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Is It Possible to Increase Muscle Mass Without Adding Fat?




This subject is very common among newbie in the gym looking to add muscle mass without adding fat as well. You have to know that for reaching a nice muscle relief, first of all, you have to increase overall body weight. Many athletes try to gain only muscle mass, but almost always it is not effective.

If you are looking for information on the internet you might get controversial and even absurd opinions on this subject.  Often there are people who generously share their opinion while having no experience in this field and no practical knowledge. The main exceptions are serious author sites or consulting of well-known experts.

So, in the opinion of many professional bodybuilders, the process of gaining dry weight is unreal or, in other words, a way to waste time and effort. You have to know that adding a reasonable amount of fat is very good for your body, as long as if you do it gradually and temporarily, based on a carefully developed plan.

The main purpose of such conscious obesity is to add a large number of muscles, increase body immunity after the last weight loss diet, to get the opportunity to train with heavy weights with "cheating" in those exercises (barbell curls standing, standing to the side wiring) where the most important role play the question about inertia of movements or contrary stabilize your body.

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The person who will have more muscle mass will be able to afford a less strict diet during the weight loss and will be faster and more efficient to get rid of body fat than a person with a small "lean" body mass, and thus saving his body fat even in training and carb diet.

It is quite simple to calculate calorie required for gaining weight, gradually increasing the acceptance of various products, providing the body with all necessary macro-and micronutrients, eat a lot of carbohydrates.

Add up to 200-300 calories per week until you see that the mass of the body gradually begins to grow. If there is a feeling that you are no longer able to eat more, even at 5-6 meals a day, add simple carbohydrates, enjoy sweet desserts and yogurts.

But this is available only in case if the weight is not growing, despite using quality products which do not contain sugar. So, the athlete who won not only a few pounds of fat but pounds of muscle mass too gets the undoubted benefit. Then he will gradually reduce the number of carbohydrates in the diet and effectively lose weight mainly due to fat deposits.

Be aware of the fact that such proportions are attainable only in  the condition that all extra mass you honestly worked in the gym, constantly increasing working weight and intensity of training, performing the basic exercises and heavy fighting for each repetition (and repetition should be done no more than 6-10 in 2 - 3 working sets).

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Otherwise, if you have added mass due to eating more food and not working in the gym, than gain mostly ugly fat mass, and damage your metabolism. Also, if you are not able to work hard by yourself, and you do not have a coach or training partner, you can’t dream about relief and muscle mass.

Do not organize fasting days, or weight loss days if you do not have added at least 15-20 kg as a result of training. How to start working on the relief of muscles, if you have few muscles mass? First of all, you have to know that all your weight loss days as long as the muscles are not developed enough, can be considered a regress towards the desired result.

So, if your weight is now 60 kg than after dry you will have up to 50 kg of muscles. So, that’s why is advisable to increase your weight up to 80 kg. After that you will have a body that is used to receive and expend a lot of calories and carbs daily, therefore, almost any diet will work great.

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Overcome all these difficulties (including psychological) you purposefully prefer relief, and with the right strategy will get 60-65 kg of a muscular body, and this is better than 60 kg of fat.

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