and take part in suspension training or not.

How to select the right suspension training kit?

            Are you now interested in engaging in suspension training, but do not know the right training kit to buy? You are not to worry as the information you want is provided in this article. You will learn about the best suspension training kit that will work well for your performance when you check through our ten best suspension training kits with the buying guilds provided here.

            The first thing you should consider when you want to select a suspension training kit is the price. You should compare prices os of the suspension kit to get a great deal without compromising quality. Also, do not forget to confirm the cons and pros associated with the kit. The amount of resistance in the training equipment, anti-snap bands, portability, and lightweight are among the positive sides you should look out for before making your purchase.

         Some of the suspension training kits are made with none latex-free material, which made them unsuitable to many users. Some come with a smaller handle, which causes discomfort to the user. These are the cons you should consider to avoid in your purchase.

Below are the 10 Best Suspension Training Kits you should buy:

ZivaTech Fitness Strap Kit

            Most suspension training sets are created for indoor use, and that is the same as the ZivaTech Fitness Strap Kit. It is a durable and rugged suspension training kit suitable for camping and hiking. The strap kit is lightweight, weighing about three pounds for portability. Inside the kit are the carrying bag and user instruction manual. There is also indoor anchor, sports belt, and Allen wrenches for fitness and easy adjustment bands of different weights.

But it HERE

           Improve stability and core power as well as better balance with the help of this suspension training kit. The ZivaTech Fitness Strap Kit is ideal for all levels of training, including beginners and advance. Some things made this set good, and some negative side you should always consider before making your purchase.


  • Carrying bag inclusive
  • Rugged design
  • Good for all training levels.


  • Only one color bands available
  • No weight measurement
  • Not too strong carabiners.

TheFitLife Exercise and Resistance Bands Set

             If you want a versatile fitness and suspension training set, TheFitLife Exercise is the answer. It is the favorite option for a strength training exercise. Adding to its resistance bands, it also comes with ankle straps as well as a door anchor.

Buy it HERE

         The product comes with 5 anti-strap latex bands, which ranges from 10 – 40 pounds for easy adjustment. Each of the bands here is made of different colors with the weight marked on it clearly, making it easy to differentiate them. More so, TheFitLife Exercise and Resistance Bands set come with a carrying bag with a free user guide for starters. The features mentioned here are the reasons why the bands set made it to our top list of the best suspension training kits in the market.


  • Anti-snap bands
  • Offers resistance to about 110 pounds
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Material is not free from latex
  • Too small handles according to few report
  • Flimsy carabineer attachment.

GoFit Gravity Straps

           Your desire for a workout that will train your full body will be granted as you go for the GoFit Gravity Straps. The suspension training set is created to make use of your body weight as resistance for several full-body exercises. To use this training set, install it in your doorway. Apart from the two gravity straps associated with this strap, it is also made with two strong handles, training manual, and ankle cradles.

Buy it HERE

         More so, there is a mesh bag that is also provided to enhance portability and mobility. There are chances for you to decrease or increase the weight as required through angle adjustment.  It may also interest you to note that the price of this is also affordable. These are reasons the GoFit Gravity Strap is here on our list.


  • Great for full body workout
  • Installs on the doorway directly
  • The increase or decrease of the resistance is easy


  • Cannot be attached to pole or bar
  • One color resistance bands
  • No weight markings on the bands

Ultimate Body Press Bodyweight Resistance Trainer

            If you are looking for the best suspension training kits designed to meet your needs, you are welcome as the Ultimate Body Press Bodyweight Resistance Trainer. The product comes with a full exercise guide, comfortable lay-flat, and more features that can help you get a result in your suspension training needs. Whether you are a newbie in suspension training, or you already at the advanced level, the Ultimate Body Press Bodyweight Resistance Training is the right set for you.

Buy it HERE

             It comes with simple setup, and can easily be anchored on anything. More so, it comes with extra-wide straps with suspension straps and foot loops. Packing the set is easy with the included drawstring bag. So, you can easily take this suspension kit to the gym or along when you want to travel.


  • Comprehensive exercise guide
  • Set up can be done in the stable setting such as doorway
  • Great for outdoor and indoor use.


  • You may need to adjust your handle straps many times till to get your desire
  • Built with meal hook, which can scratch surfaces like doors and more
  • Unknown weight limit of the set.

TRX Basic Suspension Trainer Kit

            Are you interested in building your muscles, boosting your brain function, and ensuring overall fitness? The TRX Basic Suspension Trainer Kit is the right choice for you. It is an ideal option for those that want to improve their performance within a short time. But, you must be ready to spend a little more as it is pricier compared to others in the market.

Buy it HERE

           Many people invested in this suspension training kids for various reasons. Some go for it for its user-friendliness, effectiveness, durability, and more. It takes only sixty seconds to complete set up for this training kit. The setup can be done on the door frame, tree branch, beam or any other secured bar. Suspension and door anchor are among the features of this training kit, making it most desirable in gyms.  Starters are provided with workout guides in this training kit.


