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How to Get Press Cubes



How to Get Press Cubes

Press is also a muscle, and it has to be worked the same way as other muscle types - a maximum of twenty repetitions in the four approaches. Of course, in this case, it is necessary to perform the exercise with additional weights, otherwise, the body quickly adapts.

Remember that it is more effective to perform 20 repetitions of twists on units with the additional weight of 40-50 kg, than thousand crunches without weight. In addition, the press needs time to recover, and it makes no sense to train daily.

The vacuum in the belly is considered the secret to a perfect press. In addition to exercises for press muscle mass, are important workouts affecting inside support of muscles, giving the stomach? One of the best exercises is the vacuum in the stomach.

A technique of this exercises is as follow: standing straight pull your stomach as hard as possible, imagining that the navel for the spine, hold your breath, freeze for a few seconds, then exhale. Gradually increase the time. Repeat 15 times daily.

Lower press - home workout: Make the lower press with a strong V-shaped help as special exercises and home training, when you learn to feel those lower abdominal muscles.

How could you feel those muscles? Standing in front of a mirror, strain the lower part of the press, trying to "squeeze out" the lower abdomen. Repeat again and again until it does not require effort at all. Then, do the same thing lying down.

In addition to lower press workout, at home, you can do push-ups and pull-ups.

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Here is a list of rules meant to help you to burn belly fat and get a nice press:

-Do not use a large number of repetitions and lighter weights. This will not help you lose fat.
-Define your individual calorie needs. Once a week, lower the level of daily calorie intake by 100 - 150 below normal.
-Perform cardio 3-5 times per week for 8-12 hours before or after weight training.
-Cardio should be a high-intensity and last for a maximum of 30 minutes. High-intensity cardio burns fat more efficiently than usual, and without prejudice to the muscle.
-Do not limit the salt in the diet, drink plenty of clean water.
-Reduce the number of calories every week, to the extent to which this is necessary.
-Do not perform the "carbohydrate depletion," if you do not want the collapse of muscle mass

A secret of cubes and flat stomach. The secret of cubes on a press is genetics and overall thinness. The press is visible only when the body fat is less than 10%. Even if the press is not pumped, it is still at 8.9% flat, beautiful and bold animal guaranteed.

But if fat levels above 14%, it does not matter what the press, because its just no one sees under a layer of fat. Two-thirds of the work on the press is diet, and only one-third is training and weight training.

How to Measure Body Fat?

How to Measure Body Fat?

Measure the level of fat in two ways. First using a simple plastic clip like calipers. You measure the thickness of the fat folds and then see the percentage of fat in the tables.

The second method - electronic fat analyzer which transmits a low current through the body, and the level of resistance determine the percentage of body fat. It occurs as a single unit, like the scales-detect fat.

It is very important to note at during each exercise you must feel how the press works. Without this, it is simply impossible to understand whether you are doing the exercise. The second secret of the flat stomach is the right diet.

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