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Down the Hatch: Alcohol’s Effect on Muscle Growth



bodybuilding and alcohol

The Chemical Effect of Alcohol on the Human Body:

         Those who are bodybuilders or those who are just looking for getting a better shape. For their bodies are certainly wondering how the alcohol works for the muscle growth. It is known by everyone that the alcohol consumption can be harmful to the human body. Especially for the liver, but the moderated consumption of alcohol it’s not harmful.

          For those who are working out the calories are very important. That’s why some of those people who are training, with or without help from the steroids are wondering if the calories from the alcohol are counted for their bodies or not. Usually, those who are consuming alcohol are having a lower weight than those who are never drinking.

            One of the reasons why this is happening is because the fat and carbohydrates are exchanged for the calories from the alcohol. The thermic effect of food should also be taken in the calculation because this effect is lowering the level of calories contained by alcohols.

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           Some studies have shown that those who are consuming alcohol are having a low level of testosterone. Also, that alcohol can decrease the level of testosterone in the human body. This thing could be very bad for the bodybuilders because they need testosterone in order to gain muscle mass, burn the fat and to have the necessary energy and strength for working out.

Alcohol Dosages

             However, some studies also have shown that the level of testosterone is decreasing only if a person consumes 10 beers per day, for a period of two weeks. There were a lot of tests done to see the real effect of alcohol on the bodybuilders and the opinions are certainly divided. Moreover, alcohol is producing dehydration, and this thing is certainly not good for the bodybuilders. It is also slowing the ability of the human body to heal, even if we talk about organs or skin tissue.
The nutrient absorption

             One of the ugliest things that can be caused by the alcohol will be the absorption of some important nutrients. For those who didn’t know, alcohol is absorbing B1, B12, folic acid and zinc, and these vitamins are excellent for the human body.

           As an example, if there is not enough folic acid in the human’s body, this could lead to a blood disorder which is having a negative effect on the endurance of a person. That’s not exactly what a bodybuilder or athlete is trying to obtain. Some people also said that alcohol can be also excellent for working out because it’s giving enough energy for that. Everyone knows the effect of alcohol when it’s not consumed with moderation.

The Final Conclusion:

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         Alcohol can be consumed by those who are injecting or taking steroids. But only if they are doing it with moderation. If you go out and you are a bodybuilder you don’t have to drink only water or natural juice.

          Three or four beers won’t bring you any harm; only try to avoid doing a habit out of it. In addition, the alcohol will never affect your body condition if you really know how to drink alcohol.

           Try to avoid as much as you can to get drunk but for that. Also, you will have to know your limits and to ignore what your friends will say. As an example, if you go out every weekend, you can consume alcohol as long as you don’t cross your own limit.

             You should also have a whole month in which you don’t drink anything. This is because this way your body will heal, especially your liver. For the best results, it’s recommended to avoid the consumption of alcohol. If you find difficulty in leaving, hypnosis for alcoholism can be an option for you.

Here are the harmful alcohol effects on the human body you have to be aware of:


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