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10 Bodybuilders on Instagram you Need to Follow




Bodybuilders on Instagram

                Bodybuilding has become a phenomenon and is sweeping through the world of sports. However, becoming a top-class fitness celebrity takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Some bodybuilders have built a name and cult following for themselves on various social media platforms. Instagram has given them the perfect platform to flaunt their immense muscle mass and send everyone drooling, men and women alike. These fitness men and women have built empires of followers on Instagram to rule with strength and muscle.

Note: Most have used body enhancement supplements at some point in their career. Some are even using them at this very moment, and the results are there to be seen by all.

 1. Simeon Panda

Follow him >> HERE <<

               With a combined following of over 10 million fans on Facebook and Instagram, Simeon Panda tops our list of famous bodybuilders to follow on Instagram. This is the guy to follow if you are looking for bodybuilding motivation and tips. He has been doing bodybuilding since college, which means he has many years of experience in the field. This moving mass of traditional muscle is just your standard bodybuilder; he is a fitness professional with several national and international titles.

            He has earned it well through intensive fat-burning training sessions that are sometimes recorded live for his followers. Simeon Panda is also known for his extreme muscle gain techniques, which are not for the faint-hearted. Although not as huge as other bodybuilders, he is considered the perfect definition of lean and muscular. Most of his followers are male, meaning many aspiring bodybuilders look up to him to kick off their bodybuilding careers.

             Simeon Panda is thought to be worth around $500,000, which is quite a fortune. The 34-year-old was born in London, England. He has one sister and four brothers. Simeon Panda is dating a gorgeous former model who goes by the name Chanel Brown.

 2. Brandon Curry

Follow him >> HERE <<

           Brandon Curry is arguably one of Instagram's most followed fitness personalities due to their spectacular muscle mass. The 2019 Mr. Olympia has a mad following across all social media platforms, and he always shares fitness tips and motivation with his followers. The American competes in the heavyweight division, earning himself a name. Many describe him as a larger-than-life fitness star who never lets his guard down. Many aspiring bodybuilders have benefitted from his fitness programs which are pretty thrilling to watch. Brandon Curry’s professional fitness career has seen him amass a wealth of over $4 million.

            The pride of Nashville Tennessee, Brandon Curry, is some 1.7m tall, and that, combined with immense muscle, makes him a formidable opponent. Although 38 years old, he has the energy and strength of any youthful man. If you’ve been waiting for Brandon Curry to retire from professional bodybuilding, I’m afraid you may have to wait longer than expected. Besides, his fans are always requesting more of him.

 3. Phil Heath

Follow him >> HERE <<

            The yummy muscle-bound Instagram sensation has scooped the Mr. Olympia title 7 times. Phil Heath’s spectacular motivational workout videos can have you glued to your screen for the longest time. Each of his videos mirrors the training sessions he had had to endure to cling to each of his major titles. He is your best bet if you’re looking to keep tabs on bodybuilding.

             The 41-year-old is tied with Arnold Schwarzenegger for all-time Mr. Olympia wins. That is a feat that any other bodybuilder of his age does not match. Brought up and schooled in Seattle, Washington, Phil started bodybuilding in 2002. He earned the right to compete as an IFBB pro in 2005 and won his first major IFBB title two years later.

               Phil Heath is a big fan of wrestling. He once accompanied The BroMans to the ring on October 20, 2013, in a match the trio won, and later that night accompanied them to their Tag Team Championship. Phil Heath has since accumulated a wealth of $8 million from his fitness career and other business engagements.

 4. Dwayne Johnson

Follow him >> HERE <<

               Dwayne ‘The Rock Johnson is one of the most successful fitness personalities. The Rock is worth a staggering $320 million, most of which comes from his acting career. His prowess in bodybuilding is one of the factors that made him a successful wrestler sometimes back. Dwayne Johnson’s tall and formidable physique has earned him a fanatical following on Instagram. He regularly gives fans a glimpse of his training sessions through short workout videos and other gigs.

               The Rock’s head-turning muscles did just come. Naturally, he worked hard for them, and he is never selfish in sharing his fitness secrets. The American-Canadian fitness star cum actor is an inspiration to many upcoming and established bodybuilders around the globe. That is seen in his massive following on Instagram and other social media platforms.

 5. Flex Lewis

Follow him >> HERE <<

            This mammoth 7-time Mr. Olympia champion is a household name every upcoming bodybuilder should be familiar with. Born James Lewis, the Wales international is regarded by many to be the most significant 212 lb. bodybuilder of all time. He started showing an interest in bodybuilding at the tender age of 12. The Instagram sensation has cited the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger as his biggest influencer. He is always motivating and guiding his fans on Instagram to help those interested become better bodybuilders, most of whom maintain fitness. Many people don’t know that Flex Lewis started as a rugby player, and that is where he got the nickname ‘Flex Lewis’ from.

