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Steps to Make Your Own Steroid at Home




        With the availability of multiple options of steroids in the marketplace, one is never out of options. However, they do cost a substantial amount. Besides, certain brands suit certain people better while they do not seem to suit everyone at the same time.

            Under such circumstances, an option to make steroids at home would be nice. You would know exactly what is being prepared and could rely on the homemade a version to be free of any unwanted dilemma.

Is It Safe to Make Steroids at Home?

Make Steroids at Home

          It is like making any other product or cooking a delicacy. If you are following the proper steps to make it would be great in results too. If you do not follow the proper steps than even the best of food and delicacies taste bad.

           Same would hold true for steroids too. You need to ensure that the proper ingredients are in place and the proper steps are being followed. If the ingredients and the preparatory steps follows properly than homemade steroids are as good as or even better than some of the best ready-made products available in the market.

         All you need to do is to understand the nuances and importance of the right combination of the ingredients and making them through proper steps.

How to Learn About The Proper Ingredients?

        As you might be aware, there are many versions of steroids. So the first thing to do would be to identify which is the kind of steroid that you are looking to use. Always make it a point to consult an expert in the field.

          Your body type will allow certain kinds of steroids to settle down in your system faster than others while it may also reject a few types. When you consult a professional, he/she should be able to tell you what would suit your body well and provide with the best results for you.

          Once you have been able to identify the type of steroid best suited for you, it is time to learn about the ingredients required. You could consult the same professional about this query. Alternately, there are powders available which you can mix them with other ingredients to create steroids.

          However, before buying such products to create your own steroid always make it a point that not only you have consulted your preferred expert but also have gone through expert reviews describing the product to ensure absolute safety.

How Do You Go About the Steps?

        According to the type of steroid and corresponding ingredients, the steps might vary slightly. Usually, one of the ingredients would be an equivalent of hormone powder while there would be some format of alcohol as another type of ingredient.

       However, there is a basic framework that acts as a guideline for creating steroids at home. Let us assume that you have ingredient A, B, and C mix them for creating a particular kind of steroid. Following would be the steps for doing the same:

  • There is a certain amount or quantity of A, B, and C that are to be mixed with a particular proportion in mind. You need to know the ratio. So if the ratio is 5:2:3, then for a 100 gm of the steroid you need to mix 50 gm of A, 20 gm of B and 30 gm of C.
  • There would be a corresponding amount of preferable liquid (in most cases some kind of oil) to be mixed with the other ingredients. Follow the prescribed quantity. So if 100 ml of oil is required for 1 kg of the total mix, use 10 ml of oil for 100 gm of the ingredient mix.
  • You need a clean and sterilized beaker or a container. Mix the ingredients A, B and C well and place them in the beaker or container.
  • Add the required liquid/oil to the beaker/container.
  • Put the beaker/container in the heat. Ensure that the level of heat is either low or moderate but never high.
  • Depending on the type of steroid and the method of consumption, you might need to bake the results produced or keep it in liquid format.

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So How to Start Making Your Own Brand and Own Steroid? 

Below you can find few examples and pictures of how to make your own brand these days.

Start Making Your own Brand and Own Steroid

           While these are the general steps for making steroid at home. There can be variations depending on the type of ingredients in use and the type of resultant steroid. Additionally, the preferred method of consumption may also need modification of steps.

          You can find many raw powder suppliers in China, on; You should use it at your own risk and be careful with your country's law.

            Below you can see how China suppliers pack and bottle the semi-finished steroid oils (all you need to do after, is filter it):

China suppliers pack

Produce Finished Steroids from Raw Powders Step by Step:

Produce Finished Steroids from Semi-finished Oils:

          To build your own brand, you need to solve the problems of label and bottles first. For labels, bottles, and caps, you could contact the factory directly.

          Below introduce 2 good sources for you.


Bottles, caps and crimper machine:

Vacuum filter machine:
Liquid packaging machine:
Labeling machine:
Use this information on your own risk and knowledge.

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  1. Nice

    February 24, 2016 at 10:15 pm

    Most or all steroids sold online are fake dont trust safe search if it thinks the website is safe. What is sold online as genuine steroids or powders can be deadly and may even cause birth defects for that person also they cheat a customer so no refunds maybe they would steal you id and bank details also. Mainly all scammers..

  2. mohamed

    December 2, 2016 at 7:15 pm


    I have big problem with my cooking some kind steroid if can you help me i tell you ?

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    December 3, 2016 at 8:17 am

    Please explain again, not really understood

  4. Dave

    December 11, 2016 at 3:26 am

    Anabolic Steroids & making Them the book title says it all, it WORKS

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    January 29, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    Where can I find recipe online book blog etc to make steroids at home personal use

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