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HPTA and Endogenous Testosterone Production Side Effects




         Anabolic steroids of all kinds exhibit shutdown/subdual of endogenous testosterone production. The side effects of testosterone can come to varying degrees. And, the possibility of long-term and total shutdown and suppression of the endocrine systems is almost always high.

           The excessive use of anabolic steroids or testosterone, either in dosing schemes and cycle lengths, can result in side effects.

What Happens to The HPTA?

            The HPTA or Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis is a specific axis found in the endocrine system. This basically governs the entire production of the testosterone levels of the body. If there is an overdose intake of steroids, the entire axis will become completely inhibited.

          This is specifically in the case of the overdose of exogenous androgens. The worst thing is the long period of time of use of the drug. It might even more result in Leydig Cell desensitization.

Safety and Prevention:

           In the analysis of the cycle of Endogenous Testosterone Production, it will now be essential to follow a suitable and comprehensive post cycle therapy protocol. This mainly involved the collection and the use of compounds of ancillary compounds and testosterone. These compounds include SERMS like Nolvadex.

      In this regard, the use of HCG or testosterone stimulating compounds is essential to further facilitate the easy and fast recovery of HPTA. As per the duration of the PCT programs, it usually can range from four to six weeks. This is specifically right after the anabolic steroids have cleared from the physique.

            Failure to comply with the PCT program may result in permanent damage to HPTA. This is when an individual produces deficient/insufficient testosterone levels. This will follow up by the medical treatment often in the TRT form.

Toxic Side Effects:

       It must be clearly understood that testosterone of different types is not classified as C17-alpha anabolic steroids. This only means that they do not measure any toxicity in the liver. This is assured by the studies which were investigated in the past.

             The studies conducted involved testosterone utilized at high doses like four-hundred milligrams on a daily basis. This is almost equivalent to two-thousand eight-hundred milligrams every week. Administering it orally is better than conventional intramuscular injection.

            This way, it will saturate the organ of the liver with a higher level of Endogenous Testosterone Production. Actually, all oral substances will pass first to the liver and will engage with the liver at a higher rate as compared to the injectable form. It will also be essential for all people to understand that even if hepatotoxicity, also discovered with the use of Testosterone Propionate, it still administer in the form of injection.

          This will, therefore, avoid the process of passing through the liver. This only means to say that hepatotoxicity will never be a major concern when it comes to the side effects of Testosterone.

Cardiovascular Effects:

Cardiovascular System

             It should be clearly noted that cardiovascular negative and strain alterations are all normal effects brought by testosterone. These are all a side effect that can expect from anabolic steroids. The impact may become worse or just better as compared to others. And, it is just normal to observe it with anabolic steroids.

               The negative effects of the cardiovascular system include the reduction of HDL or good cholesterol. The LDL is also further increased. This mainly occurs because the testosterone increases a particular activity called as enzyme hepatic lipase right through the liver.

           Hepatic lipase acts as the enzyme produced in the liver. This is mainly responsible for the breakdown of the HDL cholesterol. The alterations will include an augmented risk increase in cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis. These changes will still depend on the duration whereas the extended length may pose an increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease. The negative changes in cholesterol and the risk for cardiovascular disease are the reasons why a short cycle is better.

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Administration as Another Major Factor That Affects The Changes in Cholesterol:

            Another major factor that can affect the changes in cholesterol level is the route of administration of the anabolic steroid. The testosterone takes place and displays less bearing on the values as compared to anabolic steroids.

           Actually, this is because of the aptitude of the liver to metabolize the testosterone level. This results from the testosterone not to become fully resistant to the metabolism and breakdown.

Why Hepatotoxicity Cases Increase?

          Hepatotoxicity cases increase prior to the involvement of different anabolic steroids that possess a particular trait. This trait includes showing a higher form of resistance to hepatic metabolism as compared to testosterone. This is also the reason why the oral anabolic type of steroids exhibits higher degrees of toxicity.

             Now, the concern that involved anabolic steroid exhibiting a higher form of resistance to the hepatic metabolism will influence the bearing that a particular anabolic steroid can hold on the management of the cholesterol level in the liver.

Clinical Studies Involving Testosterone Production and its Impact on The HDL Cholesterol:

           Testosterone has been clearly examined in some clinical study. It was found out that after a twelve-week period of administering 280 milligrams of Testosterone Enanthate, the profiles for cholesterol changed not for the better but for the worse.

          This was when the administration included the aromatase inhibitor. This resulted in a twenty-five percent drop of the HDL cholesterol.

Prevention of The Side Effects

          It is recommended for people to utilize only a minimal dose of the so-called aromatase inhibitor. This is true during the cycles and for the control of Estrogen. This is a lot better than the elimination of the Estrogen level.

          The practice must follow up to maintain the levels of Estrogen in the normal ranges. This will also help prevent the Estrogen levels to drop below normal levels.

Other Suggested Tips:


              It also suggests following exquisite care to be able to adjust the nutritional habits. This should also be in favor of positive changes and cholesterol maintenance.

This is true when it comes to the cycles of administering anabolic steroids!. Now, you already have learned about HPTA and Endogenous testosterone production side effects!

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