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Most Common Nutrition Plan Among Famous BodyBuilders?




Nutrition Plan for Bodybuilders

          We all need to understand that we all are what we eat. When it is about building muscles, then trust me; they are not built in the gym but the kitchen. We need to eat bigger to get more significant. In case you are not aware, let me tell you that nutrition plan for bodybuilders is a significant component of fitness. It not only fuels you with energy to lift the weight but also it provides enough power to your body for the necessary repair and growth. You need to keep your goals in your mind every time you sit down to eat. It should also be kept in mind that some of the meals are more important as compared to others.

           What if I ask you a question; which you think is the most important meal of the day? You might say breakfast or a post-workout lunch. However, the most significant is the pre-workout meal.

            With saying that, let me clear it to you that I am not crazy but logical. How? Well, it is pretty much. A pre-workout meal is the one that determines how hard you usually work in the gym. You cannot think of driving a car without a fuel tank. Do you think your body is any different as compared to the vehicle?

            It does not matter how fast do you run or how much do you bench; what matters the most is to digest.

Pre-workout Nutrition Plan for Bodybuilders:

          We all are well aware of the fact that post-workout meals are highly significant. It is because we have stepped into the realm of pre-workout diet. It is done in addition to the fact that Ribose facilitates in enhancing the power or not.

         No doubt most of the supplement companies, as well as seniors in the gym, would be emphasizing the importance of post-workout nutrition plan for bodybuilders, what is usually overlooked is that meal that you had taken before the meal has not been digested when you start running to slam your detox shake or your whey isolate.

        You may be capable of spiking your insulin; however, you will not be able to change whatever is happening already in your digestive tract.

           This is to clarify that, my pre-workout meal, I do not mean creative caffeine colada that you will be slamming while being in a locker room. I am talking about an actual meal which should have been taken at least and one-half hours before you hit the gym.

What should be eaten for a Pre Workout Meal?

         You must be thinking what the magic formula is for a pre-workout meal. I will have to admit that there is not any openly. The most important thing is to have a balanced meal. This means that one should have a diet that equally balances out the number of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, etc.

        It is highly suggested to make use of a considerable number of calories to be included in the pre-workout meal, and that can be attained by adding carbohydrates into your diet. The reason behind is the fact that our body usually relies on glycogen to release the stored energy when you work out. So carbohydrates are that will be filling your power stores in this regards.

            When you are leaving for the gym, it is recommended to take some low GI carbohydrates to ensure a proper and steady flow of energy. It will help in avoiding the crash before you will reach the gym.

          You should also be adding proteins in your pre-workout meal. It is because proteins have amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body muscles. You should choose a slow-digesting protein. These can be casein or meat. It will be maintaining the level of amino acids in the bloodstream during and after the workout session.

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Amino Acids and Growth:

         It has been observed that the synergistic effects of the carbohydrates and amino acids ingestion enhance the anabolic response of the resistance training. It is done by restricting the release of post-exercise degradation of protein along with the inhibition of the post-training cortisol release.

             The protein that has been taken before the workout is more significant as compared to the ones that have been consumed afterward. It has been proven that “Delivery of amino acids is significantly greater during the exercise bout when consumed pre-workout than after exercise.”

           Fats are yet another thing to be added in combination to the other delicious things, take care of the healthy level of blood sugar and at the same time, slow down the process of digestion. Fats are also used for energy, which is indeed an integral part of the workout sessions.

           Do not forget the desserts. Yes I know what I am saying, it’s the desserts. After an hour of taking your meal, you should grab a piece of fruit or any other source of pure sugar. Now you must be thinking, why is that? Well, it is because when you are doing exercise, you will be reducing the amount of glycogen in your body. Having a dessert in the form of pure sugar will prolong your performance during the workout.


       No one can deny the importance of the other meals like a post-workout meal for the bodybuilders; however, the post-workout Nutrition Plan for Bodybuilders. Most of the famous bodybuilders agree to the fact that they ensure proper pre-workout meal so that they can enjoy the desired consequences.

         It should always be kept in mind that different bodies react differently to food, and hence, one must look into the fact of how things work for your organization. You need to ensure that you operate in compliance with your specific body requirements.

     Be vigilant in this regards, and you will reap the fruits — all the best with your bodybuilding.


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