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Prostate Cancer And Steroids: Let The Pendulum Swing



Prostate Cancer And Steroids: Let The Pendulum Swing

The Initial State of Things:

The human organism is, at birth at least, a well rounded, timed and compact machine, that can function in all conditions on the planet, more or less. The evolution of man has seen to it that the body and organism of man are changed only minimally.

We are on top of the food chain in this world, and have no natural enemies, in order to restore balance in the universe Mother Nature has made us susceptible to various types of sicknesses, diseases, viruses etc. Of course, being as intelligent as we are, the human race has invented medicines for the vast majority of health issues that have been troubling us for many years.

That is to say that humans are still yet to find a cure for some of the most dangerous and stubborn sicknesses that have ever existed-HIV, AIDS, cancer etc. Take cancer, for example, it’s been around for years but no one seems to have been able to find the solution for it. When it strikes, it strikes hard and leaves very little chance of recovery.

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It can appear almost anywhere in the body, but in the case of cancer location makes no difference whether it’s:

• Lung
• Stomach
• Tongue
• Throat or
• Prostate- it rarely goes away.

The Paradox: 

The Paradox

Persistent as they are, humans have been trying to find the answer but all of the efforts seem to have been in vain. If you look at prostate cancer-the common medical practice states that, depending on the current state and progression level of cancer, a prostate intervention is what is needed (in the majority of cases).

However, in recent times it was noticed that androgen therapy has, contrary to popular belief and practice, resulted in an improvement in androgen deficiency symptoms and concomitant prostate disease.

What’s more, it is unexplainable how or why the current prostate cancer treatments, such as early discovery and prostate cancer screening, have come to become the common ways of treating prostate cancer, especially since there is no evidence or indication whatsoever in medical literature that supports the claim that androgens worsen or even cause prostate disease in the first place.

The Eye-Opener:

The Eye-opener:

In recent experiments and analysis, it was demonstrated that PSA testing (Prostate Specific Antigen) and DRE screening (Digital Rectal Exam) does not significantly reduce prostate cancer rate of death. Furthermore, if PSA and DRE screening results lead to a false finding, which causes patients to receive a surgical procedure that is quite significant-the consequence is a sizeable screening burden.

Also, it is noticeable that patients with prostate cancer are receiving a considerable amount of over-treatment simply because prostate cancer screening and also many treatments that follow are so widespread and urgent. Another type of therapy for prostate cancer that is being used against reason is the androgen ablation therapy-it’s very expensive.

The reasons why it’s not very cost effective are primarily the lack of beneficial and usable results, the contrasting effects that cannot be avoided and must be endured, and the considerable costs of the therapy itself.

The Solution:

The Solution:

Since most anabolic steroids are known to increase testosterone levels in the body, testosterone therapy can potentially be used to improve many signs and recognized symptoms of prostate cancer, and ones that have to do with the deficiency of testosterone in particular.

Testosterone therapy can be linked to many positive effects for prostate cancer treatment, unlike androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), for example, which is known to cause the exact opposite effect than that of the testosterone therapy.

The Summary:

The Summary

The original and commonly used prostate cancer treatment practices have never been based on appropriate and sufficient data. The true power of evidence-based medicine is depicted in the recent realization that the common practices are not only inadequate and ineffective but also that new and until now untested methods of treatment, such as increasing patients’ testosterone levels, are the way to go in the battle with prostate cancer.

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