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Steroid Use In Young People




Nowadays, steroidal supplementation doesn't surprise anyone. With high school students and goings through all ages, steroid use in young people to enhance body performance has increased. Statistics show that 5-6 % of boys and 4,6% of girls, more than 1,5 million students, are taking steroids. This number doesn't cover the percentage of those who do not want to reveal this fact. In the same statistics offered by Denisonian University, at the top of drug usage trends among young people, steroids hold the 5th position. More popular than steroids are protein supplementation drugs (9,4 million students), alcohol, other muscle-enhancing drugs ((2,9 million students), and marijuana.

The Good and Bad In Steroid Use

There always has been a lot of stereotypes related to steroid use. Most of them are wrong but continue to be spread by mass media. The reason that steroids are used mainly among more persons is strongly related to their effectiveness in increasing muscle size, strength, and stamina. Namely, for this reason, they have become so popular among young people. The same research came up with an impressive fact: the medium starting age for taking steroids is about 15 years old. For dietary supplements, this threshold is even lower at -11 years.

All this information is meant to give alarm signs for American society. Most people will say that the government should take more control over the use of steroids. But this alone will never work. Why? The same statistic answers: 85% of kids reported having never discussed the danger of appearance and enhancing performing drugs with parents, a teacher, or a coach.

Negative Effects

Steroids are a type of hormone that is naturally produced by the body or can be taken as medication. They treat various medical conditions, including delayed puberty, some types of impotence, and some types of breast cancer.

There are many health risks associated with steroid use. These risks increase when they are not used in the correct dosages or if they are taken for an extended period. It is essential to consult a doctor before taking steroids and follow their instructions closely.

Like any other drug, steroids can lead to serious health issues if taken improperly. A person younger than 18-20 is not recommended to take steroids because they might affect their body development. When it comes to teenagers, there is no allowance for using steroids. The reality is that these drugs earn more notoriety in this age category. Consequently, we all have the same question: how to minimize this new trend?

How to prevent steroid use in young people

Nobody said that there are no solutions for this. There always have been ways to prevent steroid use among teenagers. But it requires effort and education. And first of all, of the parents. We all know that the use of steroids in the USA is prohibited. They can be purchased only with prescriptions in a minimal range. So, now is parents' turn to get informed about what steroids are and, most importantly, talk with their kids about it. A teacher or trainer must do the same in schools or classes.

Steroids provide excellent results and are safe if used by adult people correctly. Teenagers or young people are more likely to be blinded by the benefits of steroids and pay less for proper usage. The aim to get a shape that everybody will admire is very strong, and young people overlook its dangers. Parents should always advise their kids about the risks steroids carry on. Many do not even realize their kid has a problem unless there are visible side effects.

The data offered by Denisonian University revealed a significant problem that must open the eyes of the parents and not only regarding the abuse of steroids among young people. Since just 15 % of young people have discussed steroid supplementation with one of their parents, a teacher, or a trainer, there is a significant lack of communication. Filling this gap with truthful and helpful information about anabolic steroids is the primary step toward reducing this trend among young people.

Steroid Use In Young People and Society

I think steroid usage among young people is a severe problem in our society. Nowadays, a small percentage of adult people are happy with the way they look. Magazines invade us with beautiful stars and tell us what a nice body looks like. We are less ourselves and struggle to get a closer look at one-star celebrity mothers. In this battle, we are ready to use all our resources to be a winner. The worst thing is that many people begin not to feel the edge of reality.

Young people are caught in this trend if adults can compare this time with long past ones. For them, a nice body is a ticket to success. And they are not ready to work hard to get it when there are devious pathways. That's why it is tremendously essential to increase their awareness about the rise of early steroid consumption.

Steroid Use In Young People's Popularity

The popularity of anabolic steroids will continue to rise. Unless until will be created, other more effective and less dangerous compounds. Steroids are too practical for building muscle mass and size to be ceased quickly. People will always search for ways to get them and always succeed. Since the market always comes with new formulas and ideas to fulfill this sector.

The better would be to inform people about the risks when misusing steroids. Make them understand that steroids, like any other drug, must be administered carefully and follow some special rules. Only then will people be much safer when taking steroids and using them with the most considerable awareness.


Young people are advised to take steroids cautiously to avoid serious side effects. It is best to consult with your doctor or coach before embarking on taking steroids for muscle building. It is also good to research the steroids you plan to take first. The internet is full of information that should guide steroid use in young people. Finally, our blog has excellent articles and guides to help you make informed decisions concerning steroid intake.


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