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Ectomorph Somatic Type




Ectomorph is one of the most prominent of the three somatotypes, characterized by the general thinness and complexity of gaining weight - both muscle and fat loss. Ectomorphs have a fast metabolism, which burns calories too efficiently. And this is a significant barrier for those looking to build an athlete's body.

Studies show that during ectomorph strength training body produces less of the myogenin responsible for muscle growth. But there are pluses too. Ectomorphs have not had to worry about the relief of muscle. What an ectomorph should not do during his training

First, you should forget about the treadmill and other cardio exercises, whereas ectomorph is already quite dry. Second, the long exhausting workout is not for them. The workout duration has not been more significant than 45 minutes.

People prone to thinness are recommended to engage in sporting loads as less as possible, a maximum of three times a week. Remember that frequent training accelerates your metabolism, making weight gain almost impossible.

Understanding the Concept of Ectomorph In Bodybuilding

For bodybuilders, having an ectomorph body type can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, ectomorphs are naturally lean and have less fat to lose when it comes to bulking up.

On the other hand, they may find it challenging to put on muscle mass due to their faster metabolism. This makes understanding the importance of ectomorphs to a bodybuilder essential. Knowing how to maximize their natural advantages while minimizing their disadvantages is vital for them to reach their goals.

Let us discuss the importance of ectomorphs for bodybuilders and provide tips on how they can make the most out of their body type.

One of the first things bodybuilders need to understand about ectomorphs is their fast metabolism. The term "fast metabolism" refers to the rate at which an individual burns calories.

In other words, ectomorphs have a faster metabolic rate than individuals with different body types. As a result, they may find it challenging to put on muscle mass due to their fast metabolism.

Therefore, bodybuilders should also realize that their bodies need more calories and nutrients per day than those with other body types to gain muscle mass and put on weight without sacrificing too much of their overall body fat.

Ectomorphs Vs.Endomorphs

The terms "ectomorph" and "endomorph" describe the three main body types. A slim build, petite frame, and low body fat characterize an ectomorph.

An endomorph is the opposite, with a rounder shape, more body fat, and an increased risk of obesity. Both types have unique physical characteristics that can help people understand their bodies better and make informed decisions on how best to maintain their health.

Ectomorphs typically have a high metabolism and rate of respiration, small joints, and may also suffer from hypoglycemia. Endomorphs are known for having a lower metabolism and rate of respiration. They often have larger joints and large bones.

What is a Body Mass Index? The body mass index (BMI) measures mass in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. BMI can be used to estimate whether an overweight or underweight adult has a healthy weight.

It provides a reasonable estimate of body fat based on height and weight measurements and can be correlated with other health indicators, including cardiovascular disease risk. It is not the ideal measure for individuals with extreme heights or weights.

The terms "ectomorph" and "endomorph" are also used to describe body types based on the location of fat on an individual's body.

Finally, an ectomorph is thin, with a 'skeletal' frame and angular facial features, while an endomorph tends to be overweight, with a rounder face and fuller figure.

Pros and Cons of Being An Ectomorph Bodybuilder

Bodybuilding is a sport that requires dedication and hard work. For those who are ectomorphs, bodybuilding can be incredibly challenging as they have difficulty putting on muscle mass. However, there are advantages to being an ectomorph in bodybuilding that can help you reach your goals.

These advantages include having a low body fat percentage, having the ability to recover quickly from intense workouts, and having the natural potential for lean muscle gains. With the proper diet and training program, ectomorphs can make significant progress in their bodybuilding journey.

The low body fat percentage of ectomorphs makes it easier for them to build muscle mass. When an ectomorph trains, they have an advantage over ectomorphs who diet and train without eating many calories, as they can recover much faster from intense workouts.

They also have the potential to build larger muscles due to their naturally lean muscle mass. Ectomorphs also feel more comfortable working out in the early stages of their bodybuilding journey when they still gain muscle mass. Their small frame and low weight make it easier for them during those first few weeks of training.

Ectomorphs also have a disadvantage when they make a transition to bodybuilding. They have a high body fat ratio to muscle, meaning their muscle size will be smaller than ectomorphs who do not eat extreme amounts of calories. This can result in ectomorphs feeling discouraged or frustrated with their progress, which can cause them to drop out of the sport before achieving their goals.

So How Can Thin People Gain Weight?

At least 80% of the workout should consist of basic training exercises, squats, bench press bars, and others. Do not overload the training program with isolating exercises like those for the particular muscle group.

The basic exercises performed with excellent weight for 5-7 repetitions involve working the major muscle groups, which causes the body to dispose of testosterone and growth hormone in the blood, which is critically crucial for muscle growth.

For ectomorphs, the effort to gain muscle is the same for obese people to lose weight.
Thus, caused to slow progress, he achieves an ectomorph and should have enough patience to avoid overtraining and to focus on workout and diet program with full attention. This way, a true ectomorph following these rules can add a few pounds during a year.

Burning Fat While Maintaining Muscle for Ectomorphs

Gaining weight in bodybuilding is not as simple as it sounds. It requires a combination of proper nutrition, exercise, and rest. It also requires understanding how the body works and what it needs to build muscle. With the right approach, you can gain weight in bodybuilding without compromising your health or putting on too much fat.

There are a few main ways you can gain weight in bodybuilding, each with its benefits and drawbacks. You can either vary your diet and exercise routine or focus on one discipline at a time. Each option will have pros and cons, so your choice will depend on your personal goals.

Variety Diet + Exercise:

This method is perfect for people who have difficulty sticking to strict diets or muscle gain workouts that seem daunting.

You can try high-carb days, low-carb days, rest days after intense workouts, etc. The downside: You can't focus on a single goal like muscle mass or fat loss.

Muscle Gain Diet + Exercise:

This method is perfect for people who want to build muscle mass because these diets encourage efficient protein synthesis and the burning of more body fat.


If you have never tried fasting before, this diet can be the perfect way to see if you like it because it consists of only water and food allowed on a ketogenic diet. The goal is to burn as much fat as possible without losing too much muscle.

South Beach Diet:

This diet is best for those looking to burn fat or maintain their current weight while maintaining their daily calorie goal.

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Ectomorph Body Type Nutrition:

Ectomorphs do not need to count calories; even on the contrary, there is a need to eat as much as possible. Of course, it is essential to adhere to proper nutrition and not abuse sweets and soda. Remember that brown rice should become your favorite side dish.

The amount of protein consumed per day should not be less than 1g per kilogram of body weight but should not exceed 2g. Why so? Because in the first case, the muscles will not get the material for the growth, while in the second case, you risk to faster, already fast metabolism.

Sports Supplements:

On the one hand, sports supplements are just an addition to a balanced diet, but not its replacement. On the other hand, proteins shake are the easiest way to fill the body's need for protein after a workout.

Take BCAA during exercise, a protein mixture for an hour before and immediately after a workout, and casein before bed. It is unnecessary to spend money on Gainer, whereas pure protein is cheaper, and carbohydrates can be taken separately.

So, the basic rules of training for those who are naturally skinny (ectomorphs) are short but intense workouts up to three times per week, basic exercises, nutrition, and at least 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

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Along with all these recommendations, remember that resting well is a significant factor. Also, avoid getting discouraged or losing motivation if you do not get visible results. Especially for this purpose, always try to set realistic objectives and flexible plans.

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