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The Best Routine For Your Body Type



The Best Routine For Your Body Type

There’s a lot of information out there about what exercises or plans are the best with each claiming it is better than the rest. Unfortunately, in today’s culture, we buy into this reasoning and believe that all we need is the next best “miracle” diet or supplement to achieve the results we’re looking for. For many, it’s a relief to find out that it’s not necessarily about finding the “best” program, but instead about finding what’s best for you and your body type.

While finding the right fit can sound quite daunting, it’s really actually very simple when you break everything down by body type. By pinpointing your body type through the descriptions below you’ll be able to follow the guidelines that will be best suited to supporting it while you gain muscle. This will not only give you a more personalized experience for your workouts but will also set the tone for your gaining goals.

The 4 Body Types:

1)      Ectomorph


-          Body type: An ectomorph is considered the “classic skinny guy.” Ectomorphs will find that they are naturally thin with lean muscle and a light build. Regardless of height, they will appear to have long limbs with thin shoulders and flat chests. People of this type typically have angular faces with long lines and visible jawlines.

-          Training: Because ectomorphs face difficulty in gaining mass they must take great care in following a simple routine to not only gain but also maintain lean muscle. While jogging is a great way to warm up, you’ll want to remove cardio from your work out if you’re looking to bulk up. Instead, focus on medium to heavy compound lifts with low to medium reps. This means working out as many muscles with one lift with only a small number of reps. Make sure that when doing these types of lifts you give your body plenty of off days to recover.

-          Diet: When gaining muscle as an ectomorph it’s incredibly important that you’re getting enough calories. Plan to eat more with each meal and ensure that you’re eating after your workouts. The best foods for helping you gain and maintain muscle as an ectomorph are complex carbohydrates (brown rice, brown bread, whole wheat pasta and sweet potatoes), fats (flaxseed, fish, eggs, nuts), and lean protein (fish, chicken, turkey).

-          Best exercises: bench presses, squats, and deadlifts.

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2)      Endomorph


-          Body type: Considered “fat” or sometimes even “skinny-fat” an endomorph will have a hard time gaining muscle and instead finds fat in its place. This type will often have rounder faces, even if they’re relatively small, with a more pear-shaped figure (thin shoulders, wide hips).

-          Training: The good news for endomorphs is that even though they have a hard time maintaining lean muscle, they’ll have an easier time gaining it over those from other body types. To help get rid of fat it’s best to start out a workout routine with a good portion of running or jogging. As you begin to shed pounds you’ll need to transition to less time on the treadmill and more time in the weight room. To get the maximum benefit you’ll need to make medium lifts with medium reps.  Because endomorphs find that they have a harder time maintaining their gains you’ll need to take fewer rest days from the gym.

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-          Diet: The name of the game for endomorphs and their diet is portion control. Getting enough calories while you gain can be difficult so endomorphs will need to break down their meals into much smaller portions and eat more frequently. Also, most endomorphs will notice that their bodies have a harder time managing the breakdown of carbohydrates, and it is because of this that you must monitor your carb intake closely. Cut all carbs from your diet with the exception of breakfast and post work out meals. For other meals focus on protein and lean fats, like fish, eggs, and nuts.

-          Best exercises: bench presses, curls, squats, and deadlifts.

3)      Mesomorph


-          Body type: Typically referred to as “big boned” mesomorphs whether large or small in stature have big features. An average mesomorph will have a large neck, broad shoulders and thin hips. Mesomorphs can sometimes be mistaken for fat but are usually just large; however, if not well trained they can gain fat quite easily.

-          Training: Mesomorphs have the most room for experimenting when it comes to training because their bodies are naturally designed to hold onto muscle. They are often able to benefit from interval training as their bodies tend to thrive with any physical activity. Lifts and reps should vary for this individual to keep muscles in peak performance, and cardio days are encouraged to help increase overall endurance.

-          Diet: Protein is a necessity for mesomorphs to help aid all of the muscle mass. You’ll want to stick with lean proteins like lean red meat, turkey, eggs, chicken, and nuts with fish being a must so make sure you’re getting omega oils. Because mesomorphs are naturally bulkier you’ll also need to make sure you eat complex carbohydrates like brown rice, brown bread, and other whole grains after workouts to replenish your system.

-          Best exercises: Interval training, squats, deadlifts, bench presses.

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4)      Combination

-          What type to pick: The final body type is the “combination” which is very common, though harder to define. If you find that you’re on the fence between two types, chances are, you’re a combination. To figure out how to define your body type in this case you should consider genetics. Think about your own parents and what their body types would be. It’s no secret that body types are genetic, follow your DNA to weigh your similarities and follow the plan for that type.

Getting the most out of your routine and program shouldn’t be dictated by the latest trends or what everyone else is doing. The best bodybuilders and athletes move at their own pace and listen to what their bodies need. By figuring out your body type and following the plan best suited to its needs you’ll find yourself more successful in your workouts and see better results.

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