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Ectomorph Somatic Type



Ectomorph Somatic Type

Ectomorph is one of the most prominent of the three somatotypes, characterized by the general thinness and complexity to gain weight - both muscle and fat loss. Ectomorphs have a fast metabolism, which burns calories too efficient. And this is a very important barrier for those looking to build an athlete body.

Studies show that during ectomorph strength training body produces less of myogenin responsible for muscle growth. But there are pluses too ectomorph has not worry about the relief of muscle. What an ectomorph should not do during his training

First, you should forget about the treadmill and other cardio exercises, whereas ectomorph is already quite dry. Second, the long exhausting workout is not for them. Duration of the workout has not strictly been greater than 45 minutes.

People prone to thinness is recommended to engage in sporting loads as less as possible, maximum three times a week. Keep in mind that frequent training will accelerate your already fast metabolism, making weight gain almost impossible.

So How Can Thin People Gain Weight?

So How can thin People Gain Weight?

At least 80% of workout should consist of basic training exercises squats, bench press bar, and others. Do not overload the training program with isolating exercises like those for the special muscle group.

The basic exercises performed with great weight for 5-7 repetitions involve in work the major muscle groups, which causes the body to dispose of testosterone and growth hormone in the blood, and all this critically important for muscle growth.

For ectomorphs, the effort to gain muscle is the same to obese people to lose weight.
Thus, cause to slow progress that he achieves an ectomorph should have enough patience, to avoid overtraining, and to set with maximum attention workout and diet program. This way, a true ectomorph following these rules will be able to add few pounds during a year.

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Ectomorph Body Type Nutrition:

Ectomorph Body Type Nutrition

Ectomorphs have absolutely no need to count calories; even, on the contrary, there is a need to eat as much as possible. Of course, it is important to adhere to proper nutrition, and do not abuse the sweets and soda. Remember that brown rice should become your favorite side dish.

Amount of protein consumed per day should not be less than 1g per kilogram of body weight, but should not exceed 2g. Why so, because in the first case, the muscles will not get the material for the growth, while in the second case you risk to faster already fast metabolism.

Sports Supplements:

Sports Supplements

On the one hand, sports supplements are just an addition to a balanced diet, but not its replacement. On the other hand, proteins shake are the easiest way to fill the body's need for protein after a workout.

Take BCAA during exercise, protein mixture for an hour before and immediately after a workout, and casein before bed. Is not necessary to spend money for Gainer, whereas pure protein is cheaper, and carbohydrates can be taken separately.

So, the basic rules of training for those who are naturally skinny (ectomorphs) are short but intense workouts up to three times per week, basic exercises, nutrition, and at least 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

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Along with all these recommendations keep in mind that well resting is a very important factor too. Also, avoid getting discouraging, or lose motivation if you do not get visible results. Especially for this purpose always try to set realistic objectives and flexible plans.

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