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Split Training System



Split Training System

The split training system came at a time when bodybuilders stopped train all muscle groups in one training day and began to work out individual muscle groups in different training days. Initially, the split system implies two workouts per muscle group for one week, with a 4-day, 5-day or 6-day training cycle in the week.

In other words, each muscle group worked on two times a week, and the number of workouts per week is 4, 5 or 6. In this case, the separation of muscle groups to work out different training days could be made with a lot of options and policy.

In the most basic version of the split system, muscle groups should split into two parts and train four times a week. The recommended version of the workouts during the week were the following days: Monday-Thursday and Tuesday-Friday.

Large muscle groups trained two times a week, and the small group of muscles (stomach, calves, forearms) could even be worked through each workout, namely 4 times a week. Separation of muscle groups in the split system is usually done on a "push-pull" principle.

For Example:

- "Push" is about the groups that perform traction movement, such as back, biceps;
- “Pull” is about the group of muscles, which are the basic movements of the presses, such as chest, delts, and triceps.

Split Training System

Approximate separation of muscle groups in the 4-day cycle for the average level of fitness was as follows:

-Monday-Thursday working on stomach, breast, delta, triceps, forearms, and eggs;
-Tuesday-Friday working on belly, legs, back, biceps, forearms, and calves.

The separation could also be done on a "trunk-limb":
-Monday-Thursday working on abdomen, chest, delta, back, and calves;
-Tuesday-Thursday working on stomach, legs, arms, calves.

Separation of muscle groups according to the split system can also be done freely,  like this:
-Monday-Thursday -stomach, legs, lower back, chest, biceps, forearms, eggs.
-Tuesday-Friday-Stomach, lats, delts and trapezius muscles, triceps, forearms.

The next step, which was confined to well-trained bodybuilders, was the use of the program split into the five-day cycle, from Monday to Friday. As in the 4-day split, all the muscles were divided into two parts. Each half trained on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday one week and Tuesday and Thursday next week. Thus, for two weeks, every major muscle group is trained five times.

The five-day split is used mainly in a precompetitive period of well-trained bodybuilders, with at least two years of a training experience.

For the best-trained bodybuilders, but only in the precompetitive period, could also be used 6-day split. There were two versions of the 6-day split. The first, when every major muscle group trained two times a week, the second is about the situation when each group is trained three times a week. The second option was used only for a few weeks before the competition.

For less intensive six-day cycle the body was divided into three parts.

For Example:

-Monday-Thursday- abdomen, chest, upper back, and calves;
-Tuesday-Friday-stomach, legs, lower back, and upper arm;
-Wednesday-Saturday- calves, biceps, triceps, and forearm;

Gradually, as a middle ground between 5-day and 6-day cycle, appear, a new, very popular 4-day cycle, in which the body is divided into three parts, each of them being trained consistently for three days, and on day 4 is a break, Then the whole cycle repeats.

Many top bodybuilders used this cycle in the preparatory period, as it allows for better recuperation between workouts for each muscle group, compared with 5-day and 6-day Split.

Separation of muscle groups during training in the new 4-day cycle would look like this:

The first day -work the stomach, legs, biceps, and calves;
The second day- work on calves, chest, delta, abdomen;
The third day work the abdomen, back, triceps, forearms;
And the last, fourth day is the time for resting.

As you can see, the next step in the development of the split system is a 4-day cycle, or as it is called three plus one cycles.

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