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Insulin Use When Cutting Without Gaining Fat




Concerns Regarding The Use of Insulin

            There were people who said that using insulin helped them with their muscle gain, but also got them fat. Such people are becoming concerned about the use of it and therefore are wondering how they should use insulin when they are doing either a cutting edge or a body-recomposition cycle.

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          Yes, the first answer that comes as a response to such question is the insulin protocol, written by Oliver Starr, which was written with the aim to address the situation of people who were getting fat from insulin use. The idea used in this protocol is considered the most interesting and creative ones that have ever approached this situation. This protocol has been published in 1999, on MESO-Rx. In this protocol, the writer considered that carbs needed to be maintained at a dosage of 50-100g/day, while the protein intake should be very high.

          This protocol seems to have worked very well for the publisher of it, but it actually ended in leaving him with quite a resistance to it, at least temporary. People who tried his method also claimed that this provided good results, but ended with giving them temporary resistance to insulin. Although this problem was not very serious, it was neither too optimal. However, this program has never become too popular and there are two possible causes for this:

  • The temporary resistance to insulin caused by the program.
  • The difficulty to keep up with the required protein consumption, which is considered to be an extreme one.

Finding The Balance Is The Way To Make This Program Lucrative:

         Some of the people talking about this program consider that the only problem related to it is that of scaling, as the carbs are being balanced against insulin, which means that the proportion remains true regardless the amount of it. As in what regards protein, there is no proportion that is able to hold true for any amount of insulin within the same limits. The amounts may act as follows:

  • A small amount of insulin is able to be in perfect balance with protein and without carbs.
  • Larger amounts of it are not able to be properly balanced, especially when there exists a retaining insulin sensitivity.

         The problem with the balance in this program is that once the insulin dosage is increased during the cycle, the user’s body adapts to it and it slowly becomes resistant to insulin. This fact is quite bad in this program, as far as it defeats the main purpose of the program.

Using Insulin

Using Insulin

           It has been said that is not necessary to use insulin during a cutting cycle. There are people claiming that it is better to leave insulin out during a cutting cycle. Read a long debate here - one of the authority bodybuilding board-to find out what else it users think about it.

           Let's go further. It is not necessarily recommended for those who aim to achieve specific goals with their cutting cycles. However, this method can also be relatively effective and therefore it can bring amazing results to those using it. The most important is to moderate the dose so that it will reduce the boost of insulin to gains. This is a good steroid cycle would result in good achievements.

How to Use it?

Those who wish to use insulin in their cutting cycle should follow the next advice:

  • Start with injections of 4 IU twice a day.
  • Build to 6 IU if desired, but only if you stay strictly ketogenic. That means you don’t consume more than 30g of carbs per day.
  • Build to 8 IU if you wish to allow a bit more carbs per day

If the insulin use is kept moderate, then the protein use is not needed to become extreme. Usually, it is enough to use 240-300 g/day for bodybuilding.



       The use of insulin, if it has any errors, might be very dangerous and therefore it is a huge personal responsibility to begin using it.


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