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How To Maintain The Physique You Got




If you are about to read this post than most probably you are a lucky one who managed to build to body shape you want. All your concerns now are related to how they keep the gains made over a long time and avoid losing any pound of muscle mass. First of all, you have to be congratulated for the way you think, since the proper one. Many bodybuilders who achieved noticeable results, and decided at one moment that it’s time to take a detraining pause. There is nothing wrong with this, but if you return to all habits than very soon you will be disappointed with the fat you gained.

Building muscle process is not an easy one unless nature was very generous to you. There are three main variables that have to be taken into consideration for adding muscle mass quickly: nutrition, workout routine, and supplementation. Without the proper approach to each of these factors, you will not get those big muscles very soon. But once you did it, and feel that it is the time take a pause, then you have to keep a close eye on your diet and exercise program.



Diet routine when you are off is slightly different than it used to be. Since your physical activity is much lower than before, you have to reduce the calorie intake to your actual needs. Carbs are still necessary for energy but in a lower degree. The same fact about proteins. In the regard of fats, then make a habit to eat healthy fats such olive oil. Bad foods and soda drinks have to be actually avoided, as they will turn into fat deposits.

If you feel good with your look and want to preserve than you will have to eat less than you used to do while building muscles. For bulking purpose you were advised to have 5-6 meals per day, with snacks between them.  Once you are off, you can keep the meals count, but make sure they are a small portion of low-fat foods. Also, there is no need for snacks between them, otherwise you opt for fresh fruits like apples.

In most, when we talk about diet for keeping body shape than you have to stick to light food. Since you have followed a workout routine for a long time and used to a rich diet, your body might find quite difficult to switch to another mood. This means, that even eating small doses of healthy foods and exercising you can experience weight problems. In this case, you have to revise your diet and do more exercises.

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The decision to take or not supplements for staying fit depends from individual to individual, but in most cases, there is no need for them. This is because your goal is not already muscle growth, thereby the protein intake from meat should be enough for you. If you were on steroid than you have to expect a small decrease in body weight. The aim to keep the body shape you got in the pick of steroid cycle is not possible.

In average, every steroid user loses 5%-10% of gains made over the cycling. Two weeks after cycling is the time to make conclusions and see if you are happy with what you got. And if you are, then this the weight you have to try to maintain. Your diet is in most part responsible for your appearance once you turn to a low physical activity routine. Being aware of this and knowing what not to do will help you enjoy with your nice build body for a long time.

Exercise Program


You can not stay fit if you suddenly become a lazy person. If you are about to keep your body shape, than you have not to neglect your exercise program.

You need to follow the maintenance training. There will not be high intense, 4 times a week trainings, but missing them at all would be a big crash for you.

So, stick to a 2 times a week training for 30 minutes. Include cardio and light weight body exercises.   Go easy with compound exercises, and let the isolation ones for other times.

You do not need them at all. The all job is done through basic exercises, which performed regularly and properly give the most benefits. Such exercises as squatting, push-ups, pull-ups, deadlifts should be your first choice during a detraining period.

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Opt for more reps for each set, as you got a better pumping effect. There is no need for supersets, or drop sets. Keep it as simple as you can, but with the aforementioned details in the head. If such a routine is not  for you, than you have to do choose to do jogging, swimming or other cardio exercises very beneficial for keeping overall body health.

Keep in mind, that gaining weight is the worst thing most of the bodybuilders experience when are out of the trainings. Only through the physical activity, you can manage to keep the body shape you have sculpted during the months. Despite your goal is not to build muscle mass, avoiding muscle atrophy is what should concern you.

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If you are not a young person, than it may be a bit difficult to you to stay fit with a moderate exercise program.  An older person has a slower metabolism, hence calories are burnt at a low rate. You will need to follow a more intense exercises routine, including cardio movements on your daily routine. It is not difficult,  you just need more perseverance and dedication.

Do not forget about resting time. Despite it is not solicited as before, your system still need enough time for recovery. Nothing can be more rechargeable than a good sleep. Every once in awhile, you may feel the desire to leave the gym and enjoy free of high intensity training life. You are not the only one who do so, and even when you are off  you can keep you body shape in a perfect way.

For this, you have to pay a big attention to your diet and exercises routine. You can not abandon trainings at all, since you risk to lose muscle mass quickly. In the regard of diet, a 2-3 meals per day based on protein and vegetables is great to follow. Keep the carbs consumption moderate, and eat only good fats as fish oil, olive oil and others. A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables have to be all the time on your table if you want to stay fit.

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If you are asking about supplementation, than there is no need for it. However, taking some vitamins or omega 3, 6 would bring you only benefits. In order to keep the shape you got, you have to focus on a maintenance workout too.  A 2 times per week training, cardio and body weight exercise sluiced is recommended for those being on detraining period.

Increase the number of reps for getting a better pumping effect. Keeping your body shape once you are off is not impossible, as many tend to believe. Just take in consideration all outlined points and you continue to look great within months after ceasing training.

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