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Cheating with Steroids



Cheating with Steroids
No doubt all of you must be aware of the statement very famous nowadays in America. “Athletes cheat with steroids”. The use of steroids is regarded as cheating not only in America but in many other countries. We see so many healthy and fit athletes and imagine how they got into this physic. Well, there is another way other than exercises and gym machines, Steroids.

There are different types of steroids, usually used for lung diseases like asthma but the one used for exercise and bodybuilding is known as Anabolic steroids.  Anabolic steroids contain certain ingredients and synthetic hormones which boost up the developing of muscles and prevent the breaking down.

So the results athletes, sportsman, and actors can expect in months can be achieved in weeks after taking these steroids as the body starts working faster. But not only they can be harmful to health, such bodies are regarded more as cheating than self-effort.

And to some extent, I believe this is true. These sportsman and athletes have to pass a test of fitness etc. and with the help of steroids they just build up their body but in actual, there is no such stamina and health inside which is regarded as cheating. Here people do not really question the matter of health, but the use of PEDs.

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For the already famous stars, steroids can be helpful and beneficial as they just have to maintain the fame they already have. So in that cases, people think it’s fair enough. However, the real thing which people regard as cheating is that there was a time, before these steroids, when athletes and stars used to work so hard to create and maintain this type of body.

Six and seven abs, the real effort gave the real feeling of respect and hard work. And today, the use of steroids makes them add less effort to all they gain. Another reason why people regard steroids as cheating is when these athletes fail to stay in their health and the teams have to face troubles.

They can fail to prove the very best in the game as well, and the companies can’t take risks with that. But what I believe, when watching these athletes and sportsman breaking the records is that till they are playing their best, why to care about the real secret behind their body.

No doubt that the stamina and effort or real exercise for such body is highly appreciated but with so much pressure on the shoulders of athletes, especially the stars, use of steroids can be helpful for them. At least provides some relief from the stress.

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But does not matter what I believe, the real thing is the screening test they have to pass now. After so much pressure from public and genuine athletes, the new ones to become an athlete and also to remain as an athlete have to pass their screening test. Here they check the drug content in your blood, so the one using steroids can be caught easily now.

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