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Effects of Alcohol On Muscle Building



Effects of alcohol on muscle building

If you really want to know the effect of alcohol on your body, then this article is just what you were looking for. Many people talk about the negative effects of alcohol on the liver mainly, memory, brain, heart, and kidneys.

Many of us associate alcohol with a beer belly, and some try to use alcohol only low in sugar and calories and think that they have reduced the negative effect to zero, although it is not so simple. On the contrary, everything is much more serious than you think.

Let’s see further how alcohol affects the process of building muscle mass and why it is considered absolutely incompatible with bodybuilding.

First of all, you have to know that alcohol increases the appetite and thus you gain extra calories. The decrease in testosterone levels and the increase of cortisol. If you really want to build muscle and burn excess fat, and you want all free testosterone to be used for the benefit of your body and to keep cortisol levels at a minimum, then think about it before drinking.

Even worse is to drink alcohol after training. In this case, you can forget about the past and about bodybuilding workout in general. Another side effect of alcohol consists in the reduction of vitamins and minerals absorption. When you drink alcohol, your liver is busy processing it, i.e., detoxification and no vitamins and minerals will interfere with this process. The main goal of your body is to get rid of poison, which is alcohol.

One of the known side effects of alcohol is dehydration. Alcohol is a powerful diuretic. Since for athlete water is very important, do drink plenty of water in case it happens to drink above the average doses of alcohol.

The decrease in protein synthesis at least 20%. Also, bad sleeping figures out as one of the side effects of alcohol. For recovery after exercise is very important to have a quality sleep, but alcohol lowers the quality of the very sleep therapy, which is so necessary for the athlete.

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Feeling sick next day. Undoubtedly the next day you'll feel a lot worse than the night before. Your body is still recovering from the poison that you get with alcohol and so you have to forget about training in the next day.

Of course, all these side effects are not available in case of moderate use of alcohol. It is great if you do not abuse using alcohol, and get up next day repent about it and swear that this was the last time. If you are using it in very small doses and rarely than there is no need to cut down alcohol from your regime.

Just wisely choose the time when to drink it - not after a workout. But if you are psychology unable to set limits and respect them, then is better to avoid alcohol at all. It will be better for you to throw away any temptation, thus keep training and increase muscle mass!

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