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Covid-19: Advices to Steroid Users




              If you think visiting the gym during the Covid period is a breeze, think again. Not now, not before a lasting solution for the virus is found. Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc worldwide. People no longer have the luxury of working out in groups or visiting public gyms. Like everyone else, Steroid users are not sure of the relationship between the virus and the drugs they take. Luckily for people already using steroids, you may have found a solution. Instead, your body may be able to fight the virus thanks to particular strains of corticosteroids. Medical experts are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to find solutions for Covid-19. That means exploring a range of treatment options, including possible treatment with systemic corticosteroids.

           Steroids help people treat a range of conditions, specifically to manage pain and inflammation. However, most of the steroids used today are for bodybuilding, fitness, and performance enhancement.

Corticosteroids and Covid-19 Management: Dexamethasone

         The World Health Organization has researched several types of steroids' effectiveness in managing Covid-19. The findings are inconclusive, but there is hope that steroids could help manage the virus better than traditional medicine. The most significant advantage of using corticosteroids for Covid treatment is that they have fewer side effects than regular clinical medication.

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         In a July 17, 2020 research, the WHO evaluated corticosteroids versus ordinary Covid care for patients. Mortality data was made available by subgroup, i.e., severe and non-severe Covid cases. The drug was administered to both groups of patients, and we can say that the future is bright for steroids as a possible treatment option for Covid-19. One particular steroid caught the medical world's attention in this regard – Dexamethasone.


           A popular steroid used to manage arthritis funds to help save the lives of critically ill people with the virus. Preliminary findings show that Dexamethasone could save ICU patients' lives by a third and those under oxygen only by a fifth. Dexamethasone is usually used to reduce pain and inflammation caused by autoimmune conditions and has been on the WHO's watch list to treat various conditions since the 1960s. However, patients not critically ill with the virus didn't receive significant benefits from using the drug.

              The best thing about Dexamethasone in Covid treatment is that you don't have to sweat to find it. It is both accessible and affordable to people who would otherwise not access regular Covid-19 medication. Also, use Dexamethasone alongside other Covid-19 treatment options without exposing the patient to adverse reactions.

           Although Dexamethasone is now widely used for this purpose, the WHO has not yet released final findings alongside clinical guidance on drug use. Once this is one, we will better understand this revolutionary intervention in managing the virus.

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What Are Bodybuilders Afraid of?

           Besides the fear of the virus, bodybuilders and fitness professionals are afraid of many other things related to Covid-19. Believe it or not, bodybuilders are now suffering from panic attacks caused by a virus that is billions of times smaller than them. And they are justified to fear it. It is difficult to fight an invisible enemy, which shifts the battleground to unfamiliar territory. Yes, unfamiliar territory, despite it being your own body. Here are a few things about the virus causing sleepless nights for bodybuilders.

Long-Term Effects

           Covid-19 is feared not because it has a high mortality rate. It can be considered less dangerous than more than a dozen other diseases. What makes this particular virus dreadful is how it attacks the body. It comes in intensive waves that overwhelm people with relatively weak immune systems. Additionally, the virus has long-term effects that could accompany someone for a long. There have been reports that the virus leaves one's lungs working below the average capacity even after recovery.

            That is particularly scary for people interested in fitness and bodybuilding because their lungs are the engine that drives them. For one to withstand long intensive workouts, their lungs must function exceptionally well. Covid threatens to take away this fundamental aspect of your hobby or career. It is probably why bodybuilders are more afraid of the disease than the rest of the population.

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The High Probability of Catching It Outdoors

            Bodybuilding and fitness is some contact sport involving working close to people. Additionally, there are many items, equipment, and surfaces bodybuilders share. That makes it risky to continue your routine as a bodybuilder or fitness person.

            However, bodybuilders don't have a choice about where to work out in the current situation. Once you are locked in or your movement is restricted, the chances are that you may not end up visiting your usual workout spots. It may seem uncomfortable, but it is for the best. There is no point in catching the virus when you can transform your house and backyard into a gym. It may not be a world-class gym, but it will serve its purpose for the time being.

The Challenges of Working Indoors

              For bodybuilders who are not used to working out at home, this period is most challenging for their lives and careers. Before the virus came, every bodybuilder had a plan and expectations tied to it. For most of them, working in groups or pairs achieves double the results compared to working independently. Everybody is now locked in their house to try and maintain normalcy in an abnormal world. It may take longer to adjust to the new normal, but there are a few options.

