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Can Dianabol Be Used As A Bridge Between Steroids Cycles?



Can Dianabol be used as a Bridge between Steroids Cycles?

 Dianabol Explained:


Dianabol is one of the most popular steroids today. Its generic name is ‘Methandrostenolone’ although is more commonly referred to as “D-bol”. Many people term it as the ‘grandfather of all steroids’ due to its popularity. As a matter of fact, most bodybuilders get to start off their doses with Dianabol.

The main reason for its popularity is the fact that it is very effective. It is commonly used by sports individuals who are looking to increase their muscle mass in a short period of time. It is known to be quite effective. The common weight gain for those using Dianabol is at around 3 pounds on a weekly basis.

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This means users get to gain a body weight of about 12 pounds monthly; which is rather high.

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Other Reasons For Its Popularity Include:

• Are an effective means of restoring the body’s store of glycogen after heavy training or exercise
• Enhances the process of protein synthesis
• Helps one gain strength in a very fast manner
Can it be used a steroid bridge?

A number of people tend to have the belief that Dianabol is a perfect androgen receptor. How true is this? Basically, the answer to this is not clear. There have been no conclusive reports as yet since no evidence or proof is available yet. All there is, are a number of tests that have been carried out to tests Dianabol’s ability to act as an inhibitor of androgen receptors with no conclusive results. This is just but a myth.

Whether the receptors are unclean or not is not the issue. This will in no way determine the Dianabol’s effect as bridge in-between steroids. As long as the normal LH will be maintained all through, Dianabol can be used as a bridge. However, it would be better for one to use the pills in the morning only rather than by using all-round doses whereby one will be required to take the day all through the day (morning, midday and evening).

However, when it comes to taking morning only doses, the recovery time tends to extend. This would mean that taking such doses is not advisable for those in the recovery phase. Morning only doses will only prolong your recovery period. However, this will be determined by whether or not the individual used steroids before. If not, then taking the morning only doses would make much sense. In fact, one can take up to 50 mg on a daily basis every morning.

The effect will be felt and he LH production will be at its normal levels. It will not be necessary for you to use an aromatase. All this can happen without it. However, nothing is guaranteed. The whole dose can end up having no effect. As stated earlier, there have been no concrete findings yet. Some individuals have however tried it and it has worked.

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Orals Off Cycles:

Basic of Bulking Cycle

These kinds of cycles tend to pose some threat to the liver in the case of using Dianabol as a steroid bridging agent. By using these kinds of cycles, the liver gets no break at all, even during the cycles. The alkylated tend to make sure of that. They always keep the liver busy.

Trying using such cycles would mean starting off by testing the estrogen levels and trying to maintain them at normal. However, it would be impossible to test for the LH levels due to the simple fact that Dianabol is normally seen as testosterone falsely. This means testing for the LH would be doing zero-work literally!

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