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Should Anyone Use Anavar To Bridge Between Steroid Cycles?



Should Anyone Use Anavar To Bridge Between Steroid Cycles?

 First of all – What is Anavar?

There are many steroids available today, but one of the oldest and the most popular ones is Anavar. Anavar is a steroid with a reputation and it’s classified as an anabolic steroid derivate. Its mild effect on the organism has made it highly recognizable and sought after.

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It’s not, one of the strongest steroids available on the market, but sometimes Anavar can help you achieve the same results that you’d get by using some other, stronger steroid. It won’t stay in your organism for a long time because you take it orally and not intravenously.

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Anavar doses can be different from person to person and they depend on many factors, like:

• Characteristics of your body

• Usage of another steroid at the same time

• Cycle duration etc.

But, some studies show that more than 100mgs of Anavar per day can be extremely harmful to your organism, although Anavar is known as one of the mildest steroids. When talking about Anavar (and steroids overall) more is less, and this should be your guideline.

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Why is Anavar so Popular?

Is Anavar Still the Best Remedy For Muscle Growth

Anavar has built its reputation during many years of its usage by many professional and amateur athletes (especially bodybuilders). This steroid is particularity popular among the female population because it doesn’t damage the organism as much as other steroids.

Women have different organisms than men and they are more sensitive. Strong steroids can stay in their bodies longer than they would stay in men’s. This is why women simply prefer Anavar over every other steroid. This steroid also prevents aromatization (the process of turning into estrogen) and this is why it’s so popular with men too.

The bridge between cycles and PCT (post cycle therapy) is a well-known term within every person who has used or is currently using steroids. Post cycle therapy helps the body to keep the results that were gained during the usage of steroids and also helps the body to recover from such a great impact. The period between the two cycles is called the bridge and while you are between two periods of using steroids you can take the recommended post cycle therapy.

Although you can find information which state that Anavar can be perfect for bridging if taken in small doses (maximum 10mgs per day), while you are ‘’at’’ your bridge, you shouldn’t use any steroids. Simply, bridging with steroids is not safe, even if you take smaller doses.

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What are The Consequences of Bridging With Steroids?


In general, steroids have many harmful consequences and their usage is not recommended. But if you plan your cycles and PCT in agreement with your doctor, there should be no problems with using them. Side effects are something that simply can’t be avoided, no matter which type of steroid you are using. Bridging with steroids can have serious consequences, even years away from the time of taking them.

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Health risks are something that will be increased. The point of having the PCT is to minimize the negative health risks steroids can have, and when you include steroids (even if it’s Anavar) into your PCT, the purpose of the therapy will no longer exist.

Steroids overall have so many consequences and produce so many different risks, that they are almost uncountable. Different steroids will produce different effects, and this is something you should consider when deciding to take them.

In general, steroids shouldn’t be used to bridge between cycles. Many people take them (but in smaller doses) because they want to keep the results that they’ve gained while using steroids. But this is completely not necessary because the whole purpose of the post cycle therapy is to help the body to preserve the results and to recover it from the shock.

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