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            Several bodybuilders have reported being unable to maintain bulk while working at home. Twin bodybuilder brothers Brian and Daniel Zhou have indicated that home workouts do not help them achieve the desired results in maintaining bulk. Sticking to their routine has been particularly difficult, partly because every other piece of equipment they use is now not within their reach. Daniel went as far as buying a pull-up bar to help him with back exercises. Still, that didn't seem to help him achieve the desired results. So he had to fill his backpack with water bottles to try and make it more intensive. The twins have been coming up with innovations here and there to ensure they are not disrespecting their routines.

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           Every bodybuilder out there is going through a challenge that comes with deviating from their routine. Although some have successfully returned to their careers on track, many are still struggling to stay afloat. Some of them will have lost form and focus in the long run, which is a terrifying thought for every bodybuilder and fitness person.

Lack of Competition

          Although bodybuilders can monitor their bodybuilding progress and determine if their form is improving, stagnating, or deteriorating, they need competition. Competition helps keep a bodybuilder on their toes regarding training and dieting. Some of them might become complacent and lose form without competition and contests. Most bodybuilders are scared of that happening and are trying their best to compete with themselves until the pandemic is overcome.

           The community at the gym does a lot for the bodybuilder. A gym is more than just a place to lift weights. You need people around to boost your morale. Most importantly, it would help if you had more experience than you to point directions for you. That means evoking a gym at home is no small task for any bodybuilder.

Dieting is A Problem

              With the pandemic's onset and persistence, most bodybuilders are increasingly finding it difficult to stick to their dieting programs. The Covid crisis has affected virtually every aspect of the economy. Bodybuilders are now finding it hard to get their superfoods and other supplements. The lack of critical bodybuilding stuff threatens a bodybuilder's form.

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Guidelines for Steroid Use During the Covid Period

            While the coronavirus pandemic has affected how one does their bodybuilding and fitness workouts, but not your steroid intake, steroid users are in three groups; those infected, recovering, or uninfected.  So, what should you or not do about steroids in either group? We have prepared a few guidelines for you.

Don't stop taking your steroid tablets.

              Suppose you happen to contract covid-19. If you are in home-based care, you should let your doctor know you are taking steroids before they start prescribing other drugs. Getting all the information you need about taking steroids alongside regular medication in the hospital is a bit easy. However, remember that this is a relatively new virus that not even medics know much about. Everything ongoing right now concerning treatment is merely experimentation. What we are sure about is that most modern medications have not been entirely successful n managing it. In any case, we often talk about managing the condition rather than managing it. You never know; maybe the steroids you use could be the ultimate Covid-19 treatment.

Covid-19 Complications

             Covid-19 is continually causing new complications as the strains of the virus increase. That means you may not know if you are suffering from covid-19. If you develop conditions that warrant you to use steroids, such as joint pains and inflammation, don't be quick to use them. Instead, consult your rheumatology team or doctor first. Get checked by a doctor to know what you are ailing from. In the unfortunate event that you turn out to be Covid-19 positive, the doctor will decide whether you should include corticosteroids in your treatment or not. You can suggest using approved corticosteroids such as Dexamethasone for your treatment, but it will be for them to decide. If your condition is unclear, the doctor can give you a steroid injection as a last resort option. While doing so, they should give you the lowest possible dose to avoid aggravating the condition further.

How to take Steroids during Covid-19?

            Always take steroids and other Covid management drugs interchangeably. If you stopped taking steroids more than a month before contracting Covid-19, you don't need to use them now unless your doctor suggests it. You only use them alongside the other drugs provided if you tested positive while still using them or within less than a month of stopping their use. That precaution is essential because you never know which Covid-19 management drugs cause an adverse reaction when combined with steroids. Most importantly, ensure the steroid dosage is always the lowest possible.

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Immunosuppressant drugs and steroids

           Take plenty of immunosuppressant drugs and steroids l because you may need to reduce your immune system in the face of incurable viral diseases. Suppressing your immune system is the best chance you have against diseases like Covid-19, especially if you're a steroid person. The reason is that the drugs treat and prevent the virus's hyper-inflammatory phase, which usually becomes fatal after a short time. Although these drugs may prove harmful when they reduce your response to the virus, it is still a viable option, given that the virus can even kill hours after contracting it.


              Steroids have received negative coverage by the media because of their perceived harmful effects on users. However, scientists have debunked most of the myths associated with steroids. There haven't been any reports about the negative effect of steroids on people suffering from Covid-19. Instead, the drugs have been found to treat viral diseases like the case of Dexamethasone. The only you should be careful about is balancing between corticosteroids and other Covid drugs.

              Additionally, you may have to make changes to your steroid intake, like the dosage and frequency of use, to avoid jamming your system with too much of it. Otherwise, you are free to continue using your steroids if you contract the virus, not only to get the usual benefits but also to treat the virus as well possibly. Until the pandemic is contained, be safe and keep practicing. We want to see your best form when you finally come out.

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