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Fat burning workout program




Fat burning workout program

Bodybuilding is not only about building muscle mass. It include burning fat too, since fat covers the muscles mass and makes it unseen. That’s why all bodybuilders need to follow a fat burning workout and do it with high responsibility.

It is well known that the most effective exercises for burning fat are aerobic movements. However, bodybuilding can also give similar result by the use of specific methods and techniques. And weight training is more preferable because it get involved in work not only cardiorespiratory system, but also build a large amount of muscle.

Further in this article we will share a 4-weeks training program designed to burn fat. It is based on three basic principles, that are often met in other successful training programs. However, these ones are meant to deal with burning fat and work great together.
First of all, it is about using supersets. The use of this technique can not only significantly reduce the training time itself, but also increase the limit of its intensity (in terms of reduction of rest between sets), activating the aerobic processes.

This is a 4 days split training. This program suppose to train 4 times a week. An increase of the training days number would lead to an increase of total volume training, which, combined with a low calorie diet will respond better to fat loss.

Take a closely look to your food supplements intake, and make it a part of this burning fat training. This four weeks program for burning fat include as mandatory the use of protein and creatine supplements before and after
Additionally, you can use the l-carnitine, taking the recommended dose before exercise - this will help burn fat. Regarding the use of other sports supplements such as amino acids, fat burners, vitamins and minerals you are free to choose to take them or not.

But, before proceeding to describe the program, let’s define whom this training scheme fits best. Because the program is very difficult and involves various combinations of supersets, which will have to be done 4 times a week, it is suitable only for bodybuilders with some experience in the gym. So, if you are beginner, this training scheme is not for you. Yes, this is sad, but keep yourself safe is more important than any gains.

fat burning workout

First week is totally dedicated to performing supersets for the same muscle group. Begin with basic movements and then switch to isolation exercises. Such a technique significantly increase the secretion of growth hormone, which help further to burn fat.

It is very important to follow the rest rule between these supersets.  It say that there is no rest time between exercises sets. This means that after ending the one set you will have to go further to the second one with no pause. Only after performing the second set you can take a rest.

So, here is how such a workout scheme should look like:

Week I  
During this week you have to perform supersets on the same group of muscles. There is no rest time between sets, thus after completing one set you go straight to the second one. Only after this you can take a few seconds pause. The first one have to be performed basic exercises,and after this comes isolated movements. Such a succession greatly stimulates the production of growth hormone, which allow to burn fat faster.

Day I Training of chest and tricep muscles:
Inclined bench press - 4 sets/ 8 reps
Inclined curls- 4 sets/ 8 reps  

Seated dumbbell press- 4 sets/ 8 reps
Seated curls- 4 sets/ 8 reps

For tricep muscles:
Bench push-ups-3 sets/ 6-10 reps
French push-up-3 sets/ 6-10 reps

Narrow push-ups-3 sets/ 6-10 reps
Pool push-ups -3 sets/ 6-10 reps

Day II Training of the quadriceps, biceps, thigh and press group of muscles.
For quadriceps:
Squats and leg presses - 4 sets/8 reps.

For biceps:
Romanian deadlifts and leg curls- 2 sets about 10 reps.

For thigh:
Standing calf raises and curling - 3 sets/ 12 reps for each of them.

Day III Deltoid and trapezius training
Seating dumbbells curls -4 sets/10 reps
Bilateral curls -4 sets/10 reps

Arnold presses -3 sets/10 reps
Incline curls-3 sets/10 reps

For trapezius muscles:
Dumbbell shrugs -4 sets/8 reps
Inclined dumbbell shrugs -4 sets/8 reps

Day IV Back and biceps training:
Deadlifts -4 sets /10 reps
Pull-ups -4 sets /10 reps

Incline bar lifting -3 sets/8 reps
Seated row-3 sets/8 reps

Biceps exercises:
Standing curls-3 sets/8 reps
Seated curls-3 sets/8 reps

Scott machine bicep curls-3 sets/10 reps
Machine curls-3 sets/10 reps

Week II

During this week concentrate your efforts on supersets on muscle-antagonists.
This week we will perform specific supersets, they combine exercise on muscle-antagonists, ie muscles with opposite anatomical features (such as the biceps and triceps flex arm unbend, chest presses performs movement back - traction and so on.).

The effectiveness of this superset is scientific justification. It turns out that the execution of movements of one muscle causes a rush of blood to the muscle-antagonist, which increases its subsequent pumping. In addition, the subsequent contraction of the muscle-antagonist is a more powerful than when performing consecutive sets. Thus, we get an additional increase in the intensity and, consequently, a faster burning of calories.

Day 1 - Chest and back training
Push ups
Slope bar lifting

Incline dumbbell curls
Weight machine exercises

Dumbbell pullovers
Traction exercises

All of these exercises have to be done as supersets, i.e no pause between two sets. Do 4 sets by 8 reps. Only  dumbbell pullovers and traction exercises have to be performed in three sets, 20 reps for each of them.

Day II Quadriceps, biceps and thigh muscles

Smith machine squats exercises -4 sets/8 reps
Romanian deadlifts -4 sets/8 reps

Hack squats -4 sets/8 reps
Back hyper extensions - 4 sets/8 reps

Leg presses- 3 sets/10 reps
Leg curls-3 sets/10 reps

For thigh muscles:
Standing calf raises-3 sets/20 reps
Seating calf raises-3 sets/20 reps.

Day IV Deltoid and back muscles training
Seated bench presses -4 sets/10 reps
Arnold presses-4 sets/10 reps

Front pull-ups -3 sets/10 reps
Straight up pull-3 sets/ 10 reps

For the next two weeks go for triset and giant supersets. Triset combines three exercises per muscle group in one single set. The result is an even greater increase in the intensity and fat burning.
The method of using triset is based on performing one basic and two isolation exercises. In addition, triset training is great for increasing muscle mass, endurance and for pumping.

Giant supersets
This type of training include 6 exercises combined in a common superset. That is, you will have to do without the rest 6 sets of different exercises. It is true, that for this kind of training the number of reps for each set should not exceed 5 .

However, you will have a very hard time, because every last superset is done to the limit of your efforts. Between each mini-sets can rest no more than 15 seconds.

Thus, we get the intensity of training and exorbitant spending record of calories, which in combination with the correct diet will remove all the excess fat and make your body relief.

Summarizing the above we can say that if you are short on time but still want to burn fat  than is time do not limit yourself to aerobic movements only. Supersetting training if great for this goal, and if you manage to do it four times a week you will successfully get rid of extra fat.

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