5 Must To Read Tips To Build Muscle Fast


Not few are cases when long hours of hard training in the gym gave too modest results. Trainees are disappointed and some of them can even cease coming in the gym again.

What to do make weights work for you and build the body as you designed it in your dreams? We have some strong tips to follow picked from the best bodybuilders with amazing careers. They will help to not only get in shape, but put on nice amounts of muscle mass within weeks of training.

1.Push Every Set to its Limit!

What it means? Do as many reps as you can for every set from your workout. Not many folks go for other reps in spite of being able to perform it. But you have to it differently. Set a number of reps for each set that will reach your limit and over time gradually add more weight to the bar too.

Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it in the gym with unproductive ways of training. Instead, go with the rule of pushing on as many reps as you can on every set you do. First results will be seen within weeks and you will be amazed.

2. Sweating is Good, But It Not Help You to Build Muscle!

You need a good bodybuilding workout to pack on muscle mass, while a great sweat is not yet a sign of it. You need bulking training and not just lifting some weights and thinks that you have done all right. You are far from truth.

Building muscle is about progressive overload - making your every training a bit difficult than previous one.

Progressive overload is about putting a continued stress on your body to make it grow. No progressive overload means that you body doesn’t need to adapt to something new, thus no gains in strength and muscle mass are achieved, and you just keep the muscles you have.
Progressive overload lays on the basis of strength training and is not less important than diet, rest time or exercise program you decided to follow for building the appearance you dream of. Experienced bodybuilders have passed already through progressive increase of demand put on muscle, because they manage to pack on great amount of muscle mass and now more worried about how to keep it.

More information about progressive overloading find in the following blog post: "What is progressive overload and how it affects your muscle gains".

3. There Are No Magic Programs!

Folks are looking for some magical programs that make wonders with little effort. But there’s nothing like this. Progressive overload and discipline is the key to building muscle. Set up a training program that fit you best, change what you don’t like and stick to for a time enough to get you first results.

After a while, if you are not happy with what you go you may go for another workout program. Here are some “Reasons to change your workout routine for building muscle mass”.

muscle-building whatsteroids.comHowever, don’t jump from one exercise program to another. Be consistent and take one more step to make sure you do things right.

4. Focus on Compound Exercises and Less Isolation Ones!

If you want to know why compounds are our recommendation, read this post: “Why compound are the best.” You will find the full list with videos of best compound exercises to include in your workout.

Here we will mention just the fact that compound exercises involve in work much more muscle fibers than isolation do and cause more growth hormone release.

Also, including compound exercises in your workout is goanna shortening it in half, while promoting great results. This fact is a good base for not getting over training and working out in vain.

5. Adjust Your Diet to Your Goal

You need a rich in protein diet to build muscle, along with supplements and eat more than usual. More carbs for energy are needed; therefore if you want to pack on muscle and still lose weight, then you should revise your goal.

Bulking always come with some fat gains. Thats’ why after bulking comes a cutting stage when extra fat is melt away.

Check our post “Top 7 superfoods for building muscle mass” to find out what to eat for a fast growth in muscle size.

6. Less Cardio, More Resistance Training

Cardio is good for burning fat, but it “eats” your muscle because of catabolic process it triggers up. Do your resistance training for building muscle, while short cardio training, up to 20 minutes, will be great to burn calories.

high-intensity-interval-training-620x360High Intensity Interval Training is type of cardio workout great for fat burning and muscle building. It’s characterized by very fast intervals of exercising alternated with slow or moderate intervals of exercising.  You give the maximum effort during fast part of physical activity, not less than 90%. The second part is executed at a lower rate, with at least 60% of your maximum effort.

Read more about it here: "Why bodybuilders should do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)"

Bottom line

Dozens of other tips can be added to this list, but we mentioned the basic ones that one followed take you to the right path. Be consistent, eat clean, train regularly, rest enough, know your body and it listen to you and give you what you want.



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