  • Assured durability
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor training
  • Complete color workout guides


  • High-priced
  • It only works optimally when suspended on larger door frame
  • The book does include all the required exercises

1UP Resistance Sling Trainer

             Our list of best suspension training kits cannot be complete without mentioning the 1UP Resistance Sling Trainer. It is a trainer that comes with double stitched straps for more durability and stability. The foot loops in this suspension kit make it easy for users to engage in an array of exercises. So, you will be sure to avoid boredom when you begin to exercise with the help of this training kit. Also, you will discover more ways to boost your endurance and performance when you make use of this trainer. There is a utility anchor created to hold the trainer securely.

Buy it HERE

          With the carrying bag associated with this trainer kit, you will not have to bother about how to transport it from one place to another. You can take it to the gym or travel along with it in a portable and more convenient way when you make use of this sling trainer.


  • Dual stitched straps
  • General utility anchor
  • Carrying bag.


  • Does come with quick start guide
  • Bands do not stretch
  • Not really for beginners

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

          The Lifeline Jungle Gym XT comes with straps that can be attached to a stable base, such as a door without damage. More so, it comes with 8-foot suspension straps with foot cradles and comfortable handles.  There are also adjusters placed at the straps for easy length and tension adjustment. These are the features that made the straps great for specific workouts. After each workout session, the handles can easily be wiped to ensure cleanliness.

Buy it HERE

             Both the newbie and experts are welcome as this suspension trainer features a comprehensive color workout chart. So, you can be guided on how to go about your training to get a better result with the help of this training kit. The training manual is also downloadable in the video form on the internet.


  • Perfect strap adjusters
  • Non-scuffing door anchor
  • Complete color chart for workout.


  • Adjustment markings on the straps
  • The exercise manual is sparse
  • Risk of handle to detach during use.

Gravocore Revolutionary Training Machine

       There are many suspension training machines and tools in marketing, but not all of them offer a whole body workout. Some of them that offer the feature lack some level of stability. That is why the Gravocore Revolutionary Training machine made to meet your needs.  The training machine offers a whole body workout while maintaining the stability of the core. More so, the suspension machine features a unique harness and wide-set pulleys that helps to stabilize the core. So, users can get a satisfactory result as they adjust the intensity and resistance levels as required.

Buy it HERE

         For the newbie in the suspension machine, there is a workout included in the set. Interestingly, the suspension training with this machine caters to both newbie as well as advanced trainers. Also, it can be installed in both indoor and outdoor space.


  • Maintains stable core
  • Wide-set pulleys
  • Suitable indoor and outdoor.


  • There may be scratches on the door due to the anchor hook
  • Pricey
  • Poorly prepared workout video.

The Intent Sports Resistance Trainer Kit

           Many factors are to be considered before selecting a suspension machine for a workout. You should consider the price, the features, and the overall performance of the machine. Full body workout and concentrating specifically on the core is possible with the Intent Sports Resistance Trainer Kit. There are reinforced door anchors to secure hold on when attached without slipping. More so, the trainer machine comes with shatterproof foot cradles.

Buy it HERE

            The short setup time is among the things that attract people to this training tool. Attach the hook to a pull-up bar or other stable points to get best result. Therefore, you do not need a special space to start training your muscles with this exceptional suspension tool.

          There is no difficulty in carrying this training along to gym or when you want to travel due to its portability. That is why Intent Sports Resistance Trainer kit is among the best suspension training kits on our list. The 12-weeks training guide provided here offers everyone an opportunity to train with the kit without confusion.


  • Shatterproof door anchors
  • Carrying bag included for portability
  • E-book training program.


  • None flexible straps
  • No auto adjust of the straps
  • Easy to scratch carabiners.


TRX All in One Suspension Trainer kit

              Do you want a suspension trainer you can take on the go? The TRX All in One Suspension Trainer Kit is the best choice. The trainer kit is slim and lightweight, making it the best for travelers. Packing the trainer kit to travel or gym is easy. Indoor training can be interesting with the use of this kit.

Buy it HERE

      The installation of this trainer kit takes about sixty seconds, which made it one of the best suspension trainers available in the market today. To get started with this trainer kit, it comes with user-guide. Therefore, you are not to spend a lot of time learning how to use this trainer as a beginner. To ensure the comfort of users as they carry the kit around, there is portable bag provided. So, you should go on and take advantage of the suspension trainer kit to improve your workout performance.


  • Slender and lightweight design
  • Starter workout and guide provided
  • Total weight of one pound.


  • Narrow straps not good enough for everyone
  • A bit pricier compared to other types
  • Little flimsy straps.


            After checking through our list of best suspension training kits, you will discover the one that will always meet your needs. You will not only learn about the best types in the market but also understand more about the benefits associated with the trainer. More so, the cons and pros associated with the trainer kit can make it easy for you to decide on the one that will meet your workout needs. Another thing you should know about the suspension training kits listed on our list is that they are tested and proven to be the best in the market.

            More so, they are a five-star rated suspension training kit that will make your workout easier and more entertaining. So, you will no longer find workout boring when you have many options to choose at any given time. The cost of the suspension kits can be the determinant factor for your decision on the one to buy.  After reading through the exhaustive description about each of the suspension training kits in our list, you will find the one that will make your workout rewarding.



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    I’ve gotten some challenging workouts using this. Definitely something that people ought to consider adding to their exercise equipment, especially since it takes up no space and can be easily stored.

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