 6. Nick Cheadle

Follow him >> HERE <<

           A renowned Gymshark Ambassador and fitness coach, Nick Cheadle has all the women in his way drooling. He is one of the few bodybuilders to make fitness a full-time career.  Nick Cheadle has realized the importance of social media and has used it to build a solid foundation for his career. He regularly treats fans to mesmerizing workout videos. With a fan base of close to a million followers on Instagram, Nick Cheadle is unknowingly nurturing talent out there.

            Additionally, Nick Cheadle has a fitness website that emphasizes evidence-based training and strict nutrition protocols for bodybuilders. The Australian powerlifter is worth following if you want to perfect every aspect of your bodybuilding and fitness career. His Instagram profile is full of workout videos and photos from which his followers can borrow a leaf or two.

 7. Melissa Alcantara

Follow her >> HERE <<

              She is the first female bodybuilder on our list. Melissa Alcantara has earned her place because she has an insatiable appetite for bodybuilding. The Instagram sensation has trained several celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, on fitness. Many people may not know it, but this fitness queen was once a habitual drinker who would occasionally sink into depression. The 35-year-old found refuge in bodybuilding and has never looked back. Born and raised in New York, Melissa Alcantara is a professional fitness coach whose sessions typically last for one hour. Her Instagram profile is the place to find her best workout videos. Also, her training and dieting program is on another level, and that explains the incredible lean muscle this star is never shy to flaunt.

           Her famous bodybuilding strategies include setting specific goals, building muscle, turning curbs into workout fuel, and focusing on long-term fitness gains. A few years ago, Melissa Alcantara was no more than an unfit, depressed commoner. Her current self, with over 500k Instagram loyal followers, is the definition of class and gives a sharp contrast to her former self.

 8. Chris Bumstead

Follow him >> HERE <<

              Arguably one of the youngest (only 25), and most famous bodybuilders, Chris Bumstead is one chisel frame you can’t stop admiring. He has dramatically shared his fitness secrets through steamy workout videos and photos on his Instagram account. The beefy Canadian has worked through proper dieting and seeking the guidance of older, more experienced bodybuilders. Bumstead is coached by Iain Valliere, one of the best coaches in the fitness industry.

            Chris Bumstead has one winning strategy, limiting his ability to maintain a standard waist. This, he argues, stabilizes his body and allows him to lift even heavier weights. He is one bodybuilder you should follow if you want to become a fitness star someday.

 9. Steve Kuclo

Follow him >> HERE <<

           This mammoth of a bodybuilder from Texas is hard to miss on Instagram. The pigeon-chested bodybuilder has decorated his Instagram page with everything about fitness. Steve Kuclo is married to fellow fitness star Amanda Latona. He has a workout program that will send you to any IFBB competition, and you could win a title. Follow his exercises and diet religiously, and you will see the results quickly.

What’s Common About Bodybuilders?

            The bodybuilders we have highlighted have one thing in common: exceptional discipline. You can accomplish very little or nothing at all in bodybuilding without discipline. Fitness and bodybuilding are two fields where one is rarely monitored, except by the trainer or coach. Even then, it is not like they will monitor you like it is done in other sports. All they do is give guidance; everything else is your initiative.

            Your determination and perseverance will set you apart even when the going gets tough. Some of these bodybuilding and fitness stars have mastered the art of their muscles through various exercises. They also do both split and body exercises based on specific goals they have set. Most importantly, they have enough experience in this field. They know what works and what doesn’t. They concentrate all their energy on what works and disregard what doesn’t, which is how they have built a name for themselves. Why not follow in their footsteps and make a name for yourself too?

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             Bodybuilding as a career gives participants the freedom to do what they want with their bodies. If you are craving that gigantic look that will make an opponent pee in their pants, you can always take your bodybuilding a notch higher. That includes using drugs and supplements to build lean muscle and increase strength. Don't leave a single stone unturned whatever it takes to get the perfect muscle. Unlike bodybuilding which is typically associated with professionalism, fitness is for everyone. Fitness itself is a treatment for most human diseases.

                Besides, being unfit leaves one exposed to many conditions, some of them fatal. An exercise or two a day is enough to keep you from the doctor for years. People wrongly assume that fitness has to be intensive to bear fruits. The truth is, doing a couple of squats every morning is enough to give the required fitness. The beauty of it all is the body will demand more as you become used to it. It usually is hard in the beginning, but the tough gets going and paves the way for entertaining sessions. If you got a chance to hear the testimonies of notable bodybuilders such as the ones mentioned in this article, you would be so inspired that you will start your fitness sessions this minute